EDIT 15.07.14: Congratulations Carol Lim! You won yourself a Girls Hand Smocked Elephant Bishop Party Dress! 

When I saw the collection at RoryBird, I fell in love with its simplicity. Mothers are now dressing their children like little adults and I am guilty of it. I would dress my little man in a spiffy business-cut shirt tucked out of a contrasting bright-coloured skinny jeans, topped with a fedora hat. Not that this is a crime or something people will frown upon but I must say, “sometimes, we should just let kids dress like kids”.

Simple is Not Boring. It is Timeless. These hand-embroidered and appliqué children’s clothing that RoryBird designed, give me a nostalgic warmth about what classic elegance is – in kid’s style. With kind compliments from Shelby and Amber, Founders of RoryBird, Ewan and Faye got to frolic in the sand in fuss-free fashion. 
I appreciate most the services that RoryBird provide their shoppers. It gives you a sense of confidence in making purchases whether it is for yourself or as a gift.

1) Each parcel is Always Gift-Wrapped, finished up with a pretty ribbon. 
2) There is no minimum cap to your purchases for you to entitle to Free Shipping.
3) You can Return for Free within 30 days of purchase. To be fair, your returned item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it in.

4) Any item in their store can be Monogrammed. Who wouldn’t be grateful for a little personalisation on their baby’s first RoryBird(Contact RoryBird for more information)

We brought the children to the beach to give the Smocked Elephant apparels a test-drive. It was 11:30am when we photographed them in their respective RoryBirds. Granted the weather was at its best with Mr Sun hiding behind the clouds but it was obvious that they were very comfortable playing and napping in the clothes.

2 year old Ewan was wearing the Smocked Elephant Romper Shortalls in Size 2T.
6 wks old Faye was wearing the Baby Smocked Elephant Bubble Romper in Size 3m.

Their clothes are fuss-free and breathable, providing lots of room to play in. Best of all, I didn’t need to iron them after washing! That is what every mom would be thankful for – crease free clothes that give us credit for taking time out to iron (when we did absolutely nothing at all).

On Faye: It being a bubble romper gave her lots of breathable space under it unlike the body-hugging ones. I love how the elephants parade and thankfully it is blue! See? Girls can look really sweet outside the usual pinks. The prettiest parts to the whole romper are the sleeves. I adore that traditional english charm to the frills. It turns any boyish looking baby into a girl even without a headband! Although Faye’s bubble romper looked like it was suffocating her neck (now what neck are we talking about? She’s so chubby!), it didn’t. Believe me, if she was uncomfortable, she wouldn’t hesitate to make a stand. Yet, our little bud slept through our time at the beach and rounded the afternoon up with a beautiful smile.

On Ewan: The smocked shortalls can be worn on its own or paired with a white shirt for a dressier occasion. It was an obvious choice to head down to the beach as it is. Shortalls are short overalls. I’ve never quite fitted Ewan into an overall (long pants) because the weather in Singapore is way too humid. Shortalls are perfect for our weather because they are sleeveless and have a shoulder to waist armhole. It doesn’t have a waistline so it wears very comfortably without any elastic bands. What I like best about this piece? It is so universal that Faye can fit into it nicely when she turns 2 and would look just as great!

For the giveaway, we are awarding the most unique answer with one RoryBird apparel of your choice. 

Steps to win the giveaway:
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page
2) like RoryBird Facebook page
3) comment on this post your choice of apparel
4) complete this sentence: RoryBird Charms Me Because … 
4) include your Facebook name and your email address in the comment
5) most innovative answer wins

**All contestants will be treated with updates on discounts and new arrivals from RoryBird after the giveaway**
Giveaway contest ends on 15 July 2014, 3pm and the winner will be announced on A Million Little Echoes Facebook page.

Shop now at RoryBird with the discount code below to enjoy 10% off their apparels.

Discount Code: rorybird10
Valid from Now to 15 August 2014

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9 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: RoryBird

  1. Boys Smocked Elephant Romper Shortalls
    RoryBird Charms Me Because it bring old school charm in kids clothings just like how Prince George is styled and I never knew boys can wear smocking! To me smocking are for girls and heirloom pieces to pass down from generation to generation. Hope to win for my 1 yr old who is 1 month older than Prince George!
    Jaime Chan


  2. Rorybird charms me because it harks back to a golden vintage era of children's clothes being traditionally handmade with love and yarns woven with care, with ageless classic designs that whisper whimsicality and innocence, updated with a fun Asian aesthetic. Rorybird's clothes remind me of the smocked dresses with applique that my mum sewed for me when I was a little girl! I don't have my mum's tailoring skills unfortunately and thus hope to win the Girls Hand Smocked Elephant Bishop Party Dress, to pass down to the younger generations.

    FB Name: Carol Lim Mei Mei


  3. Rorybird charms me because I love dressing my girls up in colourful and light, breathable fabrics! This makes it easy for them to move around in and for us to spot them in crowded places. Would love to win the Girls Pink Pillowcase Party Dress as it can still be worn as a top once it gets too short as a dress! Absolutely adore clothes that are versatile and mileage!

    Facebook name: Sylvia Lim


  4. RoryBird Charms Me Because of its unique & stylish design (hand-embroidery) which will make my little one a cutie. and the comfort charms me as well because baby is happy, mummy is happy. and definitely it will charms those around her as well *wink* 🙂

    Choice of apparel: Girls Hand Smocked Elephant Bishop Party Dress

    FB Name: JingRong Loh


  5. Boys Smocked Elephant Romper Shortalls

    RoryBird Charms Me Because of its traditional classic design especially the hand-embroidery and reminded me of my grandma's excellent sewing skills as I have a few pieces of clothings are hand sewn by her and I still keep it (too bad I do not have daughter, if not I will definitely let my daughter to wear it).

    FB name: Steffi SH


  6. Girls Baby Smocked Elephant Bubble Romper

    RoryBird Charms Me Because…. Who doesn't enjoy receiving gift wrapped parcels? On a more serious note, RoryBird's timeless designs and easy to maintain material appeal to mums of young kids. RoryBird charms me not only with their products but also with their return policy. Understanding the need for fuss free returns make shopping on RoryBird an ease because being an online store, parents can't touch/feel what they are buying and also there will be times when we over/underestimate the sizing that we need the option to be available to us for returns/exchanges.

    FB Name: Natasha Xu


  7. Boys Smocked Elephant Romper Shortalls
    RoryBird Charms Me Because it seems like classic clothing that you just can't find anywhere.

    FB name: Alissa Spiehs-Apel
    Email: alissa4illustration AT hotmail DOT COM


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