EDIT 01.05.14: Congratulations Mrs Mishra! We can’t wait to see everyone’s face light up as Suniska sings Let It Go at her school’s Character Parade!

I had been googling far and wide for ideas. Ewan’s second birthday party happens to fall on the last day of school before the kids welcome in the June holidays. A small party for his class of 12 will make it more than memorable. They are the only little friends he sees daily and spends a considerable time with. Who better to celebrate one’s birthday with but his closest pals?

Looking at the school’s event list, there will be a closing party that day. They have dedicated 30 May 2014 to a Fairy Tale Party in school. Programs will be lined up for the children and I believe a dress-up request to the parents will be announced nearer to date. What a convenient way to spruce up his birthday in school without me having to do much. 

However, it cuts too close to my delivery date! I should start planning. I can come up with Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty quite easily but fairy tales for boys? I thought that’s quite hard! A knight? Prince Charming? Hmmmm… and where will I find a costume that fits Ewan which doesn’t come with a hefty price tag? I googled from China to America through Amazon, eBay and Etsy but the price was just not right for a short simple party. Ewan will probably fit into the costume just this once and to purchase a Knight in Shining Armour suit would be too extravagant. 

Like a fairy godmother’s wave of a wand, My Mini-Me found its way to my browser! Thanks to a forum mum who recommended me to look through its website for a suitable costume, I found two fairy tale BOYS’ costumes in their database! I was ecstatic! Plus, the price is absolutely affordable at a rental fee of $10 per day. It fits my requirments to the tee in terms of affordability and availability. I am so willing to pay $10 per day and so satisfied that I didn’t have to keep a costume in the wardrobe not knowing what to do with it ever again!

Then it hit me. Their Knight and Peter Pan costumes are for bigger boys from age 4. Alas… Found and Lost. 

It was a long shot but I contacted the owner, Alicia, to see if she has got any other choices in toddler sizes. Alicia takes in enquiries via email or phone. She’s using an iPhone so regardless of iMessages or whatsapp, you will be able to reach her at no cost at all. Swift replies too if you are doing some last minute planning that requires you a costume in 24 hours. 

We chatted up and I shared with her my needs for the fairy tale party. Alicia, professional as can be, offered to source for a toddler size Peter Pan suit for Ewan! I love a good service but this is service beyond expectations. She will have the smallest sized Peter Pan flown in from USA this for Ewan’s fitting and if it still doesn’t fit, at least we still have time to continue sourcing for a suitable piece. Exceptional service don’t you agree?

The materials of the pieces we reviewed are all made from Polyester. It’s never too thick or sticky for hot weather. These three pieces – Handymanny, Spider-Man and Jake and the Neverland Pirates are so light, cool to touch and airy. As a mummy to any active toddler, material counts. I can’t have him wearing a suit that might give him a heat-stroke under our sun. He needs to feel comfortable under the costume otherwise, we all know what’s going to happen next. A fussy, itchy, sweaty and whiny boy. 

The materials for Batman, Mickey Mouse and 3-piece Pirate costume are also made from polyester but with a more substantial, thicker mix with cotton and fleece. These are more suitable for bigger boys who WANTS to dress up instead of being forced by mummy to look cute at a party. Unfortunately, Ewan was too small to fit into the pirate and batman suit. So here’s a Mickey for you!

I looked at the label of each costume and was impressed to find that My Mini-Me brought in original pieces. Spidy has a Marvel tag on it and Jake was tagged Disney! Well, as with all goods we buy, they are made from China but I’m assured that each costume is made under the approval of the official brand. Mummies scrutinize the tiniest details!

Interview with Alicia:

Q: How do customers pick up their rentals?
A: Customers will have to arrange pick up from Bedok Res Rd or Raffles Place MRT. It can also be couriered to them at an additional of $6.

Q: How were you able to charge at such an affordable price?
A: I do not have a physical shop so that saves me a lot on rental fee compared to costume shops. I want to let parents have the joy of dressing up their children at an affordable cost. 

Q: Do customers need to wash before returning? Are they washed before delivery?
A: No need to wash but if they are stained, they will need to wash or pay the fee of $30. Yes they are washed before delivery.  

Q: On top of the $10 rental fee, are there refundable deposits that need to be paid?

A: Yes, customers will need to put down a $50 refundable deposit in case they fail to return the costume. 

Q: If there are sizes or costumes customers would like to have but My Mini-Me doesn’t have, can it be sourced?
A: Yes, I do help them with sourcing if time permits. It is best to give me at least 2-3 weeks notice.

Q: Can customers purchase the costumes?

A: Yes, if they like it after their party, they can buy it at $50-$65.

My Mini-Me turns 1 today on Easter Sunday! Happy Birthday My Mini-Me! They say the best way to celebrate a birthday is to Give!

We have a birthday giveaway for our fans! You will get a free 5-day rental costume of your choice, sent to your home in time for your child’s party!

Steps to win the giveaway:
1) like A Million Little Echoes Facebook page
2) like My Mini-Me Facebook page
3) comment on this post, which costume you want to win and why (take your pick from all available costumes in its website)
4) include your Facebook name and your email address in the comment
5) most innovative answer wins
Giveaway contest ends on 30 April 2014 and the winner will be announced on A Million Little Echoes Facebook page. 

Don’t fret if you are not the lucky winner. There is also a 10% off all purchases (not rentals) when you type coupon code “mmlittlee” at check out. 

Don’t miss the boat! 


I would like to credit Moments by Edmund for these beautiful shots. I was not there for the session but I heard Ewan hadn’t been cooperating much. However, I’m not surprised at all that Edmund managed to turn the fussy boy into a happy one to accomplish My Mini-Me giveaway and review shoot. He’s known to be jovial and highly charismatic. Even the grumpiest guy would end up with his heartiest smile under Edmund’s artistic direction. Here’s his full album of Ewan in My Mini-Me. Contact Edmund at 9383 1763 for your next event or photoshoot! He never disappoints. 


9 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: My Mini-Me

  1. Strawberry Shortcake Toddler Costume coz goldfish she is just such a sweetie pie!
    she is the strawberry shortcake character come alive~

    Pek L yn
    lynnette1978@h o t m a i


  2. I would like to win a frozen costume as my little girl has been struck with frozenmania, she is especially obsessed with Elsa, and is looking forward to dressing up as Elsa at the end of the school term as her school has organised a Character Parade, where each child can come dressed as their favourite character from a book or movie and recite their favourite line. Suniska is all set to recite 'the cold never bothered me anyway' and release her cloak! She's even perfected the facial expressions!

    Fb name: Ratna Sunil Mishra


  3. I would like to win a pilot costume! The Chinese name I have chosen for my boy is 翔樂, which means “soar happily”. So I have been crazily buying planes-related toys and clothes for him. Would love to have him take some photos in the pilot costume (however, I think he need another 2 – 3 years to fit into the costume haha..)

    FB Name: Vryn Ang
    Email: yingzz [at]


  4. It's difficult to chose but I would like to win Pumpkin Child Costume. I can't wait to see my little Pumpkin Pie in this cute adorable Pumpkin child costume. I want My Mini-Me to be a part in cherishing the childhood memories of my little girl…:)

    Facebook Name: Sravanti KR
    Email :


  5. Hi.i would like to get the Anna dress as my four year old absolutely adores Anna. I have an older daughter who is 6 years old and they both love to pretend to be Elsa and Anna and sing let it go all day.Also it's my older daughters bday end of may and she is dressi

    I am having a frozen party for my daughter on Saturday 31st may. I wanted to know how much do you charge for cookies, cake pops and the cake?
    Also are you selling the snowflake balloon? 
    What are the charges for a while setup?

    ng up as Elsa , I would like to dress up my younger one as Anna to follow the frozen theme which will make it picture perfect. She will be extremely happy to dress up as Anna for her sisters party!
    Fb name : Ridhi Bahl
    Email :


  6. Hi.i would like to get the Anna dress as my four year old absolutely adores Anna. I have an older daughter who is 6 years old and they both love to pretend to be Elsa and Anna and sing let it go all day.Also it's my older daughters bday end of may and she is dressing up as Elsa , I would like to dress up my younger one as Anna to follow the frozen theme which will make it picture perfect. She will be extremely happy to dress up as Anna for her sisters party!
    Fb name : Ridhi Bahl
    Email :


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