GIVEAWAY: A.Muse Christmas Party Pack

EDIT 16.12.14: Congratulations WenTing Chiam (Facebook winner) and Jamie Chaw (Instagram winner)! You have both won yourselves a Christmas Party Package each from A.Muse!

A.Muse puts the fun into party planning, and makes every party AWESOME! Their customized products are conveniently themed and packaged for easy selection, catering to every event and occasion.

After my first experience with A.Muse‘s National Day party package this year, I decided that they shall deck all my festive parties from hereon. I loved the Singlish banter and originality the artist created in the National Day package. It made me smile from the inside that we are celebrating Singapore’s birthday as how it should be! Celebrating our roots with words only we Singaporeans are familiar with. Needless to say, Red and White was the colour theme to every sticker, invitation card and bunting. Topping a cupcake with a “Hor Jiak!” flag made the sweet treat even more delectable. The set up was a hit with the children! I, the perfectionist mother, was on my toes the whole time worrying about them messing up my dessert table. *haha* but I’ve also learnt to Let It Go. 

We had the privilege to hang up a specially created backdrop for our rendezvous that became the photo booth for the evening! The material used to print this backdrop is durable and sturdy with metal rings inset at the top corners to hang it from the ceiling. However, we chose to use two glass suction hooks (easily available at any hardware store) onto our patio’s sliding door and hung it up against it making it a more convenient set up and tear down process. This photo booth backdrop is not included in the package but you are most welcome to have one specially designed for your event.

Buntings add an sweet touch to a party venue. If you run out of ideas to a dessert table set up, just put up a bunting and wa la! It prettifies the table immediately. A.Muse‘s buntings are one of the best quality triangles I’ve ever come across. They are weather-proof! Their homegrown designers work with local suppliers to create products that are 100% Made in Singapore, ensuring the utmost quality for us. Because my parties are held mainly in my patio, I cannot take paper or cloth buntings that may discolour or wrinkle after a downpour. I put the bunting to the test for a week’s worth of hard rain and shine. The Reds stayed crimson, the flags did not crumple, there was no discolouration and I have a bunting I can use for next year’s National Day party! They proved themselves worthy of my money.

May I entice you on what they have in store for the upcoming holiday cheers? Each Christmas Party Package include 16 items: a set of 14 flags, 10 invitation cares and envelopes, a set of table poster with frame, 10 favour treat bags,  8 food tent cards, 9 cupcake toppers, 12 food flags, 15 name tags, 10 bottle stickers, 10 plates, 10 cups, 10 straws, 20 serviettes, 1 marker, 2 12″ pom poms and an 8″ pom pom.

There! You have your entire Christmas party covered! There is no need to live with boring white serviettes and paper plates anymore. Matching coloured disposal utensils will cheer up the Christmas table and aid with clean up after the party. We don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to create a home party that will make it look as though we’ve hired an event planner for it!

Two Wins! Each winner will walk away with one comprehensive Christmas party package worth S$180 from A.Muse

One winner will be chosen from Instagram and another from the Facebook contest. Read carefully the instructions to win!

To the Instagrammers, check us out at @mmlittlee to find out more!

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Steps to win the Facebook giveaway: 
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page 
2) like A.Muse Facebook page 
3) like and share the blogpost with “I want to throw a party with A.Muse this Christmas!”
4) leave your name and email address in the comment box below

Giveaway ends on 14 December 2014, 2359 hours and the winner will be announced on 15 December 2014 at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. Remember to set your share to Public!

For those who cannot wait, these party packages are available for purchase at A.Muse website.

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