Discount: MyBabyGift Premium Hampers

Our dearest friend had finally delivered two beautiful girls called Charlie and Chelsea. They are sisters and they are twins! Oh what a whole lot of fun and mischief these two will conjure – ganging up on their big brother and driving everyone crazy at their cuteness in shopping malls. Congratulations Tiffany and Bikai to their new happy family!
The twins deserve nothing less than a personalised hamper. Embroidered names on their bibs, bodysuits and blankets. Honestly, this is for the sake of grandparents, relatives and friends who could yet differentiate them! Perfect gift in my opinion for a pair of look-a-likes. 
MyBabyGift Premium Hampers are beautifully presented on delivery in their signature grey and blue striped gift boxes. They are tied in either baby-blue or baby-pink satin quality ribbon with a greeting tag depending on the gender of your new-born. The items inside the hamper are also carefully wrapped in matching quality ribbons presenting the baby’s name when opening the box. It did make me go “wow” when I opened the package. Added into the hampers for the young ladies were 2 soft bunny blanket toys which added a sweet touch to the gifts.

They also carry leading baby brands such as Petit Bateau, Sophie the Giraffe, aden + anais, Gaia, Jelly Cat, Pepite pour Enfantes to add into your gift boxes. Which is an impressive tie-up don’t you think? What astonished me most was the turnaround time for delivery! I received these hampers the very next day! The only reason they could produce and pack so quickly is, MyBabyGift Premium Hampers are dispatched from Singapore. This is perfect for gifting new-borns in the hospitals even before they are discharged.

They currently deliver hampers to Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, S. Korea, Singapore and Thailand. Should you have friends popping babies this year, you could order your gift from MyBabyGift Premium Hampers and have it shipped free of charge to the above countries! The price of each hamper includes all standard international delivery costs.

There are 15 different choices of hampers to choose from with themes like My Sweet Dreams hamper which includes personalised baby’s pillow and blanket or The Baby and Mummy hamper which caters to the needs of both mother and child. Because this is a personalised gift, you may even choose the Create Your Own hamper to bring your gift up to another level!

I cannot wait to see Charlie and Chelsea fit into their bodysuits and bibs!

The kind folks at MyBabyGift Premium Hampers has also generated a discount code for your shopping pleasure! Take $10 off your orders with 

Discount Code: MM1 
Valid till 30 June 2015

Note that the discount code applies to purchases made in the Singapore Website only.


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8 thoughts on “Discount: MyBabyGift Premium Hampers

  1. Hi,

    After readying your blog, I too placed an order with, as I really like the wonderful customized gift ideas that they offer. And I had wanted this to be a special one for my cousin's newly born baby girl.

    That was about a week ago, when I completed the online transaction on 26.01.2015. Note that the website only offers payment through PayPal.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what has happened to my order! I had wanted this to be a surprise for my cousin, but I definitely know that to date (02.02.2015), my ordered gift has NOT been delivered at all. Otherwise, I would have received a message from my cousin.

    So I wrote in to MyBabyGift to enquire. TWICE. And up until today, I have NOT received a single reply from them.

    Had it been a problem with the payment? I don't think so, as I am fairly certain that the transaction went through, and I have the proof of payment and receipt from PayPal (for over $200 worth of stuffs). Besides I even got an Order Number from MyBabyGift. I explained all this in my email to them, which went un-answered. So it seems to me that nothing of my order was processed even though I have already paid for it, and that no one from MyBabyGift would even care to reply my enquiries!

    Right now, I am one UNHAPPY customer of MyBabyGift 😦
    I will give it one more day before demanding for my money back.

    I wonder if anyone else had experienced the same problem when ordering online with MyBabyGift. I had intended to recommend this to all my friends, but after this episode, that's NOT going to happen.



  2. Oh my good Eci, that sounds horrible! I wonder what happened? Why don't you call them instead of waiting for a reply in case your email went into their SPAM? I extracted this number from their Contact Us website page: 98339818. You might want to call them now?


  3. Dear Eci, thank you for your comment. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused but we couldn't trace any undelivered order from all our domains on the week of 26/1 onwards – all our orders from last week were successfully delivered. In addition, we didn't get any email inquiring for such missing order in our inboxes or spam so we are a bit puzzled as well.
    In order for us to trace your order, we kindly ask you to send us your order number, full name and email used to place the order, or alternatively forward to us your order confirmation – please email to If we somehow missed your order, rest assured it will be handled promptly, as we are always try to clarify such issues asap. You are also invited to contact us directly 98339818 10am-6pm or leave us your number and we'll call you back and do our best to resolve this matter to your satisfaction.
    Best regards, MyBabyGift team


  4. Hello May,

    As it turns out, does indeed have a fantastic customer service team! Shortly after writing my comments above, I was contacted by the Managing Director herself, who personally saw to it that my order was taken care of.

    Apparently, everything was under control all along. The main problem was that I didn't receive any forthcoming information after completing the online transaction. And there was probably a technical glitch with their email system, which resulted in my query-email not being received. Hence explaining why I didn't get any reply in return (the MD is still investigating this issue).

    On the other hand, I found out that they had a really competent delivery team, who actually ensured that my cousin received the gifts — even though, she could not be found at the home address that I wrote in the original order. She was staying over at her in-laws' when the delivery was made. MyBabyGift actually took the initiative to find out the new address and then re-delivered the parcel for me — at no extra costs!

    So to cut the story short, I am very pleased with the way things turned out after all. Not only are the customized products of excellent quality (packaged neatly in an elegant box), but I also feel that the team behind the products are just as excellent professionally.

    I'd sum up saying that it was certainly worth paying the premium price 🙂

    Best regards,


  5. Fantastic Eci! I am really happy to hear that it was all but a misunderstanding. Thank you for informing us and sharing your feedback at A Million Little Echoes!


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