Bangkok Babymoon: Ladies Only

Monday Blues. We didn’t experience that last week. We took the earliest flight out of Singapore and landed ourselves in Bangkok for breakfast! We are one crazy bunch of mommies who decided to leave our responsibilities (or part of it) behind for three days of goodness. We rocked it! Who are We?
The Casts (from Left to Right):
Faye – The baby lady of the lot; my muse. Working towards having her passport stamped as many times as her big brother before she turns one. As long as she’s got her milk, she’s ready to head anywhere on Earth.

May – The SAHM mommy who is trying hard not to be slave to her children. She dictates how their lives be lived and not be held in chains like a prisoner. When she says she needs to travel, she needs to travel. If there is no available babysitter, the baby tags along. Her Take in being a SAHM: All you need is Confidence.

Serene – The overworked FTWM who deserves more than one mommy trip a year. She spends all her waking hours with her boys outside work but travels too often for business. She gives her all to fulfil her roles as an employee, a mother, a wife and a girlfriend. Capable, confident and courageous. Commendable for her bravery to travel with a five-month old baby and a pregnant mommy.

Iori – The multilingual SAHM who brings so much depth, experience and culture to her children. They will flourish in her care as she guides them through the local system as a Chinese Singapore, inculcating a third language for being half-Japanese and sharing her wisdom from surviving England all by herself. She needs a break before the second baby comes along. She needs this Bangkok Babymoon.

I hear that packing a luggage is the bane of most moms’ lives. It is really quite simple actually. There is no need to bring the whole nursery (or kitchen) with you. Your baby isn’t the only baby in this world. So hey! Wherever you are heading, there will be diapers and formula on the shelves of their supermarkets.

These were the essentials I brought for Faye on our three day two nights rendezvous, minus her clothes. Highly recommending the disposable sheets which is easily available at Guardian. Disposable is the way to go on travels in case you get explosive poops while shopping! It is absorbent, large enough to act as a changing mat, light-weight and very compact when folded. Ditch your bulky changing mats for this.

You can request for a couple of airsickness bags on flight for those soiled diapers or clothes. They are flat, leak-free and light. Let you in a little secret. The lavatories on flight have drawers on the vanity. Pull open one of them and you will find sanitary pads and airsickness bags in them. Please don’t go emptying the drawers in every lavatory. Take only what you need.

Babies’ clothes are tiny. They are so small you can actually ROLL and stuff them into the grooves of your luggage. I fit them in like fillers and that is a super space-saver! Bring along a cotton laundry bag for the clean clothes when returning. You wouldn’t want to mix the dirty and the clean together do you? Here’s how we managed a bag so tiny for mother and child! By the end of the trip, the diapers would have been used up and there you have your space for the shopping you’ve done. Wa La! Easy does it!

Now, do not fret even though the mister isn’t with you. You are a capable mother. It is your instinct as a woman to handle stress, multi-task and tackle any crappy situations.

1) If your baby has to poop at take-off, wrap her bottom with a plastic bag lest she stains your clothes. Then jump off your seat as soon as the seat belt sign is turned off!

2) If your baby is hungry at the exact same time as you are, feed (her) and eat (your meal) concurrently. No one needs to cry in hunger at the end of the day.

3) If the hotel does not provide a baby tub and the bathtub takes too long to fill up, use the basin. Sitting in their own private bubble bath can be a real treat.

4) If there are no nursing rooms wherever you are, pull out your disposable sheet onto any flat surface (in this case, a sofa) and start cleaning up.

5) Given a choice, always take the bench or sofa at the diners for your meals. This will free you some time from carrying-while-eating as your munchkin lie comfortably beside you.

We made this a cafe-hop trip. Thoroughly enjoying a holiday as it should be. No rush, no fuss. Just chilling at quaint bistros and gossip the day away, sipping teas and coffees. We did our research and had our itinerary planned around the must-go cafes. Can we fill you in on our eats? I insist!

KARMAKAMET is indeed a secret world. It started out in the aromatic business and that explained the bottles of essential oils sitting on the metal shelf next to your table and the potpourri sacks hanging from the ceiling. It is a diner so charming, I couldn’t start eating until I was done photographing every detail. The music, a jazzy whimsical mix, kept us lazy and contented. It was so hard to leave, we had to order dessert twice just to buy time.

They converted a warehouse into a greenhouse with a courtyard so pretty you wished they had tables for outdoor dining as well. Bangkok is peppered with so many trendy restaurants featuring enchanting interiors but what we experienced at Karmakamet surpassed all that we’ve visited.

My first thought was, “I could renew my wedding vows here!”.

We appreciated the kitchen’s creativity and culinary skills. They were all very photogenic especially with the vintage table settings. Certain presentation and food quality could be improved but that will not deter me from returning. Karmakamet has made its mark on my To-Go diner whenever I return to Bangkok from here on.

Sukhumvit 30/1 Soi Matheenivet,
Khlongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok Thailand
Tel. +662 262 0700-1
Open daily 10.00-23.30 hrs.

How to get there:
Take a Taxi and alight at Emporium Suites. Walk 2 minutes into the road, pass the multi-story carpark and you will find Karmakamet on your left.

ROAST COFFEE & EATERY is in the heart of Thonglor. It sits on the second level of SeenSpace, a little plaza packed with bars and restaurants. After experiencing Karmakamet, it was very difficult to rate Roast as a must-go. Still, the interior is one that will bring you some really great pictures. I obviously chose the table with a bench for the sake of Faye. The artwork overhead is spectacular. The colours on the red brick wall popped and made our photographs turned out really well.

I especially loved that modern portrait of The King hanging on the wall as an art piece.

The menu is designed to look like a newspaper. In its pages were interesting write-ups of trendy shops and eateries in the Thonglor neighbourhood. It is an exciting scene and a district that can set you off exploring for days. Coffee lovers at Roast are in for a treat for they serve its very own coffee made with in-house, roasted beans.

Food-wise? Unimpressionable.

SeenSpace Thonglor 13,
Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 10am-11pm,
Fri-Sat: 9am-12:30am,
Sun: 9am-11pm

How to get there:
We cabbed.

MR JONES ORPHANAGE is such a whimsical little space that brings you all the way back to your childhood. The moment you open the door, you step onto a hopscotch all ready to hop your way in. To your left you will be overwhelmed by a tower of desserts and to your right, a luxurious table dressed like a carousal. Its ceiling is decorated with overhanging horses and paper aeroplanes, which makes it all so magical. Take the flight of stairs up and you will find yourself in the Chocolate Lounge. Dark and gloomy, the ceilings are so low I had to be in a crouching position the whole time! Definitely not a comfortable spot to chill. Stick to the main dining room and try to make a run for the carousal table if it is empty won’t you?

I loved the quotes Mr Jones left embroidered on the staff’s uniform. They serves as reminders as we sink our teeth into sweet desserts.

“Be Nice to Your Mum”

“Brush your Teeth Before you go to Bed”

“Eat your Veggies”

Serene took away macarons and cupcakes as gifts. They kind pastry chefs actually made from scratch fresh cupcakes for her. It was a really sweet gesture from the team. Impressed.

SeenSpace Thonglor 13,
Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Operating hours:
10.00am to 12:00 midnight (last order at 11:00pm) daily

How to get there:
We cabbed.

VANILLA GARDEN is very close to Mr Jones Orphanage. A 5 minutes taxi ride from SeenSpace. It is a garden in a city. You step into an oasis away from the traffic and dust (which is practically at its doorstep). In it housed a bookstore, bakery, a Japanese cafe and a dim sum restaurant. To be honest, we found only the bakery and the cafe. It does not have a very big compound; not one you might get lost in. However, the dim sum restaurant and bookstore was out of plain sight. We were there just for a look see and hang around just for a couple of pictures.

The food on the table that the patrons ordered looked good. We were too full from Roast and Jones to order any more bites. Do spend some time at the Vanilla Garden the next time you visit Bangkok. It is very peaceful inside; lost in its own world.

The valet mending the carpark was extremely helpful. He flagged us a cab and made sure the driver knows where to take us after we left.

53 Ekkamai Soi 12
Bangkok, Thailand


Operating Hours:
daily 11am to 11pm

How to get there:
When you are with the taxi driver, head into Ekkamai Soi 12 and look out for Vanilla Garden on your left.

(UN)-FASHION CAFE is on the next street to Vanilla Garden. We stumbled upon it while looking for If I were a carpenter. It faces the main road in a block of L-shaped shophouses. Looking like a pretty funky joint. I read that (Un)-fashion has been selling stylish secondhand shoes, bags and accessories since 2004. Today, they own a cafe right next door. This two-story café keeps to a retro vibe with a rusted-bronze exterior brick walls. The drawings on the glass are hip and pretty to look at. Look through their glass window and you will find the desserts on display, labelled by drawings on the glass instead of your usual placards.

We had to catch our flight back to Singapore and gave this cafe a miss. But I’ll be sure to come back and give it a try some day!

Ekkamai Soi 10
Bangkok, Thailand


Operating Hours:
daily 12pm to 9pm

How to get there:
Let the taxi driver know to turn into Soi 10. It is within the L-shaped blocks on your left the moment you enter the street.

Despite taking it nice and slow, I still came home knackered! It took me two days to recover from the holiday. This goes to show that flying in itself takes up a lot of energy, not to mention with little Faye clinging to me most of the time. Coming home to two joyful faces was the best way to end a trip.

As I walked towards the glass that separated us from each other, I saw my son bouncing off his father’s shoulder all bushy-tailed and thrilled. I had the urge to leave my luggage running round the conveyor belt and walk right out of the holding area to give them the biggest hugs ever. Ewan’s sweetest words were, “Mommy I missed you. Will you hold my hand please?”.

I will hold your hands forever if you let me.

Read Project Babyless Bangkok in July 2013 when I went with a group of mommies (no kids) for the inaugural All Ladies’ Trip. Recommendations on other great eateries in blog entry.

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6 thoughts on “Bangkok Babymoon: Ladies Only

  1. Thank you Lucy! I usually go out with her with only a pocket size sling bag. Just tuck 1 diaper, 1 romper and a wet wipe in there and we are ready to go =)


  2. Hi Kate! Late again! Super late this time! Mmmmm Hotels in BKK for kids? Think you need to google that! I've never quite looked out for hotels suitable for kids. More of which hotel my husband and I preferred to stay. It's our holiday anyways and the children shall accommodate us. Not the other way round haha =)


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