EDIT 29.12.14: Congratulations Irene Fock and Cynthia Lau! You have both won yourselves a 2 adult and 2 children tickets each to KidsSTOP!

Rainy! This December had been exceptionally rainy and we are restricted to staying indoors for play. Regretfully, indoor playgrounds are not my favourite after Ewan fell terribly ill from one play. I had wanted to make a trip to KidsStop but was procrastinating the visit until Ewan was slightly older. I had this impression that a two year old would not be able to appreciate every exhibit thoroughly. Was I right about it? 

It had been a long time since I came across such kiddy-elaborated ticketing booth. There were at least 50 brightly-coloured thinking hats overhead and it attracted not only the children but the adults too. I felt young at heart again! While parents wait in line to purchase the tickets, they would be pleased to find a slide in the same holding area their children can play on.

The look on Ewan’s face was priceless when we entered the doors into the Omni Theatre building. He stood rooted to the ground with mouth wide open. I kid you not! He was spellbound by the architecture of this huge indoor Edu-tainment centre. We had to call out to him several times before he heard us. The next thing he said was, “I want to go in there!”

The moment we walked in, we embarked on an imaginary tour of discovery. The exhibits are categorised by zones: Imagination, Experience, Discover and Dream.

We spent most of our time at the Imagination zone. Children get to role-play as construction workers, archaeologists and finally know how it feels like to take charge of grocery shopping. We took a step back and observed Ewan as he transported himself into his self-made realms of fantasy and wonder. Although he knew the drills at the Building Environment and Supermarket, he had no idea what to do with those dino bones hidden underneath the earth (sand). He was filling the bucket full of sand and pouring it over the bones instead of discovering them. That too was a kind of play! His way of play.

The Experience zone is hidden right at the back, towards the left. Many visitors fail to visit this area because it is inconspicuous. So head that way if you want to watch the incubation of chicken eggs and direct your own animation films in a movie laboratory. I found this zone done up quite haphazardly. It shouts, “Hey! We still have space so how about just put more things together to fill the rooms.” Then again, that’s an adult point of view. My son enjoyed his time here and even returned to visit his feathered friends on the way out.

The Discover zone is where all the children are exposed to Science. Our children have a million questions that need answers to. Here, they will learn about their body, temperature, food chain and energy by engaging them through hands-on activities. Ewan got to match baby animals to their parents, rode in a rocket, look into a magnified mirror to find his facial features and brushed a dummy set of teeth with gigantic toothbrush. These were age-appropriate for him and it looks to me he was engrossed with these activities.

The last and most exciting zone of them all is the Dream zone. It features a two-story climbing structure which has hanging doors and flying fish which leads you right up to a music room. It looks so whimsical and I was tempted to do the climb myself! It was totally out of bounds for Ewan because he is too young. It has a minimum age of five years and above. Same as the Giant J where it teaches children what gravity means by experiencing the fall for themselves, Ewan could only watch on the side.

Even though we felt that KidsSTOP will be better appreciated by children five years and above, Ewan seemed to enjoy his two hour journey with them. He was reluctant to leave when we had to. However, to make your entry tickets worth every cent, we would still recommend KidsSTOP to older children who can fully enjoy all that it has to offer.


Two Winners will walk away with 2 adult and 2 children tickets each to KidsSTOP
Steps to win the Facebook giveaway: 
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3) leave your email address in the blogpost comment and pray to be picked!

Giveaway ends on 28 December 2014, 2359 hours and the winners will be announced on 29 December 2014 at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. Remember to set your share to Public!

Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall, Omni Theatre Building
Opening Hours: Click Here
Admission Charges: Click Here

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