GIVEAWAY: Spring Maternity (Nursing/Maternity)

We are back writing for Spring Maternity & Baby! This time, a special treat for the nursing mummies. You’ll like what I’ve picked for you ladies this time. Two nursing tops, centre-pleats, side seam access with colours perfect for Christmas. May I add that these two tops can be used as maternity wears while you are carrying that beautiful baby bump of yours. One purchase that will see you through your pre and postnatal body. They are the new Green by Spring Bamboo Collection. 
They are made from bamboo fibre and part of the GREEN movement by Spring to bring us fashion using eco friendly fabrics with the right values and at the right prices. Before you make your purchase at the counter, check its label. If I were given two apparels and one shouts ECO-FRIENDLY, I would put my cash on it without question.
How erratic our weather has become with global warming on the high. It can be scorching in the morning and stormy by night. I got to wear the the red pleated nursing top in two styles (in one day) just to fashion me up according to the atmospheric conditions. I went from casual to formal. 
Its long sleeves that can be rolled up when short sleeves are needed with a front button closure. How smart! Exactly what I needed on this very hot day and the nursing access makes it look like I was carrying a sleeping Faye. In actual fact, she was feeding in the two pictures below. Simply lift the outer pleated panel along the edges that “open” towards the side seam. Clean, natural and concealed. 

When evening came and we were out for a nice dinner at Sentosa Cove, it poured! Cold wind and what a chilly night. Sleeves down alright! This nursing top will be the perfect Christmas outfitter when we are out for late night parties. It will be a breeze to nurse baby Faye without any covers over her head while we laugh and merry over the dining table with friends.

Then we have the turquoise sleeveless pleated collar top. It is great for work wear even after mommies have stopped nursing. It can be formal or casual, depending on how you style it up. How very versatile! As with the red long sleeves pleated top, this has the same side seam access. I love nursing wears that make me look like I am still in fashion and not some grouchy old hag.

I am wearing size S. All photographs and styling are mommy’s own.

For the giveaway, we are awarding one lucky winner with either the long sleeves pleated top or sleeveless pleated collar top!

Steps to win the giveaway: 
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page 
2) like Spring Maternity & Baby Facebook page 
3) comment on our Facebook blogpost which nursing top you’d like to win and tag your nursing friends as well!

Giveaway ends on 31 October 2014, 2359 hours and the winner will be announced on 1 November 2014 at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. 

Previous recommendations on nursing wear from Spring Maternity & Baby can be found HERE.

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