Introducing Daddy

Now now Faye. I must tell you about your daddy. He’s been very busy with housework, office work and taking care of mummy & your brother all at the same time. So I try not to bug him too much with all the things I needed him to do like washing your clothes, fixing your cot, etc, while I lay here in the hospital incubating you in my womb. This would be my third week here and not being able to help out at home with all the chores and necessities to welcome your arrival.

But he surprised me on Sunday with this picture. Your father actually spent 2.5 hours decorating your nursery! I think he did an awesome job! I never knew a man like him could get down to girly decorative stuff like these. Ladder for the pom poms, pasting and re-pasting the wall decals to perfect the alignment, making sure the butterflies looked as though they were in flight to paradise. The amount of effort and detail he put into it deserves a commendation! He is really creative too huh. I think the word “impressive” fits the bill. Shall we give daddy an applause for his efforts? He always says he never gets Pats on his Back. Remember to give him more when you see him, plus hugs and kisses too. 

On Saturday night, he went to have your name tattooed on his right arm. He didn’t remember the pain that came with Ewan’s tattoo two years ago but he complained about how painful it was for yours. His words, “just like labour, you forget the pain after a while and then the memories come right back when the needle went poking onto my skin!”

We love the font don’t you? Be proud of your daddy. He is so proud of you kids. So much to have your names permanently on his body. It is Mother’s Day this weekend but I’m writing this as though it’s Father’s Day *haha* Well, hope your brother Ewan has prepared something for mummy on Sunday, 11th of May! I’d like some loving memories too! Erm.. maybe an “I Love Mum” on his forearm with his washable Crayola markers? *hahah* 

See you soon Faye! You will love your new home and your whimsical nursery.


Faye’s Nursery Props:
Pom Poms from Give Fun:
Wall Name Decal from Wall Artsy
Wall Fabric Butterfly Decal from Tiny Me

Name Tattoo:
Moonstruck Tattoo:

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