International Children’s Book Day

Are you flipping for joy on International Children’s Book Day? 2nd of April was chosen to mark this day for young literature lovers as it is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. He is the author of our childhood fairy tales like The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid. Today, there will be a number of events worldwide, including writing competitions and talks by famous authors. It hasn’t quite got to Singaporeans yet so here’s us creating awareness for it! If you really haven’t heard of it, people have  apparently been celebrating this day since 1967. Shall we inspire a love for reading to our children? 
English is the first language in Singapore and in fact, the main form of verbal expression in the Yang family. It will be an easy language to pick up because it is used every single day. In school, at home, at play, on television, radio, everywhere! I am not worried about Ewan and English; but Mandarin…. ahhhhh…. that’s a problem. We did not excel in Mandarin and that is truly a shame. I want to create a pro-chinese environment for Ewan and there is no harm starting now. 
Here are some books Ewan have from 乐翻天. As a mum and being Chinese, I strongly believe the need for our offsprings to learn their mother tongue. I was elated when I found out that my girlfriend owned 乐翻天, bringing the next generation a large variety of Chinese books! The books she sourced are fun, exciting and engaging! You have to see them for yourselves to believe it.

大大小小的书 (6本)

This set of 6 creative and interactive books of all shapes and sizes will help our little ones build spatial awareness through the sense of touch. The colourful bilingual board books promise an engaging and fun-filled reading experience. These are board books and I feel very safe to leave them with Ewan. The tiny ones fit well into our handbags and are a sort of entertainment during mealtimes when we are out.

噼里啪啦立体玩具书 (6本)

Translated from a Japanese original. A set of 6 creative and interactive books with different themes to help the little one learn about the fascinating world we live in. Beautifully crafted pop-ups, pull-outs and lift-the-flaps promise an engaging and fun-filled reading experience. The size of each book makes it easy for your child to hold and read on his own. Definitely a must have! I think I love this more than Ewan and I refused to let him flip them on his own lest he tears them.


A popular hand-puppet book by Emma Goldhawk from the UK. Join the cuddly Baby Lamb and her many adorable animal friends as they have an enjoyable time in the meadows. Baby Lamb peeking through a hole will leave your little ones squealing in delight. Parents have the freedom to create a more interesting story and stretch their children’s imagination. A great way to engage, interact and bond. I have Baby Lamb kiss Ewan on the cheeks and hug him tight around his neck too!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Who doesn’t know Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle’s Brown Bear? Imaginative and exuberantly coloured illustrations of various animals, together with the simple rhyming and repetitive phrases promise and engaging and enjoyable reading experience. Best of all, it’s a bilingual book!

小酷小玛认知绘本 (3本)

A popular Japanese original which has been translated into Chinese, Korean and French. Join two adorable and lively baby bears as they discover different parts as the bears take a bath with daddy; have plenty of fun with colours as the bears dress up in the morning and discover how shapes can form a beautiful town. We particularly love the colours book and I must admit, I learnt new colours in mandarin myself too! The introduction of new colours on each page are matched with an object your child might know. Just like the picture below, “my jacket’s red, just like a strawberry”.

小熊宝宝绘本 (15本)
Translated from another Japanese bestseller. Beautifully illustrated animals make great companions on this enriching learning journey. The 15 engaging and creative stories cover many aspects – from meal times, bed times, playtime and bath times to making friends. The Little Bear forgot to clean up after play time and all the toys started crying. Will Little Bear help them return home? Another story illustrated all the animals crying because they fell down or quarrelled but soon after, they stopped crying because they are big kids and bigger kids shouldn’t cry easily. The illustrations are beautiful and stories hilarious. I ended up enjoying the books more since I understood the content more than the little boy at home.


Translated from Karen Katz, Counting Kisses. How many kisses does it take to say goodnight? Katz throws in some surprising perspectives, such as the mother kissing the baby’s toes showed from the infant’s point of view. A heartwarming story perfect for bedtime. Baby gets put to bed and showered with many kisses by different family members. Your little one will be learning about different body parts and sensations as he counts the kisses planted all over him. The final spread, which shows the whole family smiling down at the sleeping baby in her crib. Sadly, there are many words mummy can’t read in this one!


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