TripAdvisor: W Sentosa Cove

Meyer has been reviewing restaurants and hotels on TripAdvisor since 2010. Here is his latest share of our stay with W Sentosa Cove on 17th May 2013 for 2 nights. If not for Wenting and Ed’s wedding, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to stay at the W. It isn’t my kind of hotel but still, it stands out from the rest in town (or rather, on the island). The reds and purples when night falls were a bit jarring in my opinion but party-goers would find it less than clashing. To top up Meyer’s review on the swimming pool, it is open 24 hours. No, this hotel does not sleep. It is really a property out of how I imagined it to be,  in a positive way. 
Every corner and moment at W is simply a photogenic spot for any photographer.
The wedding dinner at Wenting and Ed’s was one of the best I’ve attended in Singapore. Coming from me, who ran weddings at Raffles Hotel in my past life, they have etched a deep impression in my heart. The service, the quality of food, the ambience and design of the Great Room was top-notch. I enjoyed every bit of the dinner, and so did Ewan. His was the most comfortable high chair any baby had ever sat their butt on! *haha* but it does have a design glitch. It’s too large to fit nicely into a table of 10 and it’s curved out legs cause several service staff to trip and stumble while they walked past us. Danger! High Alert guys!

As for the location of W, it sits snugly and serenely in Sentosa Cove. A walk down the boardwalk makes you feel like you are at some harbour in Australia. Cool wind and cloudless sky topped the whole morning walk experience. 

Full Photo Log: Click Here

W Singapore, Sentosa Cove

Reviewed May 30, 2013 by Meyer Yang
21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374
+65 6808 7288

Hip and Trendy, Out of the Ordinary

Shot and Edited with FX Photo Studio
This is definitely not your usual five star luxury hotel. Upon your first step through the front doors, on your right is a video wall showing lines of colour moving along to the background music, which can fit into any dance club. In front of you a white staircase aligned with futuristic “long grass” which glow white. On your left two small bubble lifts with arty benches, that only go two floors. Speaking of the background music, you notice that it has a moving beat and not the usual lobby/elevator music. Just another Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton the W is definitely not… 

There is the premium feel but it’s the little touches and details that make the W different. There is a DJ station located in the lobby! The lounging area has a touchscreen integrated into tabletop to entertain yourself while you’re there. And the DJ station is not just for show…when we came back in the evening the music was blaring and the floor was thumping. This in the main lobby where you check in/out, incredible! I don’t know about retirees doing their world tour, but for the young or young at heart, the W is just so COOL.
The difference in the details continue throughout the hotel, in the elevator, the corridors to the rooms and in the rooms itself. They’ve taken what you would normally expect and given it their little W twist. Mood lighting in your bedroom, a hand holding flowers at the door, interesting bedside tables and lamps that don’t match and many more if you take the time to notice.
The swimming pool is also a nice place to be. Walk past a giant sweet statue on the lawn to the modern pool and bar. It’s more a soaking and lounging pool, rather than for doing exercise laps (that’s what the gym is for). The W factor? They provide water guns and floats for the kids while the adults get floating loungers. 
The breakfast restaurant (Kitchen Table) though a tad small, provided quality food. The seating area is pretty cramped to maximise the small space, so you might want to try to avoid the usual breakfast crowds.
To give you more options, right outside the hotel is a row of restaurants with different cuisines, so you don’t have to take transport out to get some food. Which brings us to the hotel location. Being located in Sentosa there’s the extra cost and effort to getting to the main island. It’s not too difficult but can’t compare to staying in Orchard Road. When you plan to stay in Sentosa, you would be expecting to spend most of your time around Sentosa, with a day or two out on the main island.
If you’re tired of the same look and surroundings of the usual luxury fare, the W gives you the same level of comfort but with their own funky pop style.


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