Chasing Papers versus Chasing Dreams

The Yangs were in bed by 2200 hours tonight but the sweltering April night woke Ewan up with a wet back. Needless to say, his cries woke me as well. I lay sleepless in my bed after patting him back in his dreams and introspected between chasing papers vs. chasing dreams. As parents, we are as clear as crystal what we want Ewan to be chasing. 
When we chase dreams, there should be no songs unsung nor wine untasted. Young Fantine fantasised that dreams were made and used and wasted. That is how life should be! But… how can one live a dream if he needs to spend three-quards of his life chasing papers, just to survive? 
I threw a question at Meyer this evening. “Chasing dreams. Is that a luxury? Viable only if the family has some sort of financial stability? Like, Really S.T.A.B.L.E?” If Ewan knows what he wants (to excel in a sport, music, photography or subject), we are surely there to rally behind him. Aiding our children one step closer to their aspirations, that is the dream of every parent. We only want the best for them don’t we?
People spend so much time in their lives trying to make a living, chasing papers. It is a vicious cycle. No money, no dream! That said, do not create a dream so shallow that you need money to buy it okay? *haha*
Nevertheless, I would love for Ewan to work with passion and enjoy whatever he chooses to endeavour in the future. Enjoy. That’s the key. 
Even in learning, Enjoy. I believe it is important to take pleasure in learning. When you enjoy what you do, you naturally will excel in it. I remember I enjoyed my swimming lessons but the fun was killed when I had to earn that Gold badge with my coach. I am glad I had supportive parents. They agreed that I didn’t have to go through the ‘examinations’ at swimming lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed my time swimming with friends and learning a skill thereafter. The last thing we ever want out of a learning process, is to hate it! 
Boy am I glad that Meyer agrees with me on this one. 
We both studied music growing up. By the time we reached Grade 7 in piano, it became a chore because so much time were spent practicing the scales and worst of all, classical pieces are hard to play. Sigh, and it is a solitary game. It’s only you and the music, the music and you. The sound-proof studios during exams weren’t the most cosy with an English lady sitting behind you, watching your trembling fingers and listening to nervous hurried notes. We recently walked into Christofori and Meyer said, “OMGee.. look at those studios. Gives me a shudder. Let’s get out of here”. Music still holds a special place in our hearts. We fight to play on Ewan’s little piano now *hahah* Only regret was, we found music a chore during the learning process.
So if ever Ewan wants to play music, we know how music will be introduced to him. With lots of fun, friends and excitement. Music is universal and it should be one to be enjoyed throughly. Enrolling him for open music ensembles and playing instruments with a group of friends is definitely more delightful than trying to play Mozart to four walls that bounces back out-of-tune notes when you simply CAN’T GET IT RIGHT! 
Back to the question I asked daddy earlier?

“Chasing dreams. Is that a luxury? Viable only if the family has some sort of financial stability? Like, Really S.T.A.B.L.E?”  

He replied, “YES! Then again, if you chase a dream and excel in it, the money will come rolling”.


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