My Gym Rochester Mall

We brought Ewan for his first trial at My Gym Rochester Mall when he was 6 months old. Waddlers class was the entry level program then for 8 to 18 monthers. Now, My Gym introduced Tiny Tikes for the 6 to 13 month babies and Waddlers are now for 13 to 18 months toddlers. This is a great move because the Tiny Tikers now have a group of playmates who are of similar developmental skills rather than playing with a group of learning-to-toddles in a class (when they are still struggling to crawl). Besides, the teachers would have to cater to two different age-appropriate gym activities to suit the needs to a large age gap in a single class. 
Look at how much a baby he was 6 months ago! My Roly Poly! *haha* He wasn’t smiling much in that hour of music and fun but was totally captivated by the colours and vibrancy of everyone around him. Breathing in all the sights and absorbing like a sponge, he was silent the whole time. Silence for Ewan meant he’s sizing things up and actually liking it. Otherwise, displeasures are shown mainly with loud wails.
As for me, I was taken aback by how physical baby play gym was. I perspired the first 15 minutes and regretted immediately that I went to class with a jacket – singing action songs, waving goodbye to the circle of sitting mums before we rock backwards onto our backs with our babies on our laps and legs in the air, dancing around in circles swinging our little monkeys and finally sitting down again to catch our breaths! I must admit I had a great time. It was also Ewan’s first try on hand-stand, beam-walking, bubble-catching and swings.  He looked absolutely overwhelmed in a positive way.

Riding on a sleigh, Stunned

Walking on a beam, Curious

The proudest moment I had as a mum, for the first time in a social circle, was that he took separation very well. The babies were placed in a confined area surrounded by books, toys and songs without parents in close proximity. Ewan surprised me by staying really focused with the play around him. He saw me from afar but made no attempt to seek comfort in my embrace. I was pleased with my independent baby. Then again, he is a needy baby when it comes to sleep and food. If he hasn’t had enough of either, he sticks to me like elephant glue!

Separation Anxiety, zilch

Ella and Ewan had been for trial at The Little Gym but their mums were not inclined to sign them up for it due to hygiene standards. At My Gym, accompanying parents are to have their temperatures taken and socks are mandatory to keep the playground clean. They made sure each child’s hands and feet are wiped down with wet wipes before entering as well. Also, we had the pleasure of fantastic teachers at My Gym Rochester. So much so, we signed up two terms with them. Teacher Bernie along with Teachers Claudia and Fati were there at our trial. They blew us away with their energy and passion. I can feel the enthusiasm in them. The interaction with each child is genuine and of course the children feels it too.

On May 4th, 2013, Ewan attended his last class of Term 1. He went from a non-crawler to a crawler to now a balancing cutie. Never quite needed daddy or mummy around as long as he had play. Look at this policeman wannabe (with a peeking dragon tattoo on his right arm). One of his girl pal slipped in front of him and he was dismounting his bike to give her a hand. *hahah* Thereafter, he decided to put out traffic cones to make sure other pedestrians do not fall from the slippery ‘road’. My imagination’s pretty wild huh.

Off to Save the World

Damsel in Distress

A good Citizen

Ewan had a swinging good time that day and so did we. Till the next term, thank you Teachers! Good bye to you, we’ll see you soon it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye to you and you and you, I’ll see you real soon. Good bye bye bye bye. Good bye bye bye bye. Good bye bye bye bye. Good bye Good bye Good bye! Hip Hip Hooray!


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