Boogie down to Zoukidisco!

If you haven’t subscribe to the ultimate Singapore Kids guide – HoneyKids Asia, wait no more! They recommend the coolest parties in town, best in breast(feeding) cafes, pre-school invitations with cupcakes and games, things to do that will have you singing in the rain to celebrate the end of Singapore’s long dry spell. Well basically they cover everything from play to style and travel with a capital F! To get feeds while you are posting statuses and photos, Like them on Facebook! Trust me. No regrets. You’ll be zooming your way to the most happening places with your kids after this.
HoneyKids collaborated with Zouk, bringing our islander flock of children to a boogie-fest yesterday. The moment I saw the feed on Facebook, it took me only 10 seconds to book us tickets for it. Price was tagged at S$10 per person with a free drink for children from 1-9 years of age. One entry condition though: If you don’t have a kid, you don’t get to ZOUKIDISCO!
I love that tagline. 
We became privileged adults overnight who gained entry to a party because of Ewan. 
Adrenaline rushed through me as the thought of a seven month pregnant mother jiving to the beat with her birthday-man and terrible two-er came crashing in like tidal waves. We definitely needed a good nap before the party at Velvet Underground. I was secretly excited that I got to dress up again after looking like a dishevelled stay-at-home-pregnant-mother for the longest time. Put that rouge and lipstick on baby!

monkeying around at Zouk’s carpark

Enter Here!
ZoukOut Kid at 22 months
Ewan reached an age of awareness. He has started to have preferences and gets upset with the slightest things that never bothered him. When we stepped onto the dance floor, he held on to daddy really tightly and kept saying he was afraid of the lights and music. Insisted that we went out to the lobby where he’d rather play with those velvety rope stanchions. He was really comfortable out there and when he heard the bom-bom-boms through the walls, he started dancing! We were like “oOoooooO-Kay! We didn’t need to pay for entry tickets to dance in the lobby you know?”

“I love my red velvet ropes!”

We went back in and waited for Iori and Alisteir to arrive. Thank goodness for them! They got him warmed up and off he went onto the dance floor – voluntarily. Ewan’s trippin’ man! *hahah* We had a great time watching the children have fun like that. Especially the older kids who danced like they were Zouk Stars in the making! As the minutes ticked by, Ewan became more comfortable with his surroundings. As if his one free non-alcoholic drink got him high, he began dancing on tables and jumping off them.

Spot Ewan on the dancefloor
Doing a free spin!


High High High on Mogu Mogu!

There was also a section on higher ground where kids could have their hand in necklace making, mask crafting, face-painting and of course, everyone’s favourite – The Photo Booth. Hello Stranger had the photo booth all staged up for a disco fever shoot. We were excited to get our boring hair transformed into those crazy Saturday Night Fever jivers. Check out Ewan toying with those gigantic shades and Meyer actually thought he looked charming in blonde!

Just for those who might need to hire a Photo Booth for your event, Hello Stranger’s rates start from S$990 and comes with:

  1. An ambassador to whip your party into posing galore
  2. A 27″ Apple display for instant viewing
  3. Top class professional lightning and camera systems
  4. Online gallery to share your pictures with your friends, where they can download their own pictures
  5. Option to choose a Hello Stranger backdrop or provide your own
  6. Option for instant 4R prints

I cannot wait for our pictures to come online!

Fashioning up to Disco
Instant printouts

Great collab here HoneyKids and Zouk! Kudos to a fun-filled day. I had so much fun from the party I couldn’t sleep last night. This SAHM hadn’t been living it up and going to Zouk just made me feel all young in my bones once again.

Bubbles, Balloons and Bubs
Till the next playdate!

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