Home is where the Heart is

I had 4 major decisions to make last quarter and while schooling was one, the move to a bigger house was another. As much as I didn’t want Ewan to go to school, I didn’t want to move.

2 years ago, I resisted giving our T.Blangah flat up to shift to where we reside now. Firstly, it doesn’t make sense that we are to move to a smaller unit with only 2 bedrooms when we’ve been living in the luxury of space from a 30 year old flat. Secondly, we put in so much effort renovating the old flat to a new-world resort. Thirdly, we will have to spend a lot more money re-furnishing the place up. Lastly, I seriously see no benefit in the move in case little toes come along.

But, with everyone pressurising me, I agreed to move with the condition that I get free play on the home designing. We went English with Laura Ashley, Manhattan Collection and Da Vinci. After the place came up better than expected, I grew fond of our new home. I’d live here forever if I could!

First Home – Resort
Second Home – English
And now, we are moving again. We’ve been married for only 7 years and moved 3 places. I feel like an expatriate without getting proper monetary benefits. It’s irritating really. People (my husband included) don’t quite understand what’s the big fuss about moving. But hey! It is ranked pretty high on the scale of stress indicators. This time, I was in denial. I dodged the subject as long as I could until push comes to shove. We had to move. So, I decided to face all problems positively.


In less than a month, we’d be in our new place. I am only going to be re-decorating the bedrooms and bringing all our existing furniture with us. Otherwise, I will go crazy with home shopping and rushing to move by February.

Ewan’s growing up and he needs to move out of his crib. I was excited to start thinking about the concept for his room. I want a space where he can spend considerable time in. Somewhere vibrant and fun. Especially the bed because I am adamant he starts sleeping on his own. He had turned quite sticky to daddy out of a sudden and stopped sleeping on his own for months. Play will of course be kept outdoors as always. So here’s mummy’s mood board for Ewan’s room and I’ve filed it under 2014. Gawd knows how long we will stay here again. *bah*

Ewan’s mood board for 2014

We have chosen a Matrix Kids daybed for him which includes a top tent to excite his imagination. It is a great starting point for the Matrix system because you can build any of theMatrix combinations as your child grows. Ewan is definitely not ready to sleep in a loft and Matrix gives us the choice to start him off safely, close to the ground. When he is old enough to handle a taller bed, we can convert the daybed into a low loft with a slide, stairs and space beneath the bed to play in – just like this. Free delivery and setup too with a range of colours to choose from. They are having 15% off now by the way.

Available at:
Baby Zoo
501 Bukit Timah Road
Cluny Court #02-21
Tel: +65 6733 0032

Opens daily from 10am to 7pm

I know I wanted a bookshelf that displays pictures rather than book spines. My ideal bookshelf consists of rows and rows (and rows) of panels on the wall with a cosy corner to read about dragons ands knights. But, we have decided not to touch any walls that will cause irreparable holes in them in case we are to move again (which is likely). One less wall issue, one less maintenance when we look to sell. So, I googled and stumbled upon Kid Kraft. Perfect! It’s primary colours matches that of Ewan’s new bed. I was so excited and even more thrilled to find that it has a retailer in Singapore! Once again, there are colours to choose from if you preferred something pastel or understated.

Available at:
Motherswork Singapore
Great World City Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6738 5886
Opens daily from 10am to 9pm

Height Chart
He will be turning 2 pretty soon and I’d like to have a memorabilia of his height as he grows. I found this from Tiny Me which is just what I want! They can be personalised and come with the largest range of designs anyone can phantom. Best of all, it is removable and re-positionable. I can paste it up and move it along with me in the future. When Ewan turns a teen, he wouldn’t allow me to pencil in his growth anymore I’m sure. That’s when I’ll roll it up as a keepsake for when I get empty-nest syndrome *haha* Tiny Me Australia ships to Singapore in 20 days with a shipping fee of S$15 nett. Look out for promo codes whenever they have sale!

Available at:

Storage Box
3 Sprouts comes up with the loveliest designs and unbeaten quality. Again, I am overjoyed to find these American products available in Singapore. I think I’ll go crazy shopping in America if I lived there. They have such a big kids market at affordable prices. These boxes are reinforced with cardboard on the sides and adds a pop of fun to every room. It’s 100% polyester with felt appliqués. We chose a dragon and kangaroo storage box for Ewan and added a Walrus caddy for his art materials. The caddy’s interior is coated with 100% polyethylene which makes cleaning up easy if colours from crayon or paint go haywire in there. Not Too Big do have pop-up events in Forum or Great World City. It’ll be great to be kept abreast with their promotions or new arrivals via their facebook page.

Available at:
Not Too Big
Forum Level 2
Opens daily from 9am to 8pm


Ewan’s room is done.

I need to plan for another room. A nursery next to his.

Her mood board for 2014

When I say “Our little pony is orange”, people don’t get the drift as quickly as “Our little pony is pink”. I used to shudder at the colour pink but I will try to embrace it. Ya so our little pony is pink. She might just have the same birthday as Ewan since my estimated delivery date is 5 days away from when I had him.

Online shopping is heaven sent. I did some research and found great buys online. All I have to do is to shop, click and charge to PayPal (daddy’s account). Wa La! Wait for delivery.

Pom Poms
Flower pom pons impart a cheerful radiance to any party. It was originally designed by Martha Stewart and it went berserk in the wedding scene. I’m bringing it to her nursery and will replace the regular boring cot mobile with pom poms instead. She will look up to the hues of pinks, creams and browns above her as they dance in the wind. These pom poms I bought are 25cm in diameter and they are semi-DIY. It costs just S$2.50 per pom pom. How inexpensive compared to what etsy is offering.

Available at:

Butterfly Wall Stickers
No one else impresses me more than Tiny Me’s products. I find butterflies too sweet actually. It’s almost dreamy and I am not a butterfly kind of mummy. Do not put a crown on my head or make me wear a dress looking like a fairy tale! Then again, I think I should start a girl on the right foot. Not too  neutral or masculine. I would have preferred polka dots but daddy’s concern was, “I’m gonna have a hard time pasting them up in perfect alignment!”. Daddy preferred this mood board anyways. The set of butterflies comes in 8 different colours and made from fine weave fabric instead of vinyl. Like Ewan’s height chart, it is removable and re-positionable. Each pack has 35 butterflies (12 large, 11 medium and 12 small).

Available at:

I like my cribs with bumpers, fitted sheet, quilt and a skirt. I will be re-using Ewan’s bedding for her but probably do up a personalised quilt just because we made one for Ewan before. I don’t want to be accused of favouritism! Ewan’s beddings were from Pottery Barn in USA. I was very fussy with design and quality so I went all out to find them online. Have a look at them and you’ll know why!

Available at:
Pottery Barn Kids

Now that I’ve set up the designs for their rooms, daddy will be busy executing them. I wonder how stressed up he will be as we strike off each day on the calendar with a red marker.   


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