Singapore Zoo

We missed Ewan’s first excursion to Sentosa in May and I was not going to let slip the next one to the Singapore Zoo! To be honest, I mulled over it for a day before submitting the consent form with the word “Parent Accompanied”. I wouldn’t miss it for the world but I had Faye.
What If Faye wasn’t cooperative, What If Ewan was clingy, What If both kids were needy, What If it rained, What If they both fell asleep in the car, What If Faye cried all the way home?
Then, came the Should questions.
1. Ewan go on his own (but I want to be involved!)
2. daddy go with Ewan (but I really would like to go!)
3. we make it a family trip (but daddy can’t make it)
4. I leave Faye with Grandma (but that means I’d have to pump which I don’t)
5. I bring Faye along (but that’ll bring about a long list of uncertainties)
6. I take the bus with Ewan to the zoo (but where will I put Faye’s stroller)
7. someone go with us (but I want to assess my capability)
I decided to chuck aside all doubts and manage the situation when it arises. For all I know, it could turn out to be a beautiful day and we would bag away with lots of great fun! So, I brought Faye along to the field trip. Crossing fingers and all. 
Early Monday morning, we reminded Ewan that he was going the Zoo with his friends. He was very excited and kept yakking away about elephants and tigers. I was secretly proud of him when he related his day to the Jungle pop-up book. He pulled it out from his bookshelf and decided to prep himself by naming the animals. I had a good laugh and no I didn’t miss this shot.
I knew he was going to have a blast of a morning because he loves bus rides. Ok. LOVE is an understatement. He goes Loony over bus rides! To top it all, he would be riding with his friends. I must admit I felt emotional that my 25 month old is out on a bus trip without his parents. I wished I could witness that joy lighting up on his face but I needed to drive Faye to the Zoo instead. The bub and I sat at home waiting for the message to come in. The message from a fellow mommy that will say “they are leaving school now”.

I jumped off the couch and we hit the road. I was a very pleasant drive because Faye did not wake from her morning slumber. It would have sapped up quite a bit of my energy if she was wailing away in the car. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Eco Link I never knew existed. The animal crossing badges are a delight to look at. As we were nearing the Zoo, I had butterflies in my tummy. I was both excited and nervous to meet Ewan there. What will his reaction be! I imagined squeals and a big tight hug. Jaime and Kitty, don’t laugh at my fantasy now. You girls saw how my son reacted to my sudden show up *hahaha* not exactly what I expected.

When we arrived at the Zoo, I panicked! The kids were already walking two-by-twos into the Zoo. Was I late to catch my son from the bus bay? I craned my neck, looking for the littlest kids and they were nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, they were in the last bus. I managed to capture his reaction on tape at the bus bay. First he looked uncertain. Then he smiled and softly greeted me. I asked if he was surprised to see me and he walked on by with “Goodbye Mommy”. The adults burst out laughing at my state of shock! I went, “‘Huh!!!??? Goodbye Mommy??” Oh Gosh! Wait for me Ewan!

The school opened an invitation to parents of the Playgroup and Nursery One children to join in the field trip. I went not because I was afraid Ewan might cry but because I wanted so much to be involved. I envy his teachers who get first-hand experiences to his development and if I could, I would probably sign myself up as a parent volunteer *hahah* but really, I think I might just apply to teach at his school. I believe most parents would jump at every opportunity to spend quality time with their children at excursions or school parties. Almost every kid had their mom or dad with them. It was a dear sight.

It was a cloudless sky. Hot but lots of curious tots out on an adventure. When I updated daddy Meyer with pictures, he felt a tinge of regret – “Wished I was there to share his joy”.

We saw the white tiger, a pair of lioness, giraffe, rhinoceros, polar bear and zebras. It was only a morning trip so naturally we could not cover the whole park. The school took the opportunity to enhance their zoo outing with animal-shaped biscuits and a pocket guide. A slab of star stickers were included in the bag to encourage the children to stick a star to the animals they’ve seen. The biscuits were a sweet surprise. I enjoyed it as much as Ewan. They are now my arvo snack treat for the week!

We took a pit stop outside Ah Meng restaurant for diaper change, drink and snack. Faye had been an exceptional baby, sleeping through the heat and commotion. I was extremely thankful she woke up only at break time to take a lovely threesome shot with Ewan and I.

It was a delightful day and I was glad I did not exhaust myself out. With the right mindset, an outing like this could be enjoyable and not the least daunting.

Ewan is such a happy and sensible boy. He walked the whole park with an occasional carry to see the animals. He listened to every instruction given to him and held on to the hand of an adult at all times. Surprisingly or not, he did not fuss a single bit for my attention. The only time he ran wild like a zebra was over lunch. He spelt trouble to the staff and patrons at KFC but he also displayed happiness at the highest level. He was overjoyed.

Ewan knocked out in the car and continued sleeping at home. So did Faye. However, their nap was short-lived. They both woke up at the same time – at 1430 hours. Although a nap for mommy would have been much appreciated, I was just grateful they gave me enough time to shower. I cannot believe I lasted the whole day before hitting my pillow at 2300 hours. Seems like a mom’s energy heightens with increased responsibilities. I am glad I did not break down from overtiredness. Bring on the life of a SAHM to 2 kids! I love being empowered as a mom!

The daddy that drove to the Zoo to rescue me from a cashless  cash card. He then decided that he would drive Ewan home while I drove Faye, to save me from my dilemma of carrying a sleeping Faye or sleeping Ewan home first. Big Hugs and Thank You for letting me do this crazy trip with them. I feel So Mommy!

I must also credit the parents and teachers who were on site to give me a helping hand whenever needed. Looking out for each other and making sure no one gets left behind made it more enjoyable.

Special Shout Out to Ying Ren! It was really nice to see you at the Zoo with little John! We do have some kind of affinity don’t we? Looking forward to be classmates with John next year.

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