Adele was a copywriter and concept designer in advertising. She is now a mother and a housewife *hip hip hooray* When she looked down at her sleeping baby, she often wondered what dreams Mila was conjuring at every nap. Soon, her maternity leave was spent creating scenes she imagined around her first born while she naps. While her set ups involve solid vibrant colours with wild imaginations, I decided to go soft and light on the colours. Her photographs inspired me to construct a hot-air balloon following Ewan’s first month birthday party theme. My little baby was 3 weeks old when I created a scene that would fly him away, high in the sky to see the world together with his little friend. 
Everyone knows how hard it was to get my baby to sleep, we had him in this self-made home shots while he was awake. 3 Weeks is a good age to get this done without much hassle because he cannot roll nor crawl away from the stage set. Pity I didn’t get to photograph them in natural light, making the quality of the pictures less than desirable.

2 Baby Bedsheets
1 Ikea Lace Curtain
1 Brands Hamper Basket
1 Scarf
1 Bunny
1 Baby

I first tested the scene out with Bunny just to make sure the picture reflects the concept in my head. Great! He looks like he’s got the West wind blowing in his face. Just how I wanted it to be!

Next, let’s try to have Ewan in there.  I want a Take Off scene and a Flying scene for Ewan. So let’s do it and see how it turns out!

Scene 1: Take Off!
Scene 2: Fly Off

Not too bad! It’s always a good idea to travel with a travel companion. However, it is wise to choose the right person to share a trip with lest he ruins it for you. So here are 5 tips for finding the perfect travel companion! Keep these in mind my son, for future references when you travel [those bracketed grey italics].

#1 Have Something in Common
Bunny and Ewan definitely have common interests! They love looking at my face and not batting an eyelid! They love to be hugged, to be touched and talked to. Music and Dance are in their soul. As long as I wind up the cot mobile with Brahm’s Lullaby, they lay flat on their backs looking up at the turning toy in fascination.
[Your travel companion doesn’t need to be your soul mate but you should have a few interests in common. It’s nice if you both like hanging out at art galleries or are both keen on trying new foods. You probably won’t spend all day, every day together, so it’s not important that your interests completely overlap. However, if you don’t have anything that you actually want to do together, you are probably better off travelling solo.]

#2 Avoid Neurotic Travellers
Oh Bunny Bunchkins is not jumpy, even though he loves to hop! He is calm, level-headed and laid-back. Ewan can be sure he won’t have issues flying off to India with him and get complains of a tummyache or fussing over dirty lodging. I am not too sure if Ewan is a good companion for Bunny though since he can be difficult during bed times. 
[Know someone who’s really neat or always asks for special side dishes at a restaurant? These kinds of traits may not be a big deal when you’re in your hometown but take these habits on the road and they will soon drive you mad.]

#3 Agree of a Similar Budget

Of course budget isn’t an issue here at all because it’s free to board this hot-air balloon mummy created for them! Just hop on and fly the World in Eighty Seconds! 
[Your budget affects pretty much everything you do: where you stay, what you eat, where you visit and how you get there. So if you are miles apart on this topic, there’s only going to be trouble.]

#4 Road Test your Travel Companion

Ewan passed Bunny on this one. They have been co-sleeping in the same cot since day 1 and are more than happy to share the space between them (together with ele). Sometimes Bunny will be on Ewan’s tummy, while other times Ewan will be squashing his legs. No complains from either party! They’ve definitely road tested one another out for this trip.
[Before you commit to a long or expensive trip, try to arrange a weekend excursion to some place near home. Depending on the relationship you have with this friend, you could be straight with them about the purpose. Key things to look for include how flexible they are about making or changing plans, if they have any really annoying habits that you cannot live with and quite simply if you are comfortable sharing a room. Spending a month backpacking with a heavy snorer could put a big dent in your enthusiasm for the trip.]

#5 Make Sure you can Talk

*hahhaha* Although I can only hear Baby talking to Bunny, I am sure the conversation is two-way. It’s almost like a secret talk. Only Ewan hears it. I believe so because I see him laughing at you when he hold you tightly in his tiny hands. Do share with me the jokes you crack some day. 
[Talk to your travel companion about how you imagine the trip to work out. For example, would you prefer to spend half the time doing things on your own or do you envisage spending most of the trip together? Setting rules are essential for a harmonious trip and to set rules, you will have to be able to talk together openly and honestly.]

As for now, I have created an enjoyable hot-air balloon trip for you and your buddy. Enjoy the breeze and watch life unfolds with each passing day. We hope you enjoy life’s wonders and appreciate everything around you.

Adele Enersen:


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