GIVEAWAY: Sofzsleep

EDIT 29.11.14: Congratulations Foo Hui Yuin and Cherlyn Ma! You have both won yourselves a Junior Pillow each!

We haven’t heard of Sofzsleep until we started shopping for a toddler’s mattress. Our little boy was going to be a big brother! We believed the transition from a crib to bed would make him feel all grown-up and dependable. Sofzsleep sounds all too good not to be missed. It is super-soft, highly durable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

Sofzsleep is made completely with premium latex – breathable and temperature regulating fibres such as Bamboo and Coolmax®, keeping the body cool and fresh. Latex has millions of interconnected open cells allowing air flow through the inner core of its mattress. It is ideal for children with sensitive skin because of its high breathability feature. Coolmax® also ensures that any moisture released during sleep is immediately carried to the external surface where it quickly dissipates. It sounds like parents will have a great night’s rest with their children sleeping through in comfort.

Best of all, it comes with a zipped luxurious mattress protecter (with adorable cow prints) which is washable! Pearls are smooth and white with a silky look and silky feeling. Synthetics like rayon and nylon try to mimic the silky feel of all-natural Bamboo but none can match the breathability and moisture-wicking properties found only in nature’s solution.

We had the privilege to put away Ewan’s conventional spring cot mattress when Sofszleep kindly offered Faye the opportunity to try out their metal-free cot mattress – the safest choice against electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Did you know that EMF may cause restless sleep or adverse effects such as lower immune systems, concentration difficulties and headaches? In fact, are the mattresses we’ve been sleeping on been putting us at risk to cancer-causing radiation? Could be yes! We should never be too careful nowadays with all the information we are fed with. If there is a choice to keep our children safe, why not? Go Natural, Organic and EMF-free as much as possible.

In all honesty, little Faye will not be able to feedback to mama about her new bedding. I had to observe changes in sleeping patterns and possibly, climb into cot with her to give the mattress a test-drive. And I did.

There are exhausting nights (since Ewan’s time) when I would lay beside my babies in their cot and nurse them back to sleep. All thanks to a wide cot, I am able to catch forty winks on teething nights. Comparing comfort between Ewan’s conventional spring mattress and Faye’s Sofzsleep, I would confidently say I preferred the latter. They are both firm but Sofzsleep had the extra edge to a more restful night: 

– it gives my body distinctive contouring support
– my body feels cool throughout the night in a non-airconditioned environment
– I no longer feel springs jabbing at my ribs
– it doesn’t make any squeaky sounds that might risk waking Faye when I sneak out of her cot

The Sofzsleep mattress was delivered all rolled up like a Po Piah (spring rolls)! It is bendable too and I like it that it is not heavy or rigid. I used to leave the changing of bedspreads to the daddy but ever since we had Sofzsleep, I took over the chore. It became so simple and easy because of its light and bendable nature.

You can now purchase Sofzsleep products from this list of retail stores in Singapore (through Facebook or email/phone on the website) and enjoy 15% off all products from 22nd November 2014 to 4th January 2015. They carry both adult and children collection of bedding solutions. Mattresses for baby cots and playpens, junior and donut pillows, bolsters and more.

For the giveaway, we are awarding two lucky children to one junior pillow each!

Made from natural latex, this pillow is highly resilient, providing lasting durability and good support. It does not require fluffing and maintains its shape even after many years of use. Designed for all sleeping positions, this pillow has a contour design that gently cushions the head and cradles the neck to provide comfortable support throughout the night. The anti-microbial and dust mites resistant properties make this pillow the ideal choice for young children. Size: 50cm(w) x 30cm(l) x 7/9cm(d)

Steps to win the giveaway: 
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page 
2) like Sofzsleep Facebook page 
3) comment on our Facebook blogpost with a picture of your sleeping child and caption it creatively
4) share the blogpost
5) the two most innovative entries win!

Giveaway ends on 28 November 2014, 2359 hours and the winner will be announced on 29 November 2014 at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. 

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