LoveBug Weddings and The Gentlemen Movement

Before this mommy became mommy, she started a company called LoveBug Weddings with its main business on wedding car rental. Not just any car but vintage beetles – classic, timeless and retrolicious. We spend at least eight hours on the roads, driving our wedding couples to and fro their parents’ homes. The rides were always special and joyous as you hear the couples practicing their vows or laughing over the gate-crashing morning. Until…
AN IMPATIENT SOMEONE CUTS INTO YOUR LANE SHARPLY and makes you jam brake to avoid a collision!  
*hahah* and no, our drivers are not road-ragers. We do not slash vulgarities or frighten the lives out of our wedding couples. Silently in our hearts, we wished our fellow drivers could be more patient and less reckless. For the benefit of many who probably doesn’t already know, vintage beetles are  manual, has no power steering and fully armoured with metal. It may be small but it is a very heavy car. When you cut into us just because we were too slow for you, you might risk a collision because it doesn’t come to a stop in 3 seconds like your modern 21st century make! Ahhh… now you know.
Minus these edgy drivers on the road, there are a whole lot who are warm-hearted. We get thumbs-up signs, we get photographed and we get congratulatory horns follow by huge grins. We appreciate greatly the gestures of these Singaporeans who contribute to the joy of our wedding couples. 
So, I was thinking, “How nice if everyone were kind like that. Maybe they just needed to be reminded.”
A constant reminder would do great. Out of sight, out of mind. How about turning our cars into gentlemen (or ladies) and reminding our fellow drivers to cultivate and install road courtesy, patience and good driving habits in Singapore? The Gentlemen Movement is one newly set-up campaign that does just that.
Check this video out:

We know LoveBug Weddings have to be part of this campaign and how handsome our Ascot Grey will look with this bow-tie! For the rest of 2014, we would like to offer our wedding couples to take up this bow-tie front as a wedding corsage over the usual floral bouquets with teddies on them. Alternatively, you could also have both the bow-tie and your floral adorned on your wedding car! Let us show you how classic your ride could look!

We chose boy model Aidan to feature alongside our gentlemanly LoveBug ride. Why? It is because we believe that a gentleman is we all know the importance of teaching boys to be gentlemen. Our sons are the fathers and protectors of the future. Men play an important role in our society, of course, and they will as well, play an important role in teaching their own sons values one day that will forge and define a modern order.

Will you take this step and be socially responsible for the person (or family) driving alongside you? Buy a bow-tie today at

LoveBug Weddings pledge to be The Better Man. Are you with us?

For the giveaway, we are awarding FIVE lucky winners with 1 bow tie each

Steps to win the giveaway:
1) like Lovebug Facebook page
2) like The Gentlemen Movement Facebook page
3) comment on the blog post your choice of bow tie (checkered or polka dots) what would you do to be a better road user after pledging to The Gentlemen Movement? 

4) share the blogpost on your Facebook page
5) the best answers wins! 

Remember to set your post to be visible to public so that we can view your entry.

Giveaway contest ends on 27 September 2014, 3pm and the winners will be announced at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page.
A stay at home mum, blogging to widen her social life. 
 We want to echo the sound of love through our lives to inspire other mothers alike.

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