Rounding Up 2014

This has got to be the most eventful year. We’ve got the biggest milestones nailed with several little ones from the children. We rode through the toughest blizzards and celebrated the most gleeful moments. The stones we’ve peppered along our 2014 road could easily see us to Tokyo! 
Looking back at the year, I cannot help but express admiration for our remarkable resilience as a family. We bounced back rather quickly from difficulties and took on new [curve-ball] tasks at stride.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ― Charles Darwin

Our Year in a Glance

Ewan entered Pre-School | We Moved House | Pregnancy House [Hospital] Arrest | Married for 9 yearsFather and Son Tattoo | Birth of Faye | HFMD | Court Hearing | Singapore Blog Awards 2014 | New Car, Sad DadGrandpa Re-Marries | Celebrated Christmas after a 3 Year Hiatus | Pay it Forward

January 2014 – It wasn’t part of our plan to have Ewan enrolled into pre-school at 19 months old. If we could hold back school for as long as possible, we would. As it was not part of the plan, I felt challenged to send him away. However, circumstances did not allow me to give Ewan as much attention as I could have. We decided school would be the saving grace. Saving him from boredom at home and me from fainting at his feet. I was pregnant with Faye – nauseating, feeling lethargic and so very drained. Going to school for the first time is a big episode! At least for me it was! To think I went to school only at four years old.

This new arrangement seemed to work pretty well after reality set in for mother and son. I enjoyed putting my feet up for half a day, connecting with baby Faye and indulging in Celine Dion’s Miracle in the background. Ewan, he came home with new social and developmental skills, was eager to go to school every morning and spoke fondly of his teachers. As for the daddy, he can finally set his mind at ease knowing I wasn’t overworked from running after Ewan. Guess who adapted the quickest? Our Little Ewan. He took 10 days to settle into his new environment and routine while I probably took a couple more days to let him go without feeling guilt-strickend.

[Blogged on Jan 12, 2014 – Kickstart 2014 with a Milestone]


February 2014 – As much as I didn’t want Ewan to go to school, I couldn’t accept the fact that we will need to move to a bigger house to accommodate Faye when she arrives. We’ve been married for 9 years and moved 3 times. I felt like an expatriate with no expatriate’s monetary benefits. It’s irritating really. People (my husband included) don’t quite understand what’s the big fuss about moving. But hey! It is ranked pretty high on the scale of stress indicators. I was in denial when he broached the subject. I dodged it for as long as I could but we still moved. Even though I needn’t lay a finger over the physical move, it was still a demanding task just by thinking about it. With a pregnant belly and in a hormonal imbalance state, I was so close to seeking help from a counsellor. My head was bursting from anxiety! I dread change. It throws me out of line and adjusting to new living quarters is a sizeable change. Moving is usually an exciting event but really? Not when you are exhausted and just got attuned to a lifestyle with your baby off to school.

Oh well. We made it happen and I got preoccupied with the redecorating of the children’s bedrooms and our extensive patio. They were the only reasons we moved – More Space.

Reminder: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ― Charles Darwin


April 2014 – When we were finally all accustomed to our new lifestyle and awaiting for the next big thing, I was shoved into a hospital after a regular gynae’s check. Little did we know this admission had me admitted for ONE MONTH until Faye was born. April 17th to May 17th. It had to be so perfect when it comes to numbers with this daughter. It was a preemie scare for us all with almost no amniotic fluid left to keep Faye in safely. Every day in the hospital was a torture because:

– I was not allowed to leave the bed
– toilet visits were on bed pans
– I had to sleep in an inclined position for a prolonged period of time
– which gave me aches everywhere
– I couldn’t see my son and husband
– my IV drip had to be changed every 3 days
– which meant my hands were poked 10 times for 30 days
– my buttocks were jabbed twice daily to control contractions
– those ctg monitoring are extremely uncomfortable
– I could not sleep properly for a month

I was tormented! Not to mention how trying it was for Meyer too as he shuffled between work, home and hospital. Before he could even recover from all the house-moving, he was thrown into the deep.  That said, we are full of gratitude to so many people who stepped up and gave us a lending hand whenever we needed. Our parents, our extended families, Ewan’s teachers, my gal pals, the nurses and my incredible doctor, Maurine Tsakok. If not for her decisiveness and experience, I wouldn’t dare imagine what life might be like now. No one doctor I know would have dared administered anti-contraction jabs, patch and oral medicine on top of a 24-hour IV drip to keep Faye in. Not to mention, deliver a breeched baby vaginally even though Ewan was born C-sectioned.

[Blogged on April 17, 2014 – Preemie Scare]


May 2014 – We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in the hospital. My oh my, we’ve clocked 9 years in a flash. I was 25 when we vowed, “Till Death Do Us Part” on First of May. Our vows centred around our promises to one another with unwavering love. As the years passed, I shamefully admit that I became the self-centred partner who took for granted the comfortable life he had given me. After having children, we became his responsibilities to be loved and cared for and in exchange for that, he gave up his personal time and space. I couldn’t ask for more (erm.. maybe less aggressive when you get mad dear). I am penning this down to serve as a reminder that I need to be mindful about how I care for our marriage and family. As we move on to a new chapter in our lives, as a wife and stay at home mother, I should

– be more Frugal
– complain Less so he needs to Fix Less
– put my Husband First
– speak his Love Language
– keep the house as messy as its current state when he returns from work (inside joke)

Marriage vows should be renewed for these reasons. Happy 9th Anniversary and many more.


May 2014 – When Meyer first tattooed Ewan‘s name on his arm, I questioned his decision repeatedly. It is permanent and not something you can regret after. His reply was simple, “My son is my blood. He is forever. What’s there to regret?” and so he went on with Faye on the other arm. So Mommy had to ask, “How about me?”

Daddy surprised me in the hospital (ya, we celebrated quite a few occasions in the hospital) with a masculine I Love Mum tattoo on Ewan’s arm! It was the sweetest Mother’s Day gift from the boys! No pain was instilled in the making. Crayola Washable Markers were used on Ewan.

[Blogged on 11 May, 2014 – Ewan, Faye and the Eleventh of May]


May 2014 – Faye was born! Sweet darling, you were born and you complete me. There is no need to express in words the total euphoria of your birth. It is indescribable. 

[Blogged on May 19, 2014 – No Longer Pregnant]
May 2014 – Do you believe in that good begets good and suay-ness begets suay-ness? *hearty laughter* As if we hadn’t had enough challenges for the first half of 2014, Meyer and I contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It was the ultimate curveball of the year. We were home and serving my confinement notice when we both became infected with this infectious disease! Every day we dread the day Ewan will come home from school with HFMD. Yet, mommy and daddy were the ones that brought it home. Thankful to grandparents who took Ewan in, we were able to quarantine ourselves and keep him protected. Faye, however, was fully breastfed. We took all necessary precautions to ensure her safety as well.

This was also the period Meyer and I quarrelled the most. We were sick, worn-out, exasperated and easily irritable. Many door-slamming moments, tears and heartaches. Relieved that our confinement nanny was around to pep talk us behind closed doors. *haha* She was a gem.

[Blogged on June 12, 2014 – Adult HFMD]

July 2014 – This is the most brainless, dumbest and time-wasting event of the year. We were summoned to court by two Indian expatriates for failing to get back their deposit after pulling out on the rental of our HDB flat. They had signed the papers and was stated clearly in black and white that deposit placed were non-refundable. Of course, it was the discretion of the landlords to supersede all contract terms and I’ve decided to go by the books. They felt that we were not being compassionate and sent us a letter to a court hearing. Thank goodness the judge agreed with us that they were as ridiculous as we thought they were! However, the countless times we had to return to Small Claims Tribunal Court, the paperwork put into the hearing, the time and energy spent troubling over this matter drained everyone involved out. What an unlucky streak of events for the year! Hospital and Court! Year of the Rooster needs a change of luck in 2015 boyz!

July 2014 – WooHoo! I received an email from the SBA team that A Million Little Echoes was selected as a finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Best Family Blog category! What an honour considering I started blogging only for a year as a Singapore Mom Blogger. It was indeed an encouragement to motivate more inspiring entries.

We had fun at the awards ceremony with the family. Me especially because I got to meet other mommy bloggers as well! I was finally able to put a face to the name. We were judged into the top 10 slots – 50 points for inspiring and entertaining content, 20 points for presentation and 70 points from the judges. Thereafter, the winner was chosen via online votes which constituted to 30% of our total score. Congratulations to Mum in the Making for clinching the 2014 Best Family Blog Award!

[Blogged on July 7, 2014 – Best Family Blog Finalist – Singapore Blog Awards 2014]


September 2014 – Daddy dearest decided to give up his coupe for a family SUV. Head over Heart. It was probably the saddest decision he made this year. We used to own a SUV (for only a year) when Ewan was born. Meyer said, “I am a father now. I should at least drive a car which can transport monster strollers and big-item purchases.” We changed so many cars within 2013 and 2014, it sounds as if we were car dealers. From an Audi A4 (Sports) to a BMW X3 (SUV). Then he decided that one child does not need too much car space so we sold off the X3 for a BMW 335i (Coupe) to fulfil his need for speed. Since then, my husband’s been living a life he had always wanted. He tracked and tracked and tracked. Tracked till the coupe broke down (thrice!) and I refused to let him track no more. I want a husband and our children need their father! I cannot take the risk of losing him from racing unless he buys a first-hand track car. It is a pity he does not have extra cash to fund this hobby so it will have to wait a couple more years when we can afford a proper racing car and a second family car.

Alas! The poor husband agreed after much resistance. We went back to an SUV. A Volvo XC60 this time. I gave up my darling vintage beetle for the family too right? We are quits. I promise you, we will live your dreams when the children are older. You will track again.


October 2014 – My father turned 60 and he re-married! Will you rejoice or will you reject? Naturally, it will be hard to swallow at the beginning but after thinking through, what is more important than the happiness of your loved ones. We are always harping on our lack of freedom as a teenager (and sometimes through our adulthood). We do not like it when our parents intrude. Nor do we want to live their lives for them. We want to Live our Life as we want it to be. Sometimes because of our Asian values, our wings are clipped from living away from our parents. It’s a filial piety thing. 

I believe it is no difference for our parents. They are our parents but they are also an individual. My father wanted to move on after my mother passed on and I should give him my blessings. This is his life and he has only one shot at it. What right have I to resist? And no matter what path he has chosen, he will always be my father. I, as a daughter, should know to respect that. As long as they are happy.


December 2014 – We are finally celebrating Christmas! We took a three year hiatus from Christmas because:

2011 – Trimester One pregnancy blues with Ewan
2012 – Post-natal shag-ness from taking care of Ewan
2013 – Trimester One pregnancy blues with Faye

I swore to put up a Christmas tree this year and made sure it was one so outstanding, it will make everyone go WOW! Our 8ft live Christmas tree was bought to make up for the three years we had lost. If I could throw more than the two Christmas parties we did, I would! *haha* However, our weekends were so packed with other activities that we could only accommodate two.

This year, we added a new Christmas tradition to involve the children in counting down to the 25th of December. An advent calendar. It is a special calendar used to celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. I planned activities or gifts for the children and placed them in dated pockets. We took a boat ride down Singapore river, played memory games, finger-painted Christmas cards and many more! They were really fun activities that even I enjoyed! Well… I planned it so it’s obviously fun? I especially love Christmas mornings when the children enter the living room in their jammies and go Wow at the sight of Santa’s visit the night before. I love Christmas. Don’t you?


To round the last day of 2014 up, we bought a New Year’s Banana Chocolate cake for the ground staff of our condominium. They were full of gratitude when they received it and it made their working atmosphere (the condominium’s dump site) more celebratory. Yup, I dropped the cake at the cleaner’s quarters where the dumpster was. What better way than to show our sincerity by hand-delivering a cake to their doorstep. They kept it so clean it doesn’t stink a wee bit. It was our way to say “We appreciate you” for keeping where we live safe and clean. I am so glad we made this decision to pay it forward.

Singapore Kindness Movement has a Kindness Drive going on right now! For every hashtag used in your social media share, a pack of Super NutreMill 3-in-1 Original Cereal will be donated to a needy family. Start hashtagging #NationOfKindness now and remember to set it to Public in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Find out more Here.


Stepping into 2015, we bring forth a brand new year! Happy Thirty-Third Birthday to me and my wish for the year is for a happier Meyer! As long as our pillar of strength is happy, so will we! We deserve a better year after all these storms in Twenty Fourteen but I am sure we will survive any storms as long as we know how to adapt to change.

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