The Jazz Age

Raffles Singapore and Tiffany & Co. presented an American Glamour Collection high tea today at Raffles Grill. I was swept away into the high life for 2 hours, away from the son and smog. There was a showcase of lavish diamond and pearl creations including the Great Gatsby Collection worn by Carey Mulligan in the 2013 film. The jewellery are 1920s jazz-aged-inspired and how I love that era. Luxurious pearls, rich gemstones and brilliant diamonds – all that jazz! I am not missing the chance to pretend to be a socialite and sip champagne into an era of parties and endless style.

We were greeted by display cases of Tiffany & Co’s glitter when we walked into Raffles Grill. I was especially attracted to the hand ornament. It embodies an archival daisy motif in diamonds with platinum and cultured pearls. It is an elaborate piece. Carat total weight of 8.98 and costs $75,000. I am blessed to have this opportunity to wear it on.

Together with the hand ornament, comes a matching pair of earrings which I thought was very beautiful. It has diamonds delicately crafted to drop off your earlobe like a falling star with a cultured pearl to finish the art off. Lovely.

This aquamarine ring evokes the glamour of the Edwardian era. I tried on both the oval and the square. The oval is too large for my little fingers don’t you think? It shouts elegance but not for me. The clear blue aquamarines and cascading diamonds of the earrings I wore, shimmer like a waterfall. I love it so much I had the urge to own it. Alas, my net worth is way below bar for this exclusive piece.

Tiffany Legacy is the name of the square aquamarine on my finger. It is a cut exclusive to Tiffany. I was attracted to everything blue and pearly today. They made a good call to allow us to try them on. It really does look very different behind a glass and on you.

Now what have you here? The $50,000 Yellow Diamond Daisy brooch with yellow diamonds, carat total weight .19 and white diamonds, carat total weight 5.78. It springs joyously to life but yellow and brooches ain’t for me.

Finally, the Ziegfeld Collection that got me captivated. Pearls, Onyxes and Tassels. How am I walking out of this high tea without trying them on, you tell me. I tried on the Onyx piece first. Yes, this particular one on display. What a dark beauty. It is named after the 1927 Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, which sadly no longer exists. Silver, pearls, black onyx captured the streamlined elegance of the Art Deco architecture of this one-time landmark. Women once went to the Ziegfeld Theatre to see the jewels and furs that girls wore.

I couldn’t resist. I rewarded myself with a gift. The Ziegfeld tassel necklace with cultured freshwater pearls. Luxurious ropes of pearls, ending in long tassels evokes the jewels worn with the knee-skimming, boy-style flapper dresses of the era. It is 33″ long with pearls 2.5 – 9.5 mm in diameter. It has every bit of glam and old world luxury. I sent my husband a SMS, “I just bought myself something from Tiffany and Co and I’m happy about it, so don’t complain.” I was glad the next message that came in was, “Would you like me to pick you up?”

In the car, he added, “I am happy that you are happy dear. And even happier when I didn’t have to pay for it!”

He is very humorous and I love funny men. He is always surprising me with his replies.

The high tea at Raffles Grill by Executive Pastry Chef Gael Etrillard was everything a Tiffany & Co fan would love. They were very sweet, looking and tasting very sweet. I could not stomach most of the desserts especially those with fondant. To be fair, I do not have a sweet tooth to start with so I am not the best critic for pastries. The lemon meringue tart, macaroons, scones and sandwiches were fabulous. It was a fanciful 3-tier indulgence. The best take home of it all was the Laurent Perrier Rose that we all had. I haven’t touched a flute of champagne in a very long while and this was a pleasurable bonus.

All these treats would be nothing without great company. My girlies. It was such a lovely afternoon because we attended this high tea together, laughing and gossiping life away. The PSI didn’t get to us, nor did work or responsibilities – just for these 2 hours. Today the highest on the PSI reading was 321 at 10pm and the air quality describer in NEA website reads “Hazardous”. I am glad our Pleasurable Standards Index (PSI) hit off the roof as well. Yes, hazardous too because Winnie and I swiped our credit cards to Tiffany and Co.

Thank you for putting this together Raffles Hotel and Tiffany & Co. I had an enjoyable afternoon catching up with girlfriends and adorning my hands, neck and ears with collections from the Great Gatsby.

If only the Savoy Headpiece was on showcase! Taken off the web, this is The Great Gatsby Savoy Headpiece, bringing Daisy Buchanan to life ($200,000; carat total weight 25.04):


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