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What a morning my mini Sticky Chewy Chocolate! You not only stick to mummy like gum this morning, you messed up breakfast too! Worst of all, you have no lunch today. 
Nothing unusual about your 9am rise and shine. We played and giggled in bed until you were wide awake. We then transited to the living room where you pretend-played with your seal and cups and lion. I was halfway through my breakfast cereals and you decided you needed to poop. I didn’t mind that at all so off we went to the toilet for some potty time. Mummy’s breakfast can wait. 
Bath time was fun with your underwater animals! I enjoyed myself thoroughly too. Now that you are smelling fresh and feeling clean, let us play through Tuesday with strolls, games and stories! 
Let me finish my breakfast first. 
Then, the i-just-want-us-to-be-chang-and-eng episode began.
Ewan’s voice: 
Waaaaaa Waaaa Waaa~~~ Boo Hooooo Hoooo~~
(10 minutes)
Mummy decodes: 
“I don’t want to sit on my high chair”
“I don’t want to eat the bread”
“Let me throw this on the floor”
“Mummy come here now! Stop staying in the kitchen”
“I’m strapped in! I want out! I want food!”
“This papaya is cold and mushy”
“Can it be eaten?” 
“I think it’s more fun to smash it on my tray”
“Hey! I can break them into pieces and throw on the floor too!”
“Mmmmm Let’s smear all these papaya mash all over my tray and do some drumming”
That’s enough. Cleaned him up and cleared the mess he created. I have a sink load of dishes to clear and instead of playing on his own, he crawled into the kitchen with his whines. Stood up and cried while holding onto my legs for balance.
Ewan’s voice:
Waaaaaa Waaaa Waaa~~~ Boo Hooooo Hoooo~~
(5 minutes while I wash the dishes)
Mummy decodes:
“Mummy carry me now!”
“Mummy play with me now!”
“Mummy I am hungry but I don’t want bread & papaya!”
“Mummy Mummy Mummy!”
Alright darling. What is the matter? I’m done now. Let’s play together alright? But nO! He didn’t want to play! He wanted milk so milk I gave. Ahh that kept him really satisfied as if he just had his drug fix. He unlatched and sat next to me, touching his Mickey Mouse Balloon. As I moved to the sofa and started folding a heap load of freshly laundered clothes, he panicked. Came crawling to me and stood there holding my legs and went….
Ewan’s voice:
Waaaaaa Waaaa Waaa~~~ Boo Hooooo Hoooo~~
(10 minutes while I folded his clothes, talked to him and finally ignored him)
Mummy decodes:
“Mummy don’t fold my clothes la!”
“Mummy hug me now!”
“Mummy play with me now!”
“Mummy I might STILL be hungry!

I wanted to tell him how irritating he was. I wanted to say, “Now Go Away Will You?” but that’s quite harsh. I don’t really want him to bug off but just give me 15 minutes to finish up with my chores please?  Now as I write, I think the clothes could wait huh. The laundry won’t be crying for me to fold them *hahah* but my son was crying for me to hold him! 
While I kept the clothes into the wardrobe, I had a wailing boy crawling from the living room to the bedroom with me. I think I went in and out like 5 times. He cried louder each time I walked away from him when he finally got to me. Oh dear… now I sound so evil as I recount the scene. Eventually when I’m done with the clothes, I picked him up. He stopped crying.
Great. It’s nap time. We spent some time together on my bed with Celine Dion playing in the background and the air-conditioner cooling us down. He was delighted to have me with him and started playing. What happened next got him crying for another 15 minutes…
He threw his pacifier onto the floor on purpose. I scolded him and slapped his hand 5 times. That did it. Ok. Cry on my child. You needed to be disciplined. Nothing is a game to me this morning.
Ewan’s voice:
Waaaaaa Waaaa Waaa~~~ Boo Hooooo Hoooo~~
(15 minutes while I sat on the edge of my bed, ignoring him totally)
Mummy decodes:
“Mummy I’m sorry!”
“Mummy hug me now!”
He was awfully late for his morning nap and he was gonna wake up with no lunch ready for his rumbling tum tum. He finally calmed down but he didn’t want to let me go. My little sticky chewy chocolate held on to me so tight, I couldn’t move my limbs. How long will this loving feeling last? How long more will you love me and yearn for my hugs even after I’ve disciplined you? The hugs & kisses you’d want when you grow up are those from your wife and children. But always remember, when daddy & I grow old, the only hugs we’d like to receive are from you.

No matter how naughty you’ve been, you will always be our baby. Ya! Even at Forty!

I wil leave the dining table messy for another day and spend the whole afternoon with you alright? Undivided attention! (because I’m guilty of not returning your hugs when you needed it this morning) But when tomorrow comes, I want to have the dining table cleared!


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