Review and Discount: Sunkiss Babies

We shop ourselves crazy online don’t we? I am excited to share with you what I’ve found at Sunkiss Babies. Check out the organic products we’ve got from BabyBearShop and Earth Mama Angel Baby
Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm
I have been using the Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm on Faye for 2 solid months now. The results? Perfect Bum!
To test Earth Mama out, I had my confinement nanny use off-the-shelf diaper rash creams on Faye for a month. My nanny finished 2 tubes of diaper rash creams (in 30 days!) and still I see a reddish bottom that needed airing. As soon as my nanny left, I put the diaper rash creams aside and started using this organic bottom balm religiously. No, one week isn’t good enough an assessment of the product. I was determined to find out if it delivers as promised and one month would be a good evaluation of its worth.  
Faye never had a single day of diaper rash from then on.  Unlike chemical-infused creams, you won’t have to worry about over-buttering your baby with organic products. 
Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter
Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Nipple Butter topped the charts on my to-have list. I remember my gynae told me specifically to choose a nipple cream which contains No Lanolin. She has a personal take on babies suckling on waxed nipples. Then again, many lactation consultants endorse the use of off-the-shelf nipple creams that contains lanolin as one of its ingredients. I choose to trust my experienced gynae on this one. She had a point and I agreed with her. 
Lanolin is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Most lanolin used by humans comes from domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for their wool. Lanolin is a wax.

These off-the-shelf products proudly state “contains 100% pure Lanolin” but really? I would choose a product that says “Lanolin-Free”. I wouldn’t have to keep cleaning my nipples if I get too tired form nursing 10 times a day too. I know it is safe for baby’s consumption.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test the nipple butter to its full potential because I had no cracked or sore nipples this time. It smells really refreshing like shea butter – yums!

BabyBearShip Wishy Wash
The BabyBearShop Wishy Wash is an organic wash for body and hair. What I like about it is, it isn’t foamy! It smells of mandarin orange peel and very earthy. When I breathe in Faye’s scent, I feel relaxed; as if I have been transported into a spa. It has no paragons, synthetic fragrance of artificial colours. Excellent for my little bub.

Alas bottle-design fault. They need to work on their bottles to make it more mummy friendly!  Imagine me holding onto Faye in the tub with one hand and holding the bottle with the other. So where do I squeeze a dollop of wishy washy onto? Sorry, I do not like squeezing products directly onto the baby’s tender skin. A pump bottle will definitely work better.

Ma Poupée Toy Strap
There are many toy straps on sale in Singapore but Ma Poupée has the cutest range. Just look at this ribbons and rabbits strap! The ribbons are coated with sparkle dusts and it looks so feminine. It can double up as a pacifier holder as well.

I like it that it has velcro strips instead of buttons to provide for maximum adjustments. The straps are handmade in Java from 100% cotton. This design is currently sold out. Do take a look at the rest in stock!

Rebel Kidz Helmet
I got Ewan a helmet with no certainty that he may wear it. He does not like anything around his neck or head and so I was surprised he asked for his helmet whenever we are heading out for some kick-scootering fun. Sunkiss Babies carry Rebel Kidz helmets.

Rebel Kidz carry a range of boys’ and girls’ helmets from two to five years of age. There are no sizes but the helmets adapt to Ewan’s head size very easily because there is an adjustment wheel at the back that I can tighten (or loosen). I made sure the helmets were certified to the existing standards. They are made like the real helmets for adults but just in kiddy sizes. I like it that it looks a lot more cooler than the regular boring ones we window-shopped at Toys R Us. Also did I mention that it has a magnetic clasp to fasten the helmet? With an impatient two year old, I need something that is easy to wear.

The daddy chose the racing Le Mans Blue helmet for Ewan. Why of course.

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