Haze Glees

Not everything came out bad with the haze actually. Ewan suddenly found the confidence in him and started walking without holding our hands. The journey we took from sitting to crawling to cruising, assisted walking to walking with confidence was one beautiful experience. 
He sat in his gorilla stance at 5 months of age. Wobbly but could figure out some balance in him. 
By 6 months, he could sit on his own steadily without me having to worry if he will topple backwards onto the floor.

He made his first standing debut at 7 months, pulling himself up from the sofa. 
One month later (8 months), he graduated from belly crawl to crawling on all fours. He became an expert crawler in no time. With every active boy cell in him, he decided to climb. He made his first climb at My Gym on those soft gym steps. 
By 9 months, he conquered 10 daunting flight of steps at home with a daddy awaiting him at the top. When many of his peers were already walking unassisted, my little dumpling decided he is ready to cruise. I love the way he cautiously take his time to move from one end of the couch to the other. He was ever careful not to hurt himself by falling and that I found really cute.
At 10 months, he must have earned all the badges a scout could earn exploring the terrains of our house. He crawled in and out of tight spots and cruised along every possible route to reach his destination. It is also at 10 months, he held our hands and walked. 
We practiced walking all through his 11th month with close family and friends hoping to see him walk unassisted on his birthday (like I did). Our little boy decided that will walk when he want to and when he is ready. No rush my honey. Any time, any time at all. For when you walk with confidence, your status is no longer a Baby but a Toddler. 
12 months. Over the hazy skies of Singapore, Ewan decided it is time to walk on his own. He claps his hands and grins widely in approval when he successfully reaches mummy from daddy. He is very proud of his achievement and so are we. Not a full-fledged marching baby but on his own, in his own pace.  
Thanks to hazy skies, we spent a lot more time at home. With boredom, came this new-found confidence to make his days a little more interesting.

He is now a toddler at 12 months of age.

Mummy has also successfully weaned him off breastfeeding from this stay-home-haze-period. He has been on formula for 5 days now without latching onto me. I am feeling a teeny wee of glee but with regret. I miss my baby. He is so ‘grown up’ that he isn’t even drinking his milk from bottles anymore. He downs all his milk feeds from his straw cup and goes to sleep on his own after that. *sigh* 
A tiny voice came today saying, “hey May, how about just latching him for the 6am feed? Don’t lose your baby so quickly.” 
It is a maternal instinct and I miss breastfeeding him. Since I have successfully done it and I know he can survive without me next weekend while I’m in Bangkok making merry, I will go back to latching him at 6am. Just that one feed a day, to make me feel wholesome as a mummy again *tee hee hee*
Thank you Ewan. We enjoyed our past 12 months with you. Looking forward to your 13th month and beyond, where melt-downs and tantrums reign. There will always be a hand for you to reach out to.


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