Sleep my Sweets

Ewan lay there, right next to us, sharing the same comforter. It all started from our Viet escapade.
My son had never accepted any other form of methods except “rocking by mum” to fall into sleep. No amount of patting, co-sleeping or crying out could break his stubbornness. Then on the first night in Ho Chi Minh City, as if a fairy godmother sprinkled moon dust in his hair, he fell asleep in between us after fifty tosses and turns.
We were in for a pleasant surprise after that! We tried, night after night, and are pleased to experience a lights out experience with Ewan. No more rocking. Just head-butts (really painful ones), when he attempts to climb Mt Everest and deliberately falls from it. What is Mt Everest? *hahah* our headboard. Now that he’s learning to stand on his own, he pulls himself up with the help of the headboard and does a mini parkour either towards our heads or backflip into the empty space behind him.
Once he tires out, he remains still in the weirdest position on our bed. We then stir from our own sleep and move him back to his room. Yea… Daddy and Mummy usually falls asleep before he does.
So this is officially Ewan’s bedtime routine and I’m loving it. He used to wail so loudly in bed with us, refusing to co-sleep before this episode. This is an improvement and a step nearer to sleeping successfully without help. (I hope!)
As I was saying…
Ewan lay there, right next to us, sharing the same comforter. We watched him in silence and smiled at this angelic face. Daddy couldn’t help but plant a kiss on his cheeks while I held my breathe praying he doesn’t wake from it. Then, I smiled again.
Suddenly, our son returned us a smile and a giggle! Then it dawned on me that probably daddy was right. For holding me back from banishing him in his crib to cry it out till he knocks out. I’m sure Ewan will not be smiling in his sleep if I did that to him that night. I am proud that he is a happy baby in our care.



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