For the Mommy: Lark and Peony

Oh! Before I start, I’d just like you to know that I’m an S size mommy.

Mommies have all been too busy chasing after Chinese New Year launches for our children! Have we forgotten that we need to be dolled up as well for the new year? As much as I want my kiddiewinks to look their best, I want to look like a million bucks as well! For stay-at-home-moms, weddings and festivities are the only excuse to powder up. You won’t catch us flashing mascara-combed lashes on normal days because we don’t want smudged panda eyes when we struggle to put our babies down for afternoon naps!

I am giving a shout out for Lark and Peony, modern cheongsams for me this Goat year. I am inclined to support local designers and why shouldn’t we? We have talents here waiting to be discovered and Junie, Lark and Peony‘s designer, is one brilliant fashioner. So off I went with Faye on a ladies morning out to their private showcase. Ooooo *rubbing palms* I got to try on some of their amazing prints yet to be launched and those limited edition prints are absolutely unconventional. Who would put pineapples on cheongsams? Junie!

Check out the prints I’ve tried on this morning. They use beautiful quality fabrics mainly from Japan, Australia, USA and other parts of Asia. What I like about them is that they do not resemble those Chinese qipaos we see in Chinese restaurants. Oh Good Lord. I won’t be caught looking like a waitress over a wedding!

Tonight [8 January 2015 at 8pm] they will be launching the Rhapsodie Bohemienne range and The Princess in Red, Blue and Hot Pink on their website! I had the honour of trying them in today’s fitting and they are charming!

The Yokihi in Majorelle is detailed in cotton with a concealed back zipper. What I love about this fully lined bodice and skirt are its hidden pockets on both sides! Blue, the colour of royalty, never fails to catch my eye. I fell in love with this one immediately but I contemplated on it because I owned too many blues. A quick flashback at my wardrobe and shoe rack reminded me that I have one too many blues. Still, my heart yearns for this one.

The Princess in Crimson with Shippo Accents is indeed more than just a fair maiden. The Chinese collar stands up, giving the neck a beautiful lengthy converge. Fold it down and you will be treated with a patterned collar, ready for a casual day out with friends. Suited for work or play. The puffy sleeves are very feminine and to me, that’s even more of a feature that the ingenious collar. If you were me, would you go for the princess red, pink or blue?

The #fall4vintage in Orange Blossom is a relaunch! I am not giving this a miss this time, no no no. Lark and Peony had always leaned their designs towards traditional floral prints for their box pleated Yokihi modern cheongsams and I see why they do! The prints are beautiful! They are vintage and the colours bright to perfection. Great for modern women who want that old-world charm with a twist of sexiness. Let you in a secret … it features a modest peekaboo on your back.

The next two cheongsams are limited editions and newly launched on 8 January 2015. Either you sit and wait or you contact Ruth [] now! Milk boxes and Popsicles. Even if you do not like them, your children will! I think there is no loss to being more than adventurous after being a mother. Skip those boring, safe designs and go frolicky! I think we deserve to treat ourselves with fun more than ever. I want to be playful and that shall be my resolution. Away with the serious May! I love Pop Arts anyways.

The Pop Art series is characterized by bold, simple, everyday imagery, and vibrant block colours, it is interesting to look at and has a modern “hip” feel. The bright colour schemes also enables this form of avant-garde art to emphasise certain elements in contemporary culture, and helped to narrow the divide between the commercial arts and the fine arts.

Pop Art: Yokihi in Milk Carton (Black) has ran out of stock now but you may consider the off-white version.

Pop Art: Yokihi in Ice Cream (Blue)

Which ones do you like on me and which do you think would dress well on you? Oh stop THINKING and start making appointments for a fitting yourself!

Instagram: @larkandpeony
Appointment Only:

I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to Ruth and Aunty Janet for being so warm during my visit. They offered to play with Faye, carried her, took photos of us and even sent us off to car with my barang-barangs. Faye arrived like Cinderella, losing one side of her Heirloom Moccasins. Aunty Janet was so kind to do a track back on my path, checked both lifts and even informed the janitor to look out for a baby shoe if she saw one on the floor. This is the reason why Lark and Peony does not have a shopfront. They want to preserve this personal touch to our shopping experience with them.

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6 thoughts on “For the Mommy: Lark and Peony

  1. The princess is so beautiful and sold out so soon after launch 😦 Looks like the hunt for my CNY dress continues. You look really good in so many of the pieces especially the orange blossom.


  2. Awww Thanks Michelle! Everyone's been telling me how nice the red cheongsum was but I didn't choose that! Boo Hoo.. I'm sure they are all sold out by now.

    You are so good looking la. Don't be crazy. I don't remember you being dark???


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