REVIEW: Spring Maternity

If you had been following mmlittlee closely, you would have known that I was hospitalised for risk of pre-term labour at gestational age of 32 weeks. From a regular gynae check to an immediate admission to the hospital, left us no time to pack any hospital delivery bag. Not to mention, none of the baby necessities were washed nor sorted because we were 2 months early. The hubs had to pack my hospital bag and I knew it could turn out disastrous. Hah! It was! 
He was very thoughtful. He packed 2 going home rompers for Faye in case either one was too big but a quick check on the tag showed that they were for a 6 month old baby. Her booties were mismatched and her swaddle was smelling musty. There were no paper panties, sanitary pads, nursing gown and nipple cream for me. He tried his best but packing was out of his league. 
Thankfully I had Spring Maternity! They sprung to my rescue with a delivery bag hand-delivered to me in the hospital. As a Spring mum blogger, I have the pleasure and privilege to review new product launches. I was more than thankful for their initiative to put together a hospital bag bursting with their products specially for me! Typically, they would give mum-to-bes a hospital bag checklist and prepare the bag when they submit the completed checklist, or let them fix an appointment with their retail associates who will take them through the checklist. However, because I was not able to get home leave, they provided me with items they believed were essential for post-partum mums. They did it right without a doubt.

There were bodysuits, kimonos, booties and a receiving blanket for Faye. I had a lot more (because I needed more)! This mummy had 2 maternity bras, disposable cotton panties, binder, nipple cream, nursing pads, nursing nightgown, going home nursing dress and a nursing cape.

The first item I had my hands on for a review was the Oppo Maternity Binder. It is made of light, breathable elastic. I had my try on other commercial binders in the past but this binder gave me the best support. Now don’t go comparing it to the traditional kind of binding which mummify our tummies. As I have a petite frame, getting the right binder that fits was a tall order. They either sit too low over my c-sect cut or too high forcing my breasts up like a push up bra. With Oppo, it fits nicely. In my first pregnancy, I learnt that I have very sensitive skin. A simple binder can cause heat rash around my tummy and the itch that tortured me left me black nasty marks for a year. I made sure I did not make the same mistake again and had this Oppo maternity binder worn over my  hospital nursing gown instead. Hey! Looks pretty good huh! I can set trends with binders too! 

Nursing Intimates are a pregnant and post-partum woman’s best friend. We need one that is comfortable, wireless yet shapes and supports. Thing is, all nursing bras claim that they possess these qualities. So, the best way to test it out is to wear them for a day! I had a black microfiber and a peach bamboo bra in the stash. I was so excited to find out that they open up to the breast as a whole instead of just the nipples. Comfort level? Top-notch. They are wireless, they support and they are fashionable. We can wear them like a regular bra with interchangeable looks too – crossback or regular. I owned 2 John Little nursing bras previously which found themselves in the bin after 2 wears. The clip-on cups open up only to a small opening to the nipples which frustrates the baby from a bad latch. When you are out in the heat, fumbling to get a good latch for your baby under a nursing cape, all you want is a hassle-free session.

I have never used Lacy Lucy Nursing Pads before and I must say I had missed out a great deal. They are so pretty, with scalloped tops, they pumped up mum-to-bes confidence on the sexy scale! Nobody would have known I was wearing only nursing pads under my shirt if I gave in a little peak-a-boo from the top. Before I was introduced to the maternity bras that Spring had thrown in, I preferred going braless while breastfeeding. I had been searching for a nursing pad that sticks securely to my tubes and singlets but to no avail. Most brands have only one adhesive tape on each pad and they drop off after 10 seconds. Besides its ability to stick, I need one that disappears behind my top and not seen like I was wearing a bunched-up set of cheap cotton pads. Lacy Lucy did it for me! Check it out! It’s  seamless under my tube!

Baby by Spring is a range of natural Bamboo Cotton apparels designed with the comfort of a baby in mind. It is eco-friendly, silky soft, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic! We have never owned anything Bamboo with our first born so this is a very fresh experience for Faye and I. They were so soft to touch and I like it that the clothes always felt cool. It has the ability to regulate body temperature and has excellent moisture-wicking quality.

I have always loved the kimono design for babies. Many babies get irritated when clothings are pulled over their heads. Using a wrap style garment also makes diaper changing a lot easier without having to fasten or unfasten any buttons. Especially for tiny 2.1kg Faye, handling her is not always easy and a kimono top proves that it is a simple process getting her changed. It was fun to see her enjoying herself, stretching and lifting her legs, in the comfort of Baby By Spring.

Baby by Spring: kimono and booties
Faye’s Own: headband and pants

The picnic series of Baby by Spring are so sweet! The little girl was dressed in picnic bodysuit with 2 different matching booties and a reversible receiving blanket for this homemade shoot. Baby by Spring products come with a little bird logo which shouts Pretty! Some just have a tag of a bird printed on it while others have a 3D sponged bird hanging out from the side like an accessory. I never really liked pink but Faye seems to pull the colour off very well. In fact, it brightens her up and makes her eyes sparkle. The body suit is light and spacious, giving our baby lots of freedom to move around. I like it that the receiving blanket is cooling and heavy to give her that extra security with the weight that is wrapped around her.

Baby by Spring: bodysuit, receiving blanket and booties
Faye’s Own: headband and stockings

Nursing Wears – I never had them with my first-born because I could not find any fashionable ones that looked good on me. All I bought were nursing capes which eventually gave way to baby blankets as covers when I breastfed in public. When I saw the three nursing gowns Spring had chosen for me, I was disappointed and certain they would look awful. Still, I put them on and tried breastfeeding Faye with it. It was such a breeze and amazingly, they made me look good.

Here, I have on me is the the Lulu Panel Dress in Royal. It fitted me well and made me look modish. Style it up with a nice pair of earrings and a head-turner baby wrapped in Baby by Spring, I think I’ve made some mummies pretty jealous. As you can see, it has convenient nursing access made for nursing 7 days a week. The inner lining extends from empire “opening: to neckline so as to minimise accidental exposures.

This is the Hazel Nursing Dress in Rose. It is perfect for that in-the-bed night feed and presentable enough to meet visitors when they come for a surprise visit in the day. The opening in the front for this nightgown is different. The neckline is designed to be conveniently pulled downwards to nurse while an inner camisole lining functions as a modesty cover.

This is my favourite of the lot! The Vanni 2-Way Nursing Cape is made of bamboo fibre and part of the GREEN movement by Spring to bring us fashion using eco friendly fabrics with the right values and at the right prices. It is a nursing cape. It is a cardigan. It is a fashion statement! I love it that it has magnets on both sides of the shoulders and bottom front of the cape. Keep the cape open and you have yourself a cardigan. Snap it up left to right and you have yourself a nursing cape. How smart! Confused? Take a look at this pictorial exemplification. You snap 1 to 3 and 2 to 4 to transform it into a nursing cape. Simple yet smart.

To be honest, I am very pleased with every item that was packed into this delivery bag. Spring Maternity had informed me that my reviews need not be a positive one should I find anything negative to share. They would appreciate an unbiased review of their products rather than a skewed one just because this is a sponsored post. That is one company with great work ethics! They say, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. It is true for the apparels Spring is carrying. They look absolutely ordinary but when you put them on, they bring you to a different level of comfort and style you’d never thought they could.

All mentioned items are available in Spring Maternity stores and online at Shop away this GSS!

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