Celebrate All Mothers

Ewan and I go out on dates, yes we do. We will hit the park, the pool or the mall on any random weekday morning or afternoon. Our mode of transport is always the Circle Line that runs through 28 stations including ours. It makes my day-outs with this little fella very accessible and I must say, it is one of the least crowded lines in Singapore. Do you think we have fun? Well of course Ewan always do because there’s so much to see when we are out and about. However, at the end of our trips, I get beaten-up tired.

Now that I’ve strolled him for 1.5 hours, he is ready to take his nap. So we head for home. After he knocks out, I have to load the washer and wait for it to finish its course. While waiting, let’s see what we have in the refrigerator. Hmmm…. spinach, carrots, pork and fish. Sounds like Ewan’s gonna have a delicious lunch later when he wakes up. Wash wash wash, Chop chop chop. Into the slow cooker they go. Ahhhh… a cup of water would be good for mummy right now *big gulps without breathing* Ok! Back to the sink to wash up the crockeries.
Before the clothes are done washing, Ewan wakes up crying. 
Alright baby. What shall we do? Let’s go empty your toy box in the living room. We have many hours and many naps to go before daddy is home. And it’s only when daddy’s home that I GET TO SHOWER! 
After the laundry is done, I will hang it out to dry depending on weather conditions. Wow! Bright and Sun-shining! Loving the cloudless sky. *Du di Du di Du* I’ll have warm, crisp, nice-smelling clothes later! 
Back to the boy. We play tickles, songs, games, peek-a-boo…. and then he gets bored. So let’s move on to books! Flip Flip Flip, Tear Tear Tear. Giggles and Screams! 
Oh Crap! I forgot to check the water in the slow cooker! *Phew* just have to add a little bit of water to get it going.
Double Crap! It’s drizzling. Unload ALL the clothes from the hanger and into the washer again. This time, I will have to use the dryer. 
It’s Lunch Time! *ding ding ding* Off to the kitchen to get his freshly cooked porridge for feeding but before he gets to eat, it needs to be cooled first. Next to me, there’s a whiney tot. Scrambling up my legs and supporting himself to stand. I really meant WHINEY ok? And the whines turn into cries. While stirring in the porridge into his bowl, pouring water into his bottle, trying to swat a mozzie at the same time and making sure I have my Matrix stunt on standby to catch him when he falls, I start to plan the rest of our day together…

When night falls, mummy needs to put baby to bed. It’s mummy’s task again because it seems more comfortable cosying up to mummy than daddy. Meyer is puzzled why I take forever to sleep even though I look absolutely knackered. Thing is, after a long day, it is hard to wind down without doing something for yourself. Sometimes, stoning in front of XinMSN with a cup of tea is just what I need. At least I know I’ve done something for myself today.


No matter if we are a Full Time Working Mum (FTWM) or a Stay at Home Mum, we are still Mums! And Mummies are a bunch of workaholics who pushes themselves off limits for the love of their children and husbands. How about FTWMs? They have to work at work and work at home! No matter what, mums are always at work. Even mummies doing their confinement must agree that maternity leaves are not time for Resting or Relaxation. Quoted from Diana Lee, “On Maternity leave does not mean that we are on holiday. It means that we have a change of boss and this boss is even more demanding as we need to serve him 24/7!

Here is my rendition of Spa, Yoga, Gym and Movie:
What is Spa? a 3 minute rain shower in the bathroom
What is Yoga? doing the sun salutation lying down, in bed
What is Gym? carrying baby like a laundry basket up and down up and down
What is Movie? catching up on XinMSN TV and it’s free

I came across this and how apt:

[muh-th-er] – noun
1. One person who does the work of twenty.
For free.
(see also ‘saint’)

All said and done, I believe all mummies will not trade this mother & child experience for anything else. Given a choice and knowing what’s to come, we will choose to do this all the same.

To mothers who have more than one and doing it all by yourself, I respect you!

We KickButt!


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