Shooting the Yangs

What a beautiful start to first of June! We woke up to a glorious morning with the sun shining down on us with a great big smile. Not that it was necessary for our indoor studio shoot with Portrait Gallery but it simply brightened everyone’s spirits up for a great day ahead. We deliberated on the style of shoot and decided to go casually happy for the family portrait. 
Allow me introduce to you the little stars for the shoot:
1 Year Old Ewan 
3 Year Old Callum
2 Year Old Cayla
2 Year Old Cayley
Because they are the latest additions to the family, it’s only their right to be given the leading roles for today’s shoot. That explains why they are more dressed up than us adults. We went to the studio a little earlier to have them familiarise with the place and get comfortable with the photographers. Ewan, being the littlest, is the hardest to control. He woke at 0830 hours this morning and was due for his nap at 1030 hours, which was shoot time. So, we had to do all we can to keep him awake. Even if it meant not smiling into the camera later, we need to at least have him not cranky!
Hair-pulling moment for Ewan
The Yo Yeo Kids

Ewan and his 姐姐s

Portrait Gallery started in 1990 and I have heard of them ever since a long time ago. I know we can trust them on a job well done and true enough, they didn’t fail us. They had 3 photographers on site to help ra-ra the kids up, knowing how difficult it will be to have all 4 children looking into the camera. Don’t even think about having all 4 smiling but at least have their eyes fixated into the camera lens. They brought out Kermit the Frog puppet, rubber duckies and Christmas stars to entice the children to smile. Their animated body languages did the trick and got everyone hyped up for the shoot. I am glad to say that they’ve been professional and definitely experienced with shooting family portraits that comprise young children. Here is us on set!

Getting Cayla Ready

Where is your Nose?

Only Grandpa is Ready!

Papa Ra-Ra Callum Up!

With the little ones all happy for the shoot, we spent the next hour smiling into the camera. Callum had a lot of fun this morning. It was like an excursion! There isn’t any picture taken without him smiling brightly into the camera. If this was his portrait shots, I think we need to purchase the whole album!

I cannot wait to see the final product.

Happy Birthday Mum! This is your gift and we hope you enjoyed it.

the Yangs

Portrait Gallery
484 River Valley Road
6235 7757

Monday to Saturday – 11am to 8pm
Sundays and Public Holidays – available on request

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