Just a Day at Home – With Two

It is the kids’ nap time and I am sitting here blogging instead of catching 40 winks myself. I am excited to pen this down because this shall be the first of many that I have Ewan and Faye home with me from morn till nigh. Key word is: First. Hey! It’s mommy’s milestone!
Ewan returned from Krabi yesterday with cough and flu. It isn’t very serious but we decided to keep him home even if it meant getting dog-tired by the end of the day from juggling playtime (Ewan’s) and nap time (Faye’s) concurrently. There are responsibilities parents have to shoulder to ensure other little ones are kept healthy in school. As much as we were worried about him passing his germs to his friends, we were also concerned about the menu in school. To get him back on track fast, we need him to steer clear of sweet and fried food.
I am thrilled to bring 30th July on!
Obviously, the day HAD to start with Young Living. I plugged the diffuser in wherever we went and misted away. All four oils were used to combat those nasty germs out of his system. I marinated his feet, chest and spine with them all. He loves his oils and like a little advisor, tells me which he wants applied. Oh! A tip to share! To apply two oils in one session, drip one oil on a foot and rub them against each other then rub in the second oil with your hands onto your child’s body. Smart ay? Thanks Veron. Picked your tip up in One Drop.
I was hoping Faye would nap well for the day but she didn’t quite made the mark. Granted she slept a lot but half the time, in my arms. Believe it or not, I exhausted half of our home activities with Ewan by 0930 hours. We could have done more but with Faye stirring in and out of sleep so often, it was kindaf difficult.

Outdoor play in our patio included automobiles line-up and a ride on each (until he got bored). Then we decided some marker fun on the easel! Soon, we realised that chopping our limbs could make cool tattoos. He wanted to paint but I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the aftermath. I am certain my patio will look like it had been through a colour explosion party for 20 kids if he had his hands on paint. Stifling my kid’s creativity huh but I really do not have the courage (yet).

Indoor play was made up of Lego, Reading, Recognising Alphabets, Puzzles, Match The Colours and Cleaning Up. I was really thankful that he cleaned up all his toys before we set off to the next activity. Can you imagine the amount of cleaning up at the end of the day with all that we’ve done? Oh dear… Daddy would come home horrified.

Lego – We received a Construction Lego set as a gift from his classmate in school. Thank you Kaius! Ewan enjoys the workers most. Putting them on wheels and sending them off to work.

Reading – There is a Book Nook in his room with a decent array of books. I was carrying Faye when this picture was taken. So I read while he flipped!

Recognising Alphabets – Our alphabet play mat has Capital letters on them. I took out the set of small letter alphabets and we dived into a fun learning session. Placing each plastic letter on the square that matches the same letter. It was fun but he stopped at D. I couldn’t engage him further because … again … Faye was in my arms!

Puzzles – We played a few and ended up with Uncle Nick and Aunty Shy’s Animal-Food game. He is an expert at it already. Matching Panda to Bamboo and Bear to Honey. Then, he decided that Rabbits shouldn’t just eat Carrots. Banana is yummy too and got the Squirrel to give Carrots a try. Carrots like Nuts are crunchy! *smiles* I learnt not to say NO too often. Who said our skies can’t be painted purple and grass can’t be blue?

Match the Colours – He loves to scribble. We spent some time matching coloured socks and ribbons on Ernie Colors book. Black to Black, Green to Green.

Ewan gave himself a Silver Star sticker at the end of the colour matching session for a job well done. I would have given two! Then again, I learnt we shouldn’t reward children for things they enjoy doing. The effects of over-praising, I learnt from child psychology, decrease their self-esteem, motivation and effort.

I was trying to put Faye down at every moment I could but he kept wanting me to carry his little sister and involving her in our plays. I explained to him that I will have to put Faye down in her crib so that I can play with him. All I got for a reply was, “No Mommy. Don’t put mei mei down.”

The greatest encouragement from Ewan was hearing him say, “I am very happy today!”.

Of course he was happy! We rounded the day off with water play! In the tub of course. I am not able to handle him in the swimming pool. Daddy took over when he returned from work and I couldn’t ask for a better day.

Love you both sweethearts! I hope you love daddy and mommy as much when you grow up too.

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