Grooming Men for Greatness

This is the hubby-after-children: 
“Call me unromantic but Valentine’s Day is one big commercialised ploy to make you spend unreasonably!” 
It is largely true and the practical side of me totally agree with him! When wives receive presents, we go, “Awww.. you shouldn’t spend. Flowers too expensive!” and when we do not receive anything, we go, “Aiya, every day is Valentine’s Day when we are together.”

Both are excuses! Truth be told, which woman wouldn’t be swooned over bouquets and ribbons? Anyway, please remember (not like you don’t already know) that men take our words literally. You will probably end up with nothing for a very long while if you said “How much? WAH SO EXPENSIVE!”. Like it or not, he took the effort to spice up your relationship so a simple “Thank You” would bump his manly ego up and you never know, he might even outdo himself the next year! 

I am very appreciative of him splurging on me this Valentine’s Day because he swore never to buy me flowers again!  

I love surprises and he hates them. Still, I cannot resist making secret arrangements on special occasions. I told him to keep himself free from 4pm and I took the driver’s seat. He grumbled, “Oh No! Where are we going? I do not want to do anything on my own and it’s not a hair cut right? Argh I hate surprises.”
[Laughing in Shock]
How in the world did he guess about the hair cut?
I dropped him off at 9 Ann Siang Road for a pampering session. I was apologetic he had to do this on his own, without me, but hey! I booked him in with Truefitt & Hill for an exceptional experience of a head massage and haircut! Established in 1805, they maintain the world’s oldest barbershop and are barbers and Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H., The Duke of Edinburgh. My man deserves the best and  a pampering session to unwind is just what he needs right now. Peace from his wife and children. Eeks! At least that’s what I THINK he needed.

Thanks to my dad and Pat for offering babysitting services, we get to have a Valentine’s Day date night! Meyer’s all handsomely groomed for our dinner with Truefitt & Hill and ooo he smelt so good!

The parlour is so English, I felt like we were transported to a barber shop on Bond Street. Not only do they provide grooming for men, they can nicely handle a good cut for your little boy. Do consider Truefitt & Hill for a father and son session  this Father’s Day!

It is a pity we didn’t get booked in for the traditional wet shave because Mr Yang shaved himself clean this morning. It would have been a refreshing experience. Services at Trufitt & Hill include shaves, beard trims, massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair cuts and colouring. Enjoy your session with them if you want your man to come out looking spiffy!

So did I get it right? Was this what Meyer needed for a present? I think not! 

He said, “oooo I have a long list of wants and driving a Lamborghini for a day is one!”
[Mommy sweats]

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