Marinating Ewan

I am writing as a mother who is using these pure essential blends as a testimony to its promise. I am not selling them but can refer you to the right people who does. 
I was introduced to Young Living by Veron in October 2013. She did not have to make much effort selling me the idea of giving these oils a try. It advocates medicine-less treatments to fever, flu, cough and the common culprits our children contracts. I am a results-oriented person and had to try it for myself to believe it. If it doesn’t work, then it shall be used as an aromatherapy alternative for the home. Worth the try towards a drug-free future. 
We work hard to keep Ewan happy and healthy. Keeping him happy means being non-paranoia parents who will allow him to play in a public playground without sanitising his hands every 10 minutes or not covering his mouth [and ours] the instant someone gives out a phlegmy cough in an enclosed elevator. Keeping him healthy means setting a record of falling ill to its lowest possible count in a quarter. 
This is the forth month Ewan’s been using these oils and we have shelved away his Paracetemols, Rhinimarines, nasal sprays and Prospans for emergency usages. He hadn’t depended on them for so long that full bottles of unopened emergency medicines are all expiring and ready for the bin. What I love about the oiling experience is seeing Ewan enjoying the massages and requesting for massage time. He would tip-toe by my bedside table and reach for the bottles, pleading for a massage. 
We will do a front and back body massage, followed by a feet rub before every bedtime. That’s 3 times a day – 2 naps and 1 night sleep. I’ll set this routing in when I know we will be heading out to play with children who are down with cough, flu or fever – just to cover his butt from contracting the viruses from them. I cannot confine him in the comfort of his home and deprive him of play with his cousins and friends. So, I marinate him. Beautiful thing is, he always comes home unscathed [from sickness].
On healthy days, I stop oiling. 
On sick days, massaging remains and I will diffuse the appropriate oils (depending on his illness) while he sleeps. There is no limit to massages. When our children are sick, consistency will help take the virus away. We can even rub their feet every 30 minutes.
These are the three oils I bought in October 2013 as my starter kit. 
Thieves Essential Oil
Thieves is a highly effective oil that supports the immune system. It is a combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. It was created based on a research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This is the smelliest oil of them all. Well, at least that’s my first impression but it can be easily accepted after a couple of times.

I use Thieves when Ewan goes out to play with children who are ill and when I think he is going to be down with a sickness. It is my form of preventive measure for him to stay healthy and it never quite failed me.

I always have his feet rubbed and socked to keep the effects to its highest productivity. For children who refuse socks, you can rub it in first and don on the socks when they fall asleep.

R.C. Essential Oil
R.C. contains therapeutic-grade essential oils that are invigorating when applied, especially to the chest and throat area. It works just like our home remedy, Vicks. It clears nose blockages and eases out phlegms.

It is a combination of Eucalyptus, Myrtus, Pinus, Marjoram, Lavender, Sempervirens, Tsuga and Peppermint.  I love the smell of R.C.!

I use R.C. when Ewan has his flu or cough. 3 days and he recovers. No Prospan, no Rihinimarine and no nasal sprays.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint is made of … Peppermint! It has a strong, clean, fresh and minty aroma. One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion and may also restore digestive efficiency. It also has supportive effect on the liver and respiratory systems.

I use Peppermint when Ewan is down with fever or when I have a headache. I’ll rub him religiously on his foot and run the diffuser if he is hot. When his temperature goes down, I might alternate Peppermint on feet and Thieves on the diffuser.

It isn’t quite necessary to do a body massage if you think your children squirms from it. Feet rub is just as effective. Ewan’s been having heat rash on his body and I’ve stopped oiling his body totally. Feet works just as well actually and it still kept the medicine away. 

How I Use: 

Thieves – 1 Drop Feet Rub – Boosts Immunity – 5 Drops in Diffuser when sick (3 hours)

R.C. – 1 Drop Feet Rub – Flu & Cough – 5 Drops in Diffuser when sick (3 hours) – Rub in between hands and inhale (Ewan never fails to tell me how nice R.C. smells whenever he inhales it. He actually finds Thieves nice too.)

Peppermint – 1 Drop Feet Rub – Fever & Headache – 5 Drops in Diffuser when sick (3 hours)

**Thieves and Peppermint are hot oils. Avoid eyes or it will sting.**

When it comes to diffusing, it is recommend only to use the burners from Muji or Young Living. I’ve chosen Muji for its size and outlook. It uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and essential oil to produce a cool, dry and fragrant mist. The white cylinder also houses a lamp that shines with an ambient glow and has 2 light settings. It is flame free, automatically switches off when it’s done diffusing and acts as a night light in Ewan’s bedroom.

Price: S$89.00


I fell sick with a greenish phlegm a month ago, coupled with sore throat and nose block. It hit me out of nowhere. I didn’t want to take any medication and decided to experiment these oils on myself. I rubbed R.C. on my chest and inhaled the fumes through my cupped hands. It is not as spicy as Vicks but it did the trick unblocking my breathing passage. I continued my treatment by diffusing Thieves when I sleep. 

3 days was all it took to get me back on my feet. Ewan and Meyer got a little shaky too. They fell ill. Ewan even had the fever. Like all worried parents, Meyer wanted me to give Ewan his Paracetemol and Nasal Spray. But I told him to trust me on this one. So I had Ewan’s feet marinated with Peppermint whole day through, alternating between Thieves and R.C. mists in the room (depending on what I think he needed). R.C. when he wasn’t breathing well, and Thieves/Peppermint when he had his fever. 

He recovered in 48 hours. 

I am not saying this is some magic potion that lifts all viruses from your body miraculously. Of course we need to make due diligence to ensure our children are drinking diluted milk and abstaining from fish in their diet when they are phlegmy. Same theory goes when they have a fever. Keep them dressed light, sponged, drink lots of water and perspire. Just like how we would take all these secondary measures when we administer medicine, we do the same when we oil our children.

Also, many Young Living spokesperson would go all out with oiling with absolutely no medicinal treatment. However, I am not going to risk Ewan’s state of health if it gets overboard. Should his fever sky-rocket or his phlegm is moving down to his lungs too quickly, I will not hesitate to give a dosage or two of medication. Be that as it may, should I feel that his fever is manageable at 39 degree celcius, I would still continue with only oiling to bring his temperature down. It had shown me substantial results and I am happy to have found this health alternative (medicinal-free) for my family.

Ewan’s in school for about 2 weeks now. A few of his classmates have skipped school from flu. Ewan was on the verge of it too with nose issues and of course, R.C. & Thieves did the trick. He didn’t have to skip school at all and I am confident in keeping him healthy with the oils from hereon.

This is my testimony and since then, I’ve added two more to my collection – Lavender & Peace & Calming.

Here are reviews from other Singaporean mum bloggers on Young Living oils:
1) Gingerbread Mum
2) Princess Dana’s Diaries

Let’s fight sicknesses off our children together, the healthy way!

Believe it or not, there are appropriate oils to fight HFMD. I was skeptical until a girlfriend personally shared her experience. Thanks Gynn for boosting my confidence that Thieves got Mayven back on track so quickly from HFMD.


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