LoveBug Weddings

Many in the wedding industry might have thought LoveBug Weddings had winded up. I’m telling you now, No! We are still in operation to bring our couples impeccable service and the best vintage ride in town with our beetle. 
There were talks about selling the company when I was pregnant with my second child early this year. There simply wasn’t enough time to juggle between wedding works and children. The best option out of the two was to give up my business. It was a very difficult decision to make but I came to terms with it after months of deliberation. Initially, I was very optimistic about running both business and home at the same time but the hubs was adamant that I focus only on running the family. 
Just when I’ve convinced myself to sell LoveBug Weddings, I received eager calls from Wedding & Lifestyle magazine and Singapore Tatler Weddings to cover us in a magazine spread and an opportunity to be the sole car vendor in a cocktail party held in W Singapore. Both in the month of May 2014! Both in the month I’d be giving birth to Faye.
It provoked my initial ideas of giving up LoveBug Weddings and I started to think of a way out of this sale. Four years of hard work brought us to where we are today and letting it go made my heart burn with pity. With some proper planning, we manage to keep it alive!
Although we won’t be able to join Singapore Tatler Weddings at their Cocktail Wedding Party in W due to my pregnancy, we have obtained a spread in Wedding & Lifestyle magazine. Go get your copy today! Our Ascot Grey is on feature for Herng Huei & An Chyi’s wedding.

Our car floral decorater is with Poppy Flora Studio. Our Fairest of Them All package is all-inclusive to cater to your needs. Not only do we provide the car decor, your hand bouquet, corsages and rental fees are all covered on your wedding day.

Here is a collection of Poppy’s floral for the wedding of Zhiwei and Denise. An appointment will be arranged to discuss your preferred floral breed, colour and theme to create your dream wedding.

Contact LoveBug Weddings at 9129 2551 or Poppy Flora Studio at 9188 1247 and we will have your wedding planned to perfection for the day.

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