Pampering the Baby

Have you ever walked past a window in a shopping mall and caught sight of babies strapped in to neck floats with rubber duckies on their heads? I’ve seen one too many! Sometimes we spot a wailing baby, sometimes one that kicks up a whirlwind and other times, sleeping beauties. *haha* Yup! I’ve seen one such baby. No Kidding! That baby must have had a wild night to sleep her morning away – in a pool of water!

Never once did I consider sending either of my babies for a session at a baby spa. I could not tag “Beneficial” to it and besides, the outlook of the kiddy looking outlets with tacky wall stickers put me off. Every time without fail.

Then I saw this:

It is done up so prettily, I couldn’t resist but head down to have a look at it myself. Before I know it, I had Faye in one of their tubs. First impression of the shopfront was upmarket. I love the trees, the white columns, the hanging bird cages and the quality of the products used. It felt like a cosy Nail Spa I might sign a package with. The tubs are luxuriously spacious for any baby and if you have an adventurous little one, you may switch the experience to a  bubbly fun one (Jacuzzi).

The team of therapists were goo-goo-gaa-ing over Faye. They made me feel comfortable as a mother from the way they showered affection towards her. I felt relaxed and unhurried, thankful to this bunch of warm-hearted ladies.

Pampering services at BB Spa include spa, massage, acupressure massage, manicure, pedicure and even hair cut. It is also the first baby spa in Singapore to introduce hydrogenated water akin to Japanese Spring Water. This water is chlorine free and balances the PH of the skin. All water including their hand-washing basin has their water filtered through to remove impurities and chlorine.  I felt safe to have my baby girl swimming in clean water especially when she has eczema.

Her therapist lowered her slowly into the tepid water just to prepare her for the full works. As soon as Faye showed no signs of fear, she was submerged neck-down. Faye held onto those guiding hands very tightly and I am glad her therapist did not try to pry away from that grip but continued to hold her, giving her the security she needed. It was I who requested a moment of “hands-free” for a bravery picture.

When Faye was done with her swim, she was brought to the lilac cushioned table for her massage.  Don’t you love that satisfied smile on her face? The full-body massage was a gentle one starting from her tiny toes to her pumpkin face. Looking at her million dollar smile, it seems like she’s had the best back massage ever! Cute little experience we had.

What do you think was the outcome at the end of it all? My little bub slept cosily in my sling, close to my heart.

One thing though, I would have preferred the spa be filled with baby mozart classical music over “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. It’ll make the whole ambience a lot more sophisticated. Oh.. and erm.. minus those soft toys which may cause sneezes from babies with sensitive airways. Oh those cute soft cuddly bears… I prefer them somewhere else *teeheehee*

October 11, 2014 marks the last day of their opening promotion – a complimentary 15 minute water spa session. That’s tomorrow so don’t miss this chance! Call to make an appointment for your baby first thing tomorrow morning ay?

BB Spa
#05-02 Paragon
6235 1800 / 6235 5818

Opening Hours
10am to 8pm

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2 thoughts on “Pampering the Baby

  1. Hey May! I had so much fun reading this post and seeing Faye's incredible cute chubby cheeks in photos. Def chic, upmarket and spa like! (haha!) xx


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