GIVEAWAY: SRT’s Junior Claus Musical

EDIT 5.12.14: Congratulations Robert Sim in winning tickets to Junior Claus! 

We attend every world-class musical that comes to town. We enjoy the immense beauty and complexity of music in an orchestra. We do not always know how to appreciate art accurately but we make sure we soak in whatever history that lay beneath our feet, wherever we thread. The Theatre. The Music. The Arts. Three pillars of performing arts I will never deprive my children from. 
How young is too young? I feel relieved that we are able to give this opportunity to our children with no age restrictions in Singapore. Well, majority of the theatrical productions recommend certain age requirements but there are a handful who welcome infant-in-arms. I first introduced Ewan to the orchestra at six months old. Even though he slept three-quads of it, we agreed that it was still a certain kind of exposure. 
Faye, on the other hand, has incredibly good attention span. We started her earlier at four months of age. Not knowing what to expect, I was ready to nurse her through SRT’s The Nightingale. However, she surprised us all by sitting through the 50-minute musical and showed no signs of restlessness! She was mesmerised. We knew for sure she would not fuss if we sat in for 90-minute long Junior Claus. True enough, our theatre-loving baby watched how the story of Christmas magic unfolded without missing a single act.

A girlfriend needed help recently and posted a tricky question on Facebook, “My son is asking if Santa Claus is real! What do I tell him?” I commented, “Of course the truth! That Santa is not real

There is no Magic! Everything must be scientifically proven. How is it possible that reindeers can carry the immense weight of Santa Clause and his sleigh? Not to mention they fly…

In all honesty, I was converted after Junior Claus. I concurred with Junior when he questioned his father about the possibility of having every Christmas present delivered in just one night and the prospect of getting stuck in a narrow chimney. (Well, what about those who doesn’t own a chimney?)  Yet, as the story unfolds, I realised I had been too serious a person to know how to embrace the enchantment of Christmas. I felt ashamed that I was that close to ruining the spirit of Christmas for my children! It is their innocence, that thrilling sensation that Santa will drop a present if they had been extra nice all year and the capacity to Just BELIEVE that put Christmas a special place in their hearts.

I must say it truly is a musical that will warm the hearts of all ages. It got me thinking about my rigid principles. 

Kate Golledge, who directed The Little Company’s previous plays The Nightingale, Red Riding Hood and Fantastic Mr. Fox, returns to direct this Christmas time treat. The casts were perfectly chosen to depict each character and I love their voices! I REALISED that certain casts had triple-roles to play and they executed them so well! You will figure it out when you watch it. Hint: Pengy the Penguin is that innocent little Singaporean girl and Mrs Claus is also Grumpo’s side-kick Elf. When you return from the musical, do let me know if found out which other character(s) Santa Claus was playing as well! I admire their versatility as actors.

The set and costumes are done up most beautifully. It had all the Christmas cheers needed in one room to lift everyone’s spirits immediately. I was especially impressed with the special effects during Junior Claus and Chipper the Elf flight out to Singapore on the sleigh. It really made them looked like they were flying!

If you noticed your children getting a tad restless, do not rush for the door!  The finale is worth the wait. Snow!

Falling snow closed the musical with a high note! We saw little faces of pure delight and heard them screeching in awe as they stretch their hands out to fluffy snowflakes. What a precious sight every parent yearn to hold in their hearts.

Thank you Junior Clause. You saved Christmas and you saved me. I took home a very valuable lesson to life.

“All you need to do is: Believe”

For children, believing comes naturally. Their hearts and minds are open which allows them to feel things that are often ignored by adults. Because of this, they are the most loving, forgiving, hopeful and joyful group of individuals on earth. We adults should learn to believe and see life from the eyes of our children.

Ewan is 30 months old and Faye is 6 months old when we caught this musical. At this age, it is purely for exposure. I do not reckon Ewan understood the story but could grasp snippets of morals after we shared certain acts in simple English. He is at an impressionable age so certain characters do frighten him. Although he chanted “I don’t want. I don’t want.” and hid his face into daddy’s chest, he kept turning back towards the stage. It goes to show that the music and vibrancy are most irresistible even for a 2 year old. Best recommended for children 5 years and above.

For the giveaway, we are awarding two tickets to Junior Claus on 7th December 2014, 11am show.

Steps to win the giveaway: 
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3) comment on our Facebook blogpost a life lesson you’ve learnt from your child (take this opportunity to introspect and give thanks to life’s little lessons)
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5) the most heartwarming entry wins!

Giveaway ends on 5th December 2014, 1700 hours and the winner will be announced on the same day at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. 

Junior Claus Presented by SRT’s The Little Company
31 Oct – 14 Dec 2014
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Ticket price starts from $32
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3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: SRT’s Junior Claus Musical

  1. I thank my daughter is mature for her age.She has never asked for anything and lives satisfied with what she has got.She knows pretty well that we can afford her all the riches and wishes she may want.Even if she asks for anything , she won't nag for it. Sometimes I feel, she is god gifted child just for us.She also never speaks ill of others.I have learnt how to live a a satisfied life and be friendly to all thanks to her.


  2. A life lesson I have learnt from my child is to laugh when happy and cry when upset. He's a very emotional child who laughs easily at a v small thing and can also changes mood quickly and cries when hurt or upset. He teaches me not to be so stressed up with everything and learn to let my emotions flow…


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