Review: Combi Cradling 360 Car Seat

When the Combi Cradling 360 Car Seat arrived at our doorstep, we were blown away by its functionality. We’ve never encountered first-hand a car seat that revolves, not to mention 360 degrees. It was God-sent especially with a baby who loathes being strapped in. Faye would scramble away from the car the moment I open the door to her seat. As if it wasn’t easy enough to peal her clawing hands from my shoulders, I have to force her into her car seat sideways. Screaming and crying even before I buckle her in. By the end of a sit-in-carseat-session, I would already be perspiring.

With Cradling 360, I have the luxury to play peek-a-boo or tickles with Faye while strapping her in gently. What is the difference you may ask? Well, I can turn the carseat towards the door so Faye has her eyes on me all the time. It doesn’t really feel like I am leaving her in that sense. My face in hers, plus tickles? Perfect! No struggles and totally distracted.

The big brother is also fascinated by his sister’s new car seat and would rush to take her seat instead of his own! What we love about this revolutionary design is its ability to cater to both our baby and toddler without having to remove and re-install the car seat again.

Ewan takes the seat? Swivel to the front!

Faye takes the seat? Swivel towards the back!

Cradling 360 is designed for the use of children up to 18kg, from newborn to approximately 4 years of age.

It is sturdy and strong. I am certain it will keep my children protected from danger especially with the new technology of EggShock Super pad. It provides additional support and protection for our baby. In the case of a collision, the EggShock Super pad helps to absorb the shock and cushions the impact. What comes with sturdiness? Bulk. Check out the Cradling 360 next to Faye! The base is huge but without it, comes no swivels. I’d go with revolving seats anytime. The bulk still enables me to sit in the middle of two car seats anyways.

The comfort level is undeniable. When we pushed our hands into the cushion, it felt totally snug and comfortable. Beneath all that cushion, you will find a 3D Air Mesh Seat. It helps to release the moisture and heat from the seat quickly especially if the baby had been sitting in it for a while. The soft cushion is also made of 3D Mesh too and it increases the ventilation especially in our humid weather. Ewan and Faye took their turns in the car seat. Can you spot the difference in the head rest? We have removed the additional head and body pads for Ewan to give him that extra space he needed.

Not only does it turn 360, the seat can be fully reclined. Perfect for that newborn baby who travels a lot with his parents. We wouldn’t want our babies to be sitting up for long stretches of time especially when their backbones are still developing. Most carseats in the market have this feature. However, they do not allow us to recline the seat while on the move. These seats have to be installed according to the angle indicator and stays that way through the ride until we remove and re-install again. Personally I find reclining on the move very important. In case of chocking incidents, I can quickly put my child on an upright position. Likewise, I can lay my child down when he falls asleep.

Cradling 360’s canopy is equipped with ultra-violet ray protection that protects our children against harmful sun ray. It has a wide-sized canopy for extra protection and privacy especially when they are resting. Peek-a-boo mesh cover opening at the top of the car seat allows for easy viewing too! This had got to be the most comfortable car nap my son had in years.

Two buttons control the manoeuvring of the carseat: Reclining and Turn. It is practically a no-brainer. The ease of use allows any mother [or grandmother] to put their child in effortlessly. There is also no need to put much force into reclining or turning because the seat is very light.

The only whine the daddy had was that it doesn’t have the Isofix system which could have made installation much easier. After fixing Cradling 360 into his car, he came back in the house with his shirt all drenched in perspiration and proclaimed that Isofix is the best invention ever for car seat installations. Be warned that the installation process with seat belt is tedious so if you need to move seats around frequently between cars, this is not the seat for you. The anchoring takes up space as well. A space which could have been useful to place groceries or school bags.

To be fair, it wins the rest of the car seats hands-down with its power to cater to rear and front-facing children with just one installation. There is no need to remove and re-install to provide for a different-aged child.

All said and done, it is a swell design. Everyone who saw us buckle our children up and swivel them into  a rear or front-facing position, were impressed. Their words, “Wow! This carseat is good ay?”.

The Combi Cradling 360 Car Seat comes in Fusion Black and Mocca Brown. It is retailing at $729 at all leading departmental stores, baby chains and baby stores. Cradling 360 Car Seat in Isofix will be in store in April 2015. Stay tuned!

Faye is 7 months old and Ewan is 2.5 years old at the point of review. The Combi Cradling 360 Car Seat is installed in a Volvo XC60 SUV. All photographs and styling are mommy’s own.

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