Milestoned May

This month of May holds many meaningful milestones for us. 
First of May: 6 years of marriage
Twelve of May: my 1st mother’s day
Thirtieth of May: Ewan turns 1
The months prior to May were spent planning for his Big One. When Hannah had her launch party for Celebrate Heaven last October, I already knew Ewan’s birthday party will be peppered with Belle & Boo. Thanks to her generous gift of party-wares as door gifts, it kick-started my birthday planning obsession. Venue shopping, ideas crafting, cake drawing… and as a SAHM, I cannot possibly put everything together on the actual day on my own. So the best person to rope in for the job is a friend called Sarah. She has done up Salt Grill & Bar for my 30th Birthday, Ewan’s first month’s party with an array of delectable sweets & savouries and now for Ewan’s first birthday, I needed her expertise to put my ideas into reality. Thank you dear for working on his birthday cake on the back-end while I busied myself with ermm… taking care of him every day *hah*
Hannah Chong is the Director of Heaven’s Gift. Her creativity and flair for designs won her the credentials of a renowned wedding specialist. Many of her works were featured in Straits Times, Tatler Weddings, Prestige, Her World Brides, Female Brides, Style Weddings as well as US popular bridal site – Style Me Pretty. Our friendship went back to Raffles Hotel when I was running weddings where we shared several working experiences together. Whenever there’s Heaven’s Gift, that wedding at Raffles would be one of the prettiest. I am glad she spread her wings into Celebrate Heaven and brought a new-found life into the children party’s market. You know Hannah, if I had a girl, she will be dressed in one of your Mishchka Aokis this birthday!
Sarah Lim is the Creative Director of Poppy Floria Studio. Another friend in the line of planning and all things beautiful. She plans weddings, set up dessert tables, design flower bouquets, prettify churches for weddings and now, she is into waffles! *hahah* And in 2011, she was nominated for 100 Most Inspiring Real Woman in commemoration of International Women’s Day! We met at a Feature Shoot for Extraordinary Weddings. Sarah took care of styling while I provided the wedding car from LoveBug Weddings. We hit it off and became friends from there, working on our very first collaboration of car & floral, we named it “Fairest of Them All“. Sarah’s latest business venture is at PasarBella. Go check out BiteSize Monster and Poppy Flora Studio at The East End!
Now that the birthday set up is on its way, I have the guest list to worry about. I want to invite my Poly gals, University mates, Ewan’s playmates and still having to factor in our family. There is nobody we cannot do without but there are only so many seats that can be filled. How am I going to work this out? I have seventy seats, which includes children because a baby chair do take up one seat space doesn’t it? If I invited family only, that would have filled seventy to the brim but it is after all Ewan’s birthday. Shouldn’t his party include friends of his age? Alright, so we need to streamline family members to immediate ones. 
Great! We can now invite friends! So plonking in Ewan’s playmates, we have twenty children. that makes fifty available seats for adults. Minus thirty family members, we can still cater for twenty of his friends’ parents. *phew* What a feat planning a guest list! Priority goes to family and Ewan’s playmates. Yet, our friends (my Poly gals and Meyer’s friends) left stranded, love Ewan to bits too. We cannot invite one and not invite the other? So we are still trying our best to fit them in. I will discuss with the restaurant again to add seats for you guys over Brunch as much as possible. If not, please join us for the Dessert Buffet. We have already included your shares for the Birthday Cake! Give me till next weekend to sort this out properly! In the meantime, please save 26th May 2013. Brunch or Dessert Buffet, you are invited! 
I wonder when I can tidy up the guest list and finish up with the invitations! Wait for us!

The theme to his party will be Belle and Boo.

Mandy Sutcliffe is the creator of Belle & Boo. Belle is a bob haired little girl and her adorable bunny friend is called Boo. They are the bestest of friends indulging in a charming world of innocence, warmth and adventure. Just like what Ewan and I shared the past year (and many more). I see Belle as myself and Ewan as Boo. So should I go get my hair cut soon to match the little bob haired girl?

Belle & Boo is more than just two. Characters such as Ava and Sophia and drawn playing or simpling pondering life whilst sitting in a favourite tree and little boys are dressed as cowboys and Indians, flying a kite or a paper plane and even riding a woolly mammoth through a snow covered field. We bought a book called “The Birthday Surprise” for the party.

Today is an extra-special day – it’s someone’s birthday! Belle and Boo know just how to get ready for birthdays – they make a card, bake a cake and blow up balloons.

But whose birthday could it be? And what is the special surprise that Belle has planned?
This book will go round the room for Ewan’s fine guests to pen their birthday wishes. Choose any page you like and write any thing you may wish to tell this sweet child of ours. It will be a storybook told over and over again. With your blessings penned with each turning page, it will make our little Boo’s birthday memories even more significant.

Ah and I managed to find the perfect thematic shirt from Elly! Can you make out the little girl and her bunny holding on to popping red balloons? I was ecstatic when I saw it. Now, we are just waiting for his blazer to arrive in the mail from the States. Hope it isn’t too large for his shoulders or too long for his arms!

Join us in counting down to 26th May where the party shall begin with delicious treats! If you haven’t received our invitation shout-outs, we are still working on them. With all these planning, we hope you and your children will enjoy the party with us. Look forward to tunnels, coin bank paintings, story-telling, song and dance for the little ones. No balloons though! I hate it when those little fingers go digging into the balloons and then it goes POP! *argh*


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