Take a Leap of Faith

We had a babyless Friday night. A night filled with mixed emotions. We were both looking forward to it and NOT looking forward to it. We have been doing everything with Ewan since 30th of May 2012. The thought of having him away from us for one night was both liberating and worrisome. 
When my daddy offered to take him for a night, I agreed without a haste. I thought it would be a good chance for Meyer and I to rekindle as a couple. It has been a long time since we had a meal that actually required chewing. However, as the week closes into Friday, we felt a little lost. We were so used to having Ewan around that we didn’t know what to do with each other anymore. It took us days to decide where we should dine and only on Friday itself at 5pm, we booked ourselves in at Pietrasanta. The mummy decided to reward herself with a glass of white, a starter, a main and a dessert.

Over dinner, the daddy kept talking about Ewan. He couldn’t think about any thing else to say to me but his son! Yet on Thursday night when I exclaimed how much we are going to miss our baby, he cockily brushed it away and said, “No we won’t”. Look who’s missing Ewan now. Shaking his head and kept repeating that he was certain we will have Ewan back that night. He was so worried about Ewan crying the night out with Grandpa and actually pitied his son, thinking how traumatising it would be for him to not have his mummy tuck him into bed. I had to tell him, “Chill man and enjoy our date!” It was no surprise Meyer felt this way because 2 weeks ago, when I left them both at home to attend a wedding dinner myself, Ewan cried for 2 whole hours. Even with daddy carrying him.

We were done with our candlelight dinner at 2100 hours and headed home for a movie night. It has been such a long time since we switched on our Bose system that the battery leaked through the remote controller! Ever since Ewan, the tele is on only on Soccer or Tennis nights and they are mostly muted since we have a little light-sleeper in the house. So tonight, we will be blasting the sound system through the walls. We ended up paying for two cartoons on MIO TV and enjoyed a relaxing night lounging in our under-used sofa. We caught Wreck-It Ralph and Ice Age Continental Drift for S$14. MIO is heaven-sent for popcorn, laze home weeknights.

Through the movie, I received Whatsapp updates from my dad on Ewan’s progress. We almost thought he will be sent home because our little boy refused to drink his milk. A little stroke of luck and expertise from Grand-Aunty Pat got Ewan to sleep with some calming music. Our boy took his milk and slept till 8am Saturday morning. We were impressed and most of all Thankful! As for Meyer, he’s amazed Ewan could sleep without us. That leap of faith was worth the while and it just proved to us that our little ones are more adaptable than we think they are. Proud of our little boy and our (the adults’) bravery. Ewan slept out successfully at 10 months old!

Saturday morning. Instead of sleeping in, we woke at 7am. We went out for breakfast and received picture updates of Ewan on whatsapp. We are glad that my father and Pat didn’t have a rough night. We continued our date in the morning and watched Inception on DVD! It’s like we are watching TV with a vengeance *hahaa*

Noon came and we went to pick Ewan up for play gym. We sure missed our little baby and glad to have him back with us tonight. Kisses, Tickles and Hugs!


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