Have you heard of Babyatt? Their collections are made with imagination, allowing bonding time as stories are created. Pick a Poker Squirrel Bodysuit and bring your little one to the woods for a picnic with feathered friends or wear a Bandit Bodysuit and play Police and Thief. Let your creative juices run wild as a parent and your child will relish in your fantasies. I am a crusader for creative play though exhaustion can sometimes rip imagination off me. So while I still have it, let us not lose it!
I fondly remember designing our first-born’s nursery in 2012. We deliberated upon several themes – nautical, animals, sport and automobiles. Then, we decided to go for the sky where the planes and hot-air balloons fly. Stories began weaving as we picked each item out for his nursery from drapes to beddings. Eventually when the nursery was ready, we welcomed it with an opening ceremony. It was really fun and we enjoyed envisioning what our little future might be like. 

When I was browsing through Babyatt‘s collection, I knew I had to pick the Fly Me To The Moon shirt for Ewan. Even after we converted his nursery into a toddler’s room, we kept to the theme (mainly just to avoid spending more money) but introduced primary colours to give the room more depth. Red, Blue and Yellow. Children like these bold colours and it offers a practical colour palette from which to choose when it comes to bedsheets.

Fly Me To The Moon shirt features 3 hand-sewn balloons in flight. The ribbons that are tied to the balloons are not all sewn down into the shirt. In fact, they were purposefully kept loose to create a 3-dimensional effect to the apparel. It definitely brings out creative fun to the shirt! As quoted by Babyatt, “just tug at the hand-sewn ribbons to come back to Earth“! I am totally in love with the way the shirt buttons up as well. It is not your regular top to bottom, straight line closure. It curves a little at the end, giving it a handsome look. It is whimsical and definitely imaginative.

We brought back a bunch of balloons and filled his afternoon with lots of laughter. Recall the Pixar comedy-adventure “Up”? I was trying to create a scene of the home being lifted by a whole lot of helium balloons. Here, we have Ewan tip-toeing off the ground for an adventurous flight. Would you like to join us on a crusade?

We zipped off to Holland.

Holland Village!

Ewan is 2 year old standing at 83cm tall. He is wearing a 24 month old Fly Me To The Moon shirt. It fits him loosely and I reckon he could carry it off for another year. If you have a daughter, do consider Babyatt’s girls’ version of Fly Me To The Moon! I would buy a wardrobe full of Babyatt!

Shop now at Babyatt during the Great Singapore Sale. They are doing 30% off all apparels. A Million Little Echoes readers are privileged with an additional 15% on top of the sale price so don’t wait no more! Get your shopping done now!

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