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EDIT 09.08.14: Congratulations Celyn Huang! You won yourself a Bird in Tree Lace Bodysuit! 

I have a little baby boy. When I am out shopping for his clothes, I always go, “awwww daddy look at that gorgeous dress! Maybe Ewan could do with a sister.” As always, my witty hubby will make a come-back that I have no rebuttal for, “Silly mommy. All you have to do is dress your pretty-looking son up and you’ll have your daughter.” Granted my son is a pretty boy but I see no incentive in cross-dressing him at all. 

So when Faye came along, I online shopped like nobody’s business. I shopped Australia, America and naturally, supporting Singapore online stores. I especially love those that bring in quality kids wear that can be hash-tagged with OOTD on Facebook and get 80 Likes to it. In short, chemical-free fashion statement apparels. 
When you shop at Little Suite, you will be guaranteed with organic cotton clothes that do not irritate tender skin or cause allergies. Buying organic cotton and using organic vegetable dyes are also a better choice for the environment. Unlike cotton, organic cotton clothing are produced without chemicals throughout the entire production process. If you buy organic cotton, you are choosing one of the safest and most natural clothing options available for your baby.

What you are about to feast your eyes on next are the Sapling Bird in Tree Lace Bodysuit and Pants. It was so easy to style and photograph Faye in them because they are so comfortable. She did not fuss a wee bit even when I lay her down on hard ground. Yikes to germs but my patio flooring makes an amazing background in photographs.
The pastel yellows, blues and pinks on the Bird in Tree range sweeten up any baby. I mode her up in  the Bird in Tree pants over a white romper. This calls for a casual day out to the Botanic Gardens for a stroll. There is an elastic band around the waistline with a drawstring in case your little bub needed an extra snug. The pants fit Faye perfectly making the drawstring rather redundant. I chose to remove it because I could not tie a knot in the front. It was way too short. From a fashion point of view, you could string a pink sateen sash through the waistband and add a twist to the whole look. Pretty!
For a dressier occasion, choose Bird in Tree Lace Bodysuit and match it with a lacy bottom or just a stocking under it. Little Faye looked like she’s ready to melt everyone’s heart at a wedding with her outfitter on the left and jive to the music on the right.
The lacy sleeves had me at hello! Most people cannot differentiate a baby boy to a girl because babies usually look gender-free. That’s when clothes and headbands play a part to distinguish them. I hear colours don’t play a part anymore. Tell me you’ve personally encountered this before and I will believe you! A passer-by, “Aww he is such a cutie!” when you’ve donned your daughter in pink from head to toe.
So don’t tell me your daughter will still get an “Aww he is such a cutie!” with these beautiful lace cupping her shoulders!
Want to just head to a playdate without looking too elaborate? Go simple.
If we haven’t done our job to entice you to to own a Sapling for your child, maybe the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, could! She has placed a big order for Prince George. Also, Sapling’s new range in October will include a collaboration with Jessica Alba. Keep supporting Sapling and you will see Jaime King’s collection in February 2015. You will be able to get your hands on them from Little Suite!
Ah… one more thing. They’ve got the sweetest packaging ever. Get it as a gift and this is what your friend might find at her doorstep:
Faye is 2.5 months old and wearing Sapling Bird in Tree in size 3-6 months. All photographs and styling are mommy’s own.
For the giveaway, we are awarding one lucky winner with a Bird in Tree Lace Bodysuit!

Steps to win the giveaway:
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3) like and share this blog post at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page with “Organic Cotton Rocks!”

4) winner will be chosen at random

Giveaway contest ends on 8 August 2014, 3pm and the winner will be announced on National Day at A Million Little Echoes Facebook page.
The kind folks at Little Suite has generated a discount code only for you! Take 10% off your purchases with:

Discount Code: mmlittlee
Valid from Now to 30 September 2014
*not applicable for the Playtime selection*

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