a day in my life with mama

Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma! The female parent that spent every hour of my fifteen months with me (minus six days when I stayed over at grandpa’s). Sometimes she is all hyped up and played with me till the house comes down. Other times, she has absolutely nothing to say.
I heard her talking to another mummy, who called herself Gingerbread, about a party that was going to be held from first October. I dig parties! Yeepy Hippy Yay Hay! I asked my mama if I could join and she said, “Of course! But only if you write it”. She understood my blah blah blahs like all mummies do. They are best at deciphering babies’ babbles though sometimes they get it allllllll wrong.
So here I am, doing my part to join this linky party. I love every single day except for the one when mummy was too lazy to bring me out to play. I dislike greatly staying indoors for too long and the only way to convey my aversion towards confinement is, to cry. I cried when she gave me toys. I cried when she pulled out my favourite book. I cried when she said she’s really tired and didn’t want to go out. I cried when she passed me the love-of-my-life i.e. my biscuit. I just needed to get it across that I wanted the sun and not the light illuminating from her chandelier! So I created a ruckus la, knowing it will work cause my friends told me so. Gosh my mama is a tough one though. She said the word No and sent me to my naughty corner for being “naughty”. 
Some mums just cannot be messed with. Sigh, like mine. I tried to move out of my spot but when she sternly said Back, I didn’t dare disobey. At the end of it all, instead of getting my way out of that big wooden door, I even had to apologise to her. Oh well, at least she gives me a hug after every apology. Eventually, I was allowed to play in my teepee tent out at the balcony. Better be contented. She looked like my Panda and on days like these, I never get to go out.
After this episode, mama seemed to have heard my pleas and understood that I am a sunshine boy. She packed my week with so many activities, I absolutely loved it! 
just last monday
I woke early at 7:00am. Since we slept in different rooms and I cannot climb out of the cot on my own, I cried for attention. Crying is the best way to jolt mama off her bed. She came, blurry-eyed, into my room and carried me to her bedroom. There, she tried to put me back to sleep again. I wailed and chanted “milk milk Milk” but she just wouldn’t budge. She pretended to sleep and just when I thought I have lost the battle, daddy came in with my bottle of warm milk and water. Oh daddy I love you! 
After I was done with my milk, she is still under the blanket with her eyes closed. I had to show her I really am ready for the day by sitting on her tummy and rode her like a horse. Giddyup mama! Let us play!
We headed into the bathroom together and brushed our teeth. I used to like brushing teeth and would open my mouth wide for her to chuck those bristles in. Recently, I just don’t find it fun anymore. I run away and make a fuss when she tries to do that. If not for the blackcurrent flavour on that toothbrush, I would have thrown it into the dustbin!
I want to complain about my poo poo session too! Mama bought a new potty that can be put on top of daddy’s potty. She keeps asking me if I want to sit on it but I prefer my pooping time private, standing and in a corner without distractions. So when she tries to put me on it, I straighten my legs such that she has no way of sitting me down! I’m quite ingenious ay? Eventually, she has no choice but to let me do it into my diaper *tee hee hee* 
Yay! It’s time for breakfast! Mama passed me my bowl while she has hers. I clearly dislike rolled oats after tasting yummy yoghurt and buttered toasts but mama still make it a habit to cook it for me. On those tasteless rolled oats days, I make it very difficult for her by keeping my lips sealed, turning the bowl over and smearing oats everywhere. Still, she forces that yucky mush down my throat and keeps saying that it is good for me. She thinks I don’t see those tricks up her sleeves when she puts a small piece of peach on every other spoonful of oats. No oats means no brekkie. Sigh… better eat la. If not I’ll go hungry.
We played indoors in the morning with crayons and markers. I cannot say the word “draw” at the moment but she understood me when I handed her the art & craft mat and went “reeeaaaddd”! We started to doodle. 
Halfway through our art, mama said she’s going to the kitchen. I guess she needed to prepare a scrumptious lunch for me since I am becoming fussy with my food. She should count herself lucky you know? I have never given her any troubles when it comes to mealtime, not until now. I am not being naughty really. Just needed to encourage her to cook me different cuisines daily that’s all.

Mama always leaves me a basket of toys on the kitchen shelf since I love sticking to her like UHU. I will scuttle behind her and sit myself down with the toys. My favourite kitchen activity is to empty the basket of toys on the floor and throw them in the the washer. Then I watched her load up the washing machine with dirty laundry (with my toys in there). Yay! We enjoyed an hour of washing musical as it spins away with my bells and balls! The different sounds the toys make fascinate me.

Mama glared at me and I chuckled.

Why do we have to take morning naps? I cannot sleep without my mama so she lies next to me every single day while I toss myself to sleep. I cannot tell if she is pretending or really sleeping. The only test is to perform dangerous acts on the bed and see if she catches me. I will stand and walk towards the edge of the bed, dangle half my body off it and roll the bolster onto the floor (which was supposed to protect me from falling). Each time, she catches my leg without letting go! Other times she will scream in fright when I acted too gung-ho and I genuinely got scared by her gasps. This mummy of mine *shakes head* 人吓人会吓死人呀!Then she started singing and I slowly dozed off to her rendition of

baa baa black sheep have you any wool
h i j k l m n o p
up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky
twinkle twinkle little star
next time won’t you sing with me


Yawns! Wakey Wakey! It’s time for my lunch! Mama do not usually eat lunch with me. I think she ate while I napped. Hmmm and probably packed the living room too because when I walked out, it looked very different. My toys were all back into the storage boxes and books all stacked nicely on the coffee table. They were no longer sprawled all over like how I left them. Good job mum! You deserve an applause for not succumbing to morning naps with me. Now I have my huggables in the Dino storage, my battery-operated toys in the Kanga storage and my art & crafts in little Walrus. 

The tomato risotto you prepared for lunch  was yummilicious! I loved it and secretly wished I could have it every day over the boring slow-cooked porridge. I heard you asking me to eat as fast as I can because we were going out with Ella! yes YEs Yes! I am hurrying and I cannot wait to play!
We arrived at the same building My Gym and 成竹 are located.  I guess Aunty Jaylene and mama only brought us for a trial session since that was the only time we were there. I LOVE BANGING! There were so many instruments to thump on and they all sounded so different. Some were deafening while others were muted. Like me, Ella did not like the soft ones. We want those loud booming ones!

We enjoyed every bit of the afternoon but it was short-lived. Just when I was getting high on the music, we were asked to return our mallets. No matter how hard mama tried to get me to return them, I refused. She was frowning and I knew the word “naughty” was at the tip of her tongue. I just love making music! What is wrong with that? So I came up with an idea to light up her face and if every one in the room found it funny, they might let me play a little longer! I walked to the door and started drumming! Waaaaah Smart Right? The whole room started laughing and I did get to play with the mallets until everyone left Kindermusik!


Ella is my neighbour. Yes, the girl-up-stairs *tee hee hee* so we went home together from Rochester Mall. I felt both energetic and sapped out from the play date. The adults called it over-stimulation. I hear them saying it all the time. 
Mum wanted me to nap again. This time, I wailed, kicked and made a huge fuss. I wanted to play! If I can’t play, then Read me a book! Tell me a story! I just don’t want to close my eyes! She took an hour to put me down for my evening nap and I can hear her displeasure. I eventually slept because her willpower is stronger than mine. I used to win in the past but I am now usually in the losing game. The last straw was her screaming at me and I thought I had better be nice or I will be very sorry.
Two hours later, I woke up to the aromatic scent of cod fish, pork shoulder, tofu and broccoli that was boiled down to its richest flavours. She must have been putting my dinner over the stove for hours to get this stock. I cannot wait to gobble down my food! 
At the same time, daddy is home from work! Daddy Daddy I have missed you! I spent a good fifteen minutes playing and talking to daddy while mama unloaded her morning launder from the dryer. She came out holding my toys, “They are squeaky clean now boy”. She threw the clothes all over the sofa and did nothing to it. I guess the sofa is out of bounds until she finds time to fold them the next day =/
We spent dinner time at grandpa’s. Mama and daddy never eat at home. We are always at this grandpa’s or that grandpa’s house for dinner. I heard mama saying once that she can never find time to cook because putting me to naps took too long and daddy did not want to be a dish washer after a hard day’s work. They had a rule: if one cooks, the other washes. So, we end up eating with gramps every day! Which is really nice too because I get to play with the dogs and my cousins every night. 
When the moon comes up, we will be home. My bedtime routine takes two hours: Bath, Milk, Books , (horse-riding on mum or dad) and Sleep.
It is a must for me to read in bed before we turn the lights out. I will cosy up with them in bed and demand them to tell me stories. I have a name for each of my three favourite books. I call Eric Carle’s The Artist that Painted a Blue Horse the Artist book, Ladybird’s This Little Pirate the I Don’t Know book and a mandarin crocodile brushing teeth book, I Do.
We spent the whole night reading these mandatory books plus a few other new titles we borrowed from the library. My parents’ only down time is when I finally go to bed at 10:00pm. That’s when they have their Me-Time although I think they usually fall asleep after me.
This is my typical day! I’d rate it 10 stars! Who wouldn’t? See you tomorrow morning mama! I hope you find new recipes, new art ideas and new places to go!

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2 thoughts on “a day in my life with mama

  1. Oh sweetie your mummy is a wonderful mummy who does so much for you! Staying home is lots of fun too as I'm sure you will soon realize. Maybe in 20 years or so 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

    #gingerbreadmum stopped by to say hi!


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