Football Fever at The Knolls

The 21st century pop bathes his children, changes diapers, chauffeurs his children around, gets out of bed in the middle of the night, does just fine when parenting solo, puts family first and leaves the domestic helper to handle everything but his children. 
My 21st century husband is a full-time working man who comes home and role-change into a father. He doesn’t get a break; not even while he is sleeping. It is an unspoken agreement that he will take care of Ewan while I oversee Faye’s needs. Faye wakes only once a night but Ewan? Thrice. He is still not napping well in school and we all know that constitutes to bad nights. So there, Meyer’s been deprived of restful sleep in the night.  
My husband’s spirits lifted the moment I told him we had the privilege of celebrating Father’s Day with a soccer-themed Sunday Brunch at The Knolls. Besides the special seasonal highlights like a Longe de Thon Yellow Tuna from the Maldives, stuffed Quail with Chorizo served with seasonal vegetables and a delectable roasted milk-fed veal rack (mmmm yum), there will also be a screening of the World Cup opening matches! What a treat for this soccer-cum-food-loving dad. Our 2013 New Year’s Sunday Brunch experience at Capella was still lingering at the tip of our tongues – the endless flow of bubbly champagne, that unforgettable flavourful suckling piglet, the fleshy Chilean sea bass and a whole lot of delectable delights that got us binging for three full hours. He was excited to return with a vengeance but on one condition.
The Condition To Enjoy Father’s Day Without Any Fatherly Chores.
Because he had done such a great job daddy-ing Ewan the past nine months, our little boy wants no one but daddy. His favourite chant on any given day is, “daddy 抱抱!” aka “daddy carry me please?”.
Daddy 抱抱! When he is cranky
Daddy 抱抱! When he is happy 
Daddy 抱抱! When Meyer is going out
Daddy 抱抱! When Meyer is heading into the shower
Daddy 抱抱! When mummy says, “Mummy 抱抱!”
Don’t get this daddy wrong now. He loves his son to the moon and back. But, he is requesting for a time he could call his own. A three-hour break to enjoy something simple like a meal (not like Sunday Brunches at The Knolls were ever simple). To be honest, I thought it unnatural to be celebrating Father’s Day without your children for they are the ones that gave you this entitlement. On hindsight, what’s Father’s Day about? It is to recognise the contribution that fathers make to the lives of their children and to pamper them for their involvement. I would gladly take over the caring of Ewan and Faye single-handedly over brunch but we all know, a tired Ewan will end up in tears and wants no one but for Daddy to 抱抱. So, to free Daddy from all parenting duties for a couple of hours, Ewan will be not be around for this Father’s Day Brunch.

(Faye tagged along because I couldn’t leave her with the confinement nanny alone and she was appointed to be daddy’s Holland-supporting side-kick! Besides, I’ll be mothering Faye.)
When we party, we party seriously. Check out Meyer and Faye’s outfits in honour of Capella’s soccer-themed brunch! It seems like there is a whole bunch of Oranje supporters at Sunday Brunch today. It was almost as if we were in Hollandse Club. 

We were looking forward to this date of ours. It felt like ages since we last dated and this was an absolute treat! I am 30 days into my confinement and HFMD-FREE, which meant I am officially free to go anywhere I wanted really. Devouring a delicious meal is the perfect way to kick-start a new lease of life! With my dependable camera in hand, I did one detailed stroll from start to end. I photographed the essence of The Knolls including their Executive Chef David Senia who twirled me into his arms for a duo shot. He was unreservedly fun-loving and very hospitable, which made patrons felt all at ease around him.

Look at how spoilt we were today! Not only did the culinary team delivered an array of rich and luscious food, they married great taste with aesthetics so colourful I felt like they were pieces of edible art! The vibrancy of colours were like eye candies and kept beckoning you to come back for a second serving. The team took the effort to create a tray of rice ball canapé which bore a resemblance to footballs! It was a simple dish but it blew me away with its creativity.

Meyer and his dad took part in the Father-and-Child Foosball competition. Oh and I was pretty sure they were light-headed from too much alcohol too because each Father-and-Son team took turns giving up points by scoring own goals. It was really nice to see grown men enjoying a short casual game in between brunching. It was like, “Hey! Half-time! Let’s play a game!”

The dessert table was out of this world crazy! There were so many choices nobody knew where to start. It probably was a little over the top and I was worried about wastages but it definitely did its job in catering to the palettes of different patrons! The sweets, the sourish and the au natural – all found on one extensive dessert table. Their highlights include Raspberry Manjari chocolate and a creamy chocolate mousse with a whisky truffle center. Now tell me, what’s the name of the pastry chef in Capella? We have to exchange a handshake some day. It isn’t everyday that you get a good pastry team to pull this off.

Happy Father’s Day to the Yang Daddies! It was a great delight to have everyone in the family make it for brunch today. Every son learns to be a father from their fathers. Without a role model to start with, they would have been lost being fathers themselves. They learn from their growing up experiences – the importance of standing up when a child falls, the joy of sleeping late on special nights and the silent cries when a child is disciplined. It is a circle of life.

Sunday Brunch buffet is available every Sunday 
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm 

$168++ per Adult with free flow of Champagnes and Wines 
$148++ per Adult with free flow of Wines only (no champagnes) 
$128++ per Adult for food only (no alcohol) 
$78++ per Child ( 7-12 yrs old) 
$48++ per Child (4-6 yrs old) 

The Knolls Capella Singapore 
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island 
Singapore 098297 
Tel: 6591 5046 

Opening Hours: Sunday Brunch: 12.30pm – 2.30pm

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