Best Family Blog Finalist: Singapore Blog Awards 2014

This is totally unreal! When a friend congratulated me for topping the charts, I was in disbelief. I had been so busy with my brood that I missed the announcement on 4 July 2014. But honestly. never in my wildest dreams I would have thought the judges of Singapore Blog Awards 2014 would have chosen mmlittlee as one of 10 finalist of Best Family Blog {Editors’/Judges’ Choice}! My contenders are the big names in the mom blogging scene while I’m just a “Start-Up”. What a huge encouragement *smiles*
I had been blogging as an individual for a decade but only started writing as a mom on 2013’s Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Ewan and Faye for giving me my new-found title as MOM and in turn for mmlittlee‘s existence. Motherhood brought about many joys and pains. Documenting our new life as a family allows me to share precious lessons with my children when they are older. I print my blog entries on a yearly basis into a book and I cannot wait to sit and read each story together with the little Yangs.

The Singapore Blog Awards is organised by (, Singapore Press Holdings’ leading bilingual news and entertainment portal. This is its seventh year, celebrating the best of Singapore’s blogging scene. Voting from the public has started and will end on 31 July 2014 3pm.

How to Vote:
– Go To: Singapore Blog Awards
– Look for A Million Little Echoes in the Best Family Blog category
– Cast your vote

You can cast one vote per day per category. So if you are an ardent fan of ours, you can keep this page on your browser and click Vote on a daily basis to support us!

The humble me will say, “Being judged and placed on top 10 is trophy enough for me! I couldn’t ask for more. This is such an amazing recognition for my work!

The egoistic me will go, “OOOO MMMMM GEEEE! You People Please Help VOTE VOTE VOTE! I Want To Win!!!! Just put the page permanently in your browser and go clicking once a day for A Million Little Echoes!

The realistic me knows, “Cannot win la. The mommies in the category are all so power! They’ve got a large pool of followers and they are sharing their blogs everywhere on social media.

In the meantime, I want to thank all my fans at mmlittlee. You kept your encouragements going when times were bad. You never hold back your Hoorays whenever we have something happy to share. Thanking also to various individuals who missed my writing (when I took a long hiatus from the blogging scene) and kept nudging me to set up a family blog. We look forward to bring you more inspirational articles and great deals for mommies who always welcome a giveaway or discount!

By the way, we have a life outside Facebook as well. My son wants to do a shout-out! Follow us in instagram @mmlittlee.

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A stay at home mum, blogging to widen her social life. We want to echo the sound of love through our lives to inspire other mothers alike.

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