I love parties! I especially love those milestone-d ones. It is the seventeenth of June, twenty fourteen – the day Faye turns a month old and daddy-in-law like fine wine, gets better with age. Now what is a birthday without a charming cake? 
Daniel Tay’s Cat and the Fiddle was conceived early this year and what is their winning stance if you asked me? Their Creativity! Every detail down to the twine was well-thought through. O yes! I appreciated that raw brown string of twine that secured the greeting tag to the cake. However, if you do not like cheese, then you have to give Cat and the Fiddle a miss. They have a selection of 12 cakes in their online store and are all cheese based.
For this very special occasion, I’ve ordered King Cat of the Mountain! I wanted a pretty-looking cake but the one that won my heart is not available on Tuesdays – The Fickle Feline. They have 50 Fickle Felines up for bites every Wednesday. So if you happen to have a mid-week party, catch one for the celebration! Now back to my creamy Mao Shan Durian cake, the size more than adequate for our family of 6 adults and a handful of little tots. The soft fluffy cake layered with Durian and Cheese is enveloped by biscuit crumbs, which I thought was really exciting. Whoever envisioned cheese with durian must be quite a daredevil. Both ingredients are very rich and not many are able to accept either of each. Yet they are paired into a till-death-do-us-part partnership *hahah* I enjoyed the marriage.
First impression: The Packaging. It is in fact the best cake box I’ve ever seen! Seriously, nobody would have put so much effort into designing just a package and they caught my heart with it. Cat and the Fiddle did it right. First impression counts and they got me intrigued. I felt fun, young and very much ready for a fiesta when they delivered the cake to my doorstep. Note: King Cat of the Mountain comes in a normal brown box cling-wrapped to engulf whatever pungent smell there is from the durian.

Second impression: Add Ons. They have an amazing selection of add-ons to the cake you are purchasing! You do not only buy a cake, you buy a personalised one.

Greeting Tag $1.61 ranges from Happy Birthday to Welcoming a New Baby. The quality of the tag is top grade. Thick cardboard, not flimsy and looking very stylish. “They make lovely bookmarks too”, quoted from Cat and the Fiddle.

Candles $1.61 for 6. I love them to bits! I love it that the colour of the flame matches the colour of the candle! What a fun way to celebrate any occasion. I’m not sure if the kids noticed it but it definitely got me squealing like a child (in the inside).

Cutlery $2.68 comes in a set of 4 plates, 4 forks and 1 knife. Ideal for a picnic party!

DIY $2.68 for a message  stand with pen. Throw that gordy goldish “Happy Birthday” that sit in every cake we buy from Bengawan Solo and replace it with new-age message stands. I love it that they allow their customers to be part of the cake as well. Other than the message stand, there are also options for stencils and dusts. You can form patterns on top of the cake with white icing sugar or brown chocolate powder – see picture.

Last Impression: Home Delivery. They deliver to your doorstep at a fee of S$9.65 which I find it absolutely affordable since it saves you a whole lot of time. Just sit in the comfort of your home and Wa-La! Your cake has arrived! Cat and the Fiddle had my cakes delivered twice at my doorstep and they were both twice as nice an experience.  The first cake delivery was a gift and I heard that they sent a text to the sender to inform her that the cake had been well-received. I love that after-sale service.


The daddy-in-law is a proud grandfather of 5. YOLO – You Only Live Once! Happy Birthday Grandpa and Faye!

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