GIVEAWAY: LolliBox LolliBox Oh Lolli-Lolli-Lolli

Singing to the tune of the 1958 pop song “Lollipop” as LolliBox arrived at our doorstep! Now improvise it with the BOX over the POP!

LolliBox LolliBox
Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli 
LolliBox LolliBox 
Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli 
LolliBox LolliBox
Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli 
LolliBox *BOX*(2x)

Sweeter than candy on a stick 

Huckleberry, cherry, or lime 
If you have a choice it’d be your pick 
But LolliBox is mine…

Unfortunately, it did not come for mummy. LolliBox turns 2 this month and so does Ewan! This is LolliBox Birthday Surprise for my boy. What a gift! As we eagerly opened the box, we were delighted to find LolliBox latest theme within! Vroom Vroom! Ewan could not wait to get down to creating and discovering his box especially when it came with many wheels while I could not wait to award him with the Vroom Vroom badge after his completion. 

LolliBoxes are recommended for children aged 3 to 7. For eager parents like myself, more parental guidance are required to guide our 2 year olds along with the activities. Instruction manuals included are really meant for moms and dads in this case.  

What is in the Box?

There are 4 components to every LolliBox to engage our little crafters and inspire creativity in their projects. We managed our little activity in this manner:

I. CREATE: Look Who’s Driving
Ewan loves painting and getting himself all messed up with bursts of colours. So, we decided to start off with the painting part of the project – making a magnetic photo frame. Looking at him dipping the paintbrush in Red, Yellow, Blue and Black, we couldn’t help but pick up another paintbrush and started coating the car with colours too! It was fun for us adults too.

Observing cars on the road and riding in them can be an exciting experience for children. This project, they have kids create their own stylish car frame and decorate it the way they like, and let them decide who’s the driver and passenger. Kids can also proudly display it on the fridge thereafter.

Quality-wise, the paintbrush is pretty basic with stiff hairbrush It is still usable but if your little one is impatient, you can opt to use your own brushes. The magnetic strip is also provided with a double-sided table on its back to stick it onto you completed frame. However, you might want to tag it tighter by using a super glue. Paint-wise, great bright colours! Ewan mixed Red and Yellow to give his car a tinge of Orange to it. As typical parents are, we told him to paint his wheels Black but hey! Blue wheels will be retroliciously cool too! Self-Reminder: Stop being Typical!

II. DISCOVER: Let’s Go Racing
To get the kids’ creative motors running, the next activity takes their imagination on a ride. Kids will get to understand how wheels and axles work in practice, and also develop their fine-motor skills as they build their own race car and race track.

Daddy demonstrated to Ewan on how to push each axle into the foam bodies of the 2 cars and plugged in the 4 wheels on each car. They completed assembling the cars together but Ewan, being Ewan, dismantled them almost immediately. Just like Legos, they love playing it by fixing and unfixing them just because.

Mommy was in charge of the cutting of the road tracks. We didn’t have glue but double-sided tape does the trick as well. You can choose to make a small race track or join more straights and bends together to make it a larger track.

There were even foam numbers included for your child to stick on his favourite numbers. I had intentionally given him the number 2 and 5 for his cars to depict his coming of age and the month of May. How thoughtful! *hehe* Ewan loves stickers too so these foam numbers were a fun sticky activity for him.

III. ENRICH: Vroom Vroom
Ahhhhh… the Enrich part isn’t too appropriate for his age group though but we did simple explanations of the activity sheet like “What colour is the Stop sign?” and “Colour the triangle Blue”. The purpose of Enrich is to enjoy a good bonding session with your kid through additional carefully selected activities – kids will get to learn more about road signs, identify shapes to train their visual skills, and practice number literacy with connect-the-dots and colouring fun, all designed for children to learn more about cars and have fun in the process.

IV. AWARD: Vroom Vroom Badge

Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with the “Vroom Vroom” badge! How thoughtful are the LolliBox team to add this forth component into their projects. The sense of accomplishment is not only for our children but also parents who personally pin it onto their shirts. A moment of pride and reward for parent and child.
Yay! We are done with our LolliBox project! We love LolliBox’s concept because it saves MINDSPACE especially when Ewan is not feeling well and physical outings were not all that possible. Daddy has been running out of ideas to play with Ewan and this is a great alternative to watching Barney on TV.
It saves TIME as well because we did not have to gather materials to get the project going. Materials are provided in every box. You will probably only need wet wipes, scissors, glue and his trusty art smock.
It also creates Priceless BONDING.

Oh and if you really really rEALly do not like cleaning up, add a 5th component to the LolliBox project – Clean Up Together! Shove a wet wipe into his hands and start cleaning up to the song: This is the way we clean the mat, clean the mat, clean the mat. This is the way we clean the mat, All day long!
For the giveaway, we are presenting ONE lucky winner to a LolliBox Mmembership Card! 

This card entitles you to:
– enjoy a lifetime worth of products and services by LolliBox
– exclusive invites to LolliBox events
– a $10 LolliBox voucher 
– a Mr. LolliBox craft kit worth S$8.90
– 15% off All Lollibox purchases or subscriptions
– 20% off craft workshops or holiday classes
– 10% off party services

Steps to win the giveaway:
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page
2) like LolliBox Facebook page
3) like the blogpost on A Million Little Echoes page (pinned on top)
4) share the blogpost on your wall with the comment “LolliBox is 2!
5) one winner will be chosen when he/she fulfils the above 4 requirements

Giveaway contest ends on 30 May 2014 and the winner will be announced on A Million Little Echoes Facebook page on 31 May 2014, in conjunction with Lollibox’s in-house Birthday Promotions. 

*Psst* 30 May is also Ewan’s birthday by the way! Let us make this a memorable one to give away!

For all fans of A Million Little Echoes, you are entitled to a S$5 coupon code, valid till 9 June 2014. So hurry and get your LolliBox purhcases or subscriptions now if you want to ride on this deal!


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