Soccer for the Mini

Ewan has been showing interest in sports of late. He swings the club like a pro in golf, jumps into the pool like a maniac, kick-scoots with one leg in the air, bats the baseball accurately and is a champion short putter (quite a sport by throwing everything in his hand). Exposure is key for a boy who just turned two but instead of being a Jack of all trades, we decided to send him for trial sessions at various sports companies. He shall pick out his own sport. 
The reason for enrolling him in a class is simple. We want to instill discipline, proper play techniques and the opportunity to socialize with children of different races. A group of two to four year olds will be most ideal. Ewan can observe the motor skills of the older kids and still have like-minded friends of his age to play with. Playing alone with daddy and mommy will limit the extent of fun a sport has to offer because our knowledge is bounded only to what we know and secretly, we cannot match up to his stamina *hahah* 
He was obviously drawn to the soccer class happening in the next futsal pitch. As soon as he was done batting baseballs and doing star jumps, he ran off to kick some perfect goals in someone else’s class. 
He was a star! I was laughing my heart out watching how engrossed he was. Ewan turned into a shy boy with strangers and although he enjoys playing, he requires either parent to be with him at all times. No matter how much he enjoyed swimming or golf, he just didn’t want to be alone with the coaches. He would refuse to drink water, non-responsive to the coaches and needed some nudging to participate. There at Sport4Kids, he actually dumped us and ran enthusiastically towards the balls. Shockingly, he was capable of following every instruction given by his soccer coach.

They did drills like skipping sideways, sprinting, back-kicks, balancing beanbags on those little heads, stopping the ball with foot, etc. Meyer and I couldn’t help but join in some kicking fun with him. Daddy must be extremely pleased that his lad enjoys a good ball game like he does. Ewan didn’t get his ball sense all from daddy ok? In my school days, I was the striker in our interclass games.

Ewan ran back to “home ground”, our picnic corner, and panted, “Oh I’m so thirsty!”. He downed 4 ounces of water and before we could ask if he needed the loo (in the process of toilet training now), he dashed towards the centre for more action. I brought a blanket for Faye to roll on while we took turns to watch over both kids. We cannot wait for Faye to join her brother in practice.

Many soccer clubs do not take children below the age of four so this is our best bet!

Call Will at 9355 0376 for a free trial!

Class Schedules: 
9am to 10am (18 months – 2 years old)
10am to 11am (2 years old – 4 years old)
11am to 12pm (4 years old – 6 years old)

10am to 11am (2 years old – 4 years old)
11am to 12pm (4 years old – 6 years old)

Term Cost is S$200 (6 sessions including uniform)
If you have 2 children in a class, the fee is S$350 (including 2 uniforms)

The Cage Sports Park at Turf City
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

They are at The Cage. It is a sheltered futsal pitch with a green roof. The venue is outdoor but sheltered so there is no direct sunlight. The class will also proceed in the event of rain.

Where to Park:
Drive on with Grandstand on your right and continue till you have past the building. Keep going into a one-way road. Park at SPORTS CARPARK C after the tennis court on your right.

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