Baby of the Year 2013

This picture of Ewan was submitted for Motherhood Magazine’s Baby of the Year 2013 contest. We were pleasantly surprised to see his picture uploaded onto their Facebook page on 16th of May 2013 for public voting. They were looking for the most voted picture to crown him/her the Most Popular Baby during the exhibition at Singapore Expo. We know voting is a game of support and we never really manage to win any voting race because mummy doesn’t have a million friends in her Facebook list of friends. 
An email came in on 20th May 2013 stating that Motherhood Magazine had chosen Ewan to enter into the Semis and it will be held a day after his first birthday. This contest is open to babies aged 12 to 24 months as of 1st June 2012. Ewan just made it to join this contest. He made it by 2 days. 
It is a different league compared to Baby Idol 2013 organised by Mother & Baby because the little contestants were all so interactive! At 14 months and above, they are already walking, talking, dancing and jumping. All Ewan could do is smile. He is still not able to walk on his own. The odds of him winning is very low. His contenders were all very outstanding. Every little tot deserved a win! 
Getting Ready for the Stage

I am Number 4

There were 10 babies on stage for Semis and Ewan was number 4. As usual, we made him sport his brightest smile for the judges. 20 babies were pre-selected for 2 days of Semi-Finals where 5 babies from each day will enter into the Finals on 2nd of June 2013. Thanks to Ewan’s contagious laughter, we returned on Sunday for the Finals to meet with the rest of the winning toddlers.

At the finals, Grandpa and Grand Aunty Pat came to support. Ewan was really happy to see them. They are one of his favourites when it comes to play. It’s almost like he has seen his idols! 
We arrived at the stage and saw all 9 of Ewan’s competitors. They were all so dressed up with crowns on girls and neckties on boys. We sort of under-dressed Ewan for the occasion! They were all so charming I knew immediately that Ewan stood no chance of winning. I especially love little Rafael. He won the Most Popular Baby with a whopping 532 votes on Facebook! Way to go Raf!

So Ewan is Number 4 again for the Finals. We went up on stage and he did his thing again. Smiled, laughed and clapped. Oh, his latest craze is pretending to be a Red Indian. You can try playing this little game with your little one too. Hold your palms to your mouth and bat it several times as you go wa wa wa wa wa wa.

Laughing for the Judges
The Finalists

The above are the Finalists standing in line waiting for results to be announced. I was prepared to leave the stage with a consolation prize because every child shined on stage with their gimmicks and cute looks. Ewan couldn’t stop clapping his hands up on stage, as if he knew he was on limelight. Slowly, parent and child were called up and left the stage with their goody bags. We were still standing tall and eventually, there were just three babies on stage! Ewan is going to be one of the Top Threes in this competition.

Standing next to us is Fadrian Wee. He was born on 1st June 2012 and Ewan 30th May 2012. They are the two youngest babies in this contest and both mummies were equally surprised how far we have come. Thank you Motherhood Magazine judges for choosing us as the champion and 1st runner ups of Baby of the Year 2013 contest. Ewan walked away second in running with his first trophy! Sponsors for this competition is Pampers. You earned your own diapers Ewan. Good job!
Ewan congratulating himself with all the applause from the audience
My Trophy
And finally, here is a picture with Fadrian, Baby of the Year 2013! Congratulations little boy! You made your mama and papa proud. We shall see you on next month’s Motherhood Magazine’s cover! 
Fadrian and Ewan after the Show
Goodbye Motherhood Exhibition! 

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