Giveaway: Trick Eye Museum

EDIT 03.09.14: Congratulations Jiang Meiru! You won yourself tickets to Trick Eye Museum! 

When I received the invitation to bring my family to the Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa, I considered declining it. Two year olds (Ewan) want what they want, when they want it. Oh and when they do not want to do something, they do not do it. It is just that beautiful magical number two. Also, how do we involve a 3 month old Faye as we pose and shoot? There will be a risk of two demanding children and zero pictures. 

Or, the visit could turn out fun-filled and ingenious. 
I decided to be positive about the outcome and accepted the *cough ahem* challenge. I was excited to bring home awesome pictures. Pictures we could reminisce and laugh at in years to come.
We reckoned weekends would be least ideal. The crowd might kill. We chose a Friday night, cutting close to closing, to visit Trick Eye Museum. Besides, a toddler’s attention span could probably stretch to an hour max? Arriving Trick Eye at 7:30pm during dinner time would be our best bet. As I calculated right, they had a very manageable crowd with no queue. Everyone had ample time at each exhibit without having to rush. 
I must say the experience started out quite badly. Ewan was skeptical and wary of his surroundings . Now which two year old wouldn’t when they see clowns on ladder, a giant baby and a head popping out of a canister. My husband gave me a “This Is It” look. Our son was not going to co-operate.

Thankfully, he warmed up when we entered the Safari Kingdom. There were animals he is familiar with and that made him felt more at home. Soon after, we could hardly catch up with him as he ran around the open spaces at ease. He had his first ride on a circus elephant there at Trick Eye Museum.

There are six themes at Trick Eye Museum and they refresh their artworks twice yearly. We will walk you through each zone with the best pictures we have to share!

1. World of Masterpieces

Paris Street, Rainy Day 

2. Safari Kingdom


3. Star of Circus


Balancing Act

4. Dreams of Fairy Tale

Moon Over The Sky


5. Love in Winter


6. Adventure Discovery

Horse Racing

Stretching MaMa

Stretching Tot


We laughed till out tummies ached when Ewan ran up behind the tutu to mimic me after I had my picture taken! Although he was out of alignment, his actions were adorable.

As expected, there are pictorial legends next to each artwork guiding visitors on how each 3-dimensional picture should turn out. If you are an absolute left-brainer, you will probably need these to help you with your poses. Right-brainers may come up with the craziest pictures that shout ORIGINAL!

Here are some artworks we thought could have been done better.

This is an upside-down snake shot where we were supposed to be hanging from the ceiling beam. As much as we could act petrified, this picture is just unrealistic. How is it that my hair is not hanging down from the pull of gravity?

Also, do you notice the crease in the centre of the room? That is the line  that separates the wall from the floor. Well, you could justify the crease by saying this was a picture out of a storybook!

Poor giant baby. I am sorry but you do look scary and absolutely run-down. Look at his thighs. They are full of scratches from everyone’s touch. Thousands of people must have leaned and climbed on him to cause these marks.

There you have it again. The awkward crease that separates the wall from the floor. Do I blame it on the artist or the photographer?

There are placement “Stand Here” stickers on the floor to guide you where to shoot from. I must admit I wasn’t very diligent in standing on each designated spot. My priority was to capture my two year old before he ran away. I have only three seconds at max to do that.

He is a quick one.

So there we have it! We survived Trick Eye Museum with a toddler and a baby! 75 minutes was the total amount of time we spent in there and it was perfect. Of course if you were going without young children, you could spend more time with your family.

Are you ready to visit the Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa? Here, we have a giveaway for you!

For the giveaway, we are awarding one lucky winner with 3 complimentary tickets

Steps to win the giveaway:
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page
2) like Trick Eye Museum Singapore Facebook page
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“Which is the latest most family-friendly attraction in Singapore?”

4) winner will be chosen at random

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Giveaway contest ends on 1 September 2014, 3pm and the winner will be announced at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page.

Opening Hours
10am to 9pm
Peak Hours
1pm to 4pm

Ticket Price
Adult 13-59 years old S$25
Child 4- 12 years old S$20
Senior 60 and above S$20

Waterfront @ Resorts World
Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138

Situated at the far end towards Astons and Malaysian Food Street. Near to Sentosa walk-in entrance.

Contact Number
A stay at home mum, blogging to widen her social life. 
 We want to echo the sound of love through our lives to inspire other mothers alike.

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