Happiness is… FAYE

It is so hard to link Happiness to June. The month reminded me of confinement, HFMD, flu, fever and a silly lawsuit. We always see that one bad brick when there’s 99 good ones on the wall. A Happy Mum‘s “Happiness Is” linky party got me thinking about the reasons that made me happy in the month of June. Unsurprisingly, I managed to write a blog post chockfull of happiness! 
I love my loving domesticated husband and loquacious toddler. They are every part of what Happiness is. However, I would like to dedicate June to Faye. I literally spent every waking (sometimes sleeping) hour in June with Faye. Anywhere that has mommy, there’s Faye. 
Happiness is… Faye did not contract HFMD from daddy and mommy! We were in our 40-day long confinement and exclusive breastfeeding was my goal no matter how ill I was. We survived! I was so thankful all my precautionary measures of constant sanitisation, hand gloves and face masks kept her clear from HFMD. 
Happiness is… finally materialising Faye’s newborn photo shoot. We had to postpone the shoot on a weekly basis until we both got well from a long series of illnesses. With every reschedule, I kept my hopes high on recovery. Alas! We finally got our act together on her sixth week. It didn’t matter to me anymore that we couldn’t capture her umbilical stump. As long as we did something to photograph her newborn state, I’m happy! I loved the bond and time we shared at the photo shoot.

Happiness is… having all our guests re-plan their Saturdays to celebrate Faye’s first month party. It was initially set on Father’s Day but had to be postponed a week later due to recovering HFMD. Friends and family had been very supportive. Everyone okay-ed to the new date! Mommy loves parties and I had a great time socialising. It was almost like I had done time in prison and was finally out for a celebratory start to a new life.

Happiness is… Faye has doubled her birth weight and chinless now! She was a toy weighing 2.1kg at birth. Now, we are even thinking of travelling with her. Look at your passport photo! *lol* love how cabbage-patched you look here.

Happiness is… being a SAHM. We are tired to the bone. Me-time is unfamiliar. We are dismissed as Sit-At-Home-Mums who are ignorant to the realities of life. We are wronged. No matter what others label SAHMs to be, I am so thankful I was made one. Simple things like getting a burp out of Faye, putting her to sleep or even hearing her hearty cries, fulfils me. Even if I have to forgo sleep to document what happiness is for me in June, I’ll do it. Because Faye (and Ewan) will grow up and read this, “I love you both to bits”.

I am linking up with A Happy Mum‘s “Happiness is” linky party!

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