Nothing Impossible

Summary: Do Not Doubt the Capabilities of a Mother or the Adaptiveness of a Baby
Don’t look at me with scepticism. Nothing is impossible really. Especially when it comes to being a Mother. It is with other brave mummies that got Ewan and I such an exciting experience as mother and child. With the “Let’s-Just-Do-It-And-Think-Later” mentality, two mummies and two babies strutted into KBox SAFRA at Mt Faber yesterday for 3 hours of mummy-time (lunch inclusive).
It all started with a text message 4 storeys above me, “KTV?”
I must admit my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw the message. Like how? Us? With an eight- and nine-monther? How is that even possible? So I suggested a good lunch treat instead. Even the Zoo, Sentosa and Bird Park sounded more feasible than KTV! But my dearest neighbour preferred a mummies-day-out over a babies-day-out. So we stopped thinking of our babies [for once] and concentrated on how we should turn our boring Tuesday morning to one we would both enjoy. 
We deliberated on nap, feed and cranky times. They will all coincide with our sing off session. The more we talked, the sillier this whole proposition sounded. Then we concluded. If we want to do this, our babies gotta start sacrificing their time for us. We thought it was quite a fair request since we have and will be sacrificing all our time for them? So the last text message was, “Let’s do this. See you downstairs in 20 minutes.”
By the way, in that 20 minutes, I needed to prepare Ewan’s lunch, bathe him, change him, pack his toys and get myself changed! Can do? Caaaaaaan~ 
See? First “Nothing is Impossible” of the day. Mummy Rawks!

We hopped into the car with a crying Ella because she had been awake for 4 hours. Ewan saw Ella and lent her his thumb to wipe those tears away. We arrived at Mt Faber in 10 minutes flat. 

We were the only patrons there that morning and received very good service from the staff. He must be wondering how these mummies are going to enjoy their session with two babies in the room. Instead of giving us a disbelieving look, he even arranged a room big enough for 10 persons because we needed space to set up a “playground” for double Es. He came out of his counter and took this picture for us, assuring us it will all work out fine *smiles*

We moved the tables, sprawled open the picnic mats, scattered two bags full of toys and dumped our tots on the floor. We started singing. Hey! It looks like a promising 3 hours ahead of us yea? I am also surprised that Ewan did not glue his eyes on the two large televisions in room 22. We have stuck to our rules of No TV, No iPhone and No iPad for nine months. I anticipated him to stare blankly into the screens but hey! He’d rather stick to his toys and mummy!

Three songs and both kids fussed. So we attended to their needs – one to feed and one to sleep. See? It’s feasible! After settling them both, we continued singing in peace. Ewan didn’t have his playmate because she was sleeping outside the room but he played on his own and of course attempted to climb all over me. I am happy that he was not affected by the music or rather the noise we created over the microphone *haha*

Then the mummies tummies started to rumble. It’s lunch time! I think I will be patronising KBox SAFRA Mt Faber from now. Porn’s caters their K-Lunch menu! How cool is that? This is the best K-Lunch deal I’ve had. Porn’s is owned by Singapore Mediacorp Artiste Pornsak Prajakwit and his partner Ex-Mediacorp producer Foo Tuan How. By the way, Porn’s not the short for pornography ok? It actually means “blessing” in Thai. Ahhh.. Now you learnt something new from my blog.
Look who is awake? It was a funny scene. We had Ella outside the room in her stroller for her catnap. We couldn’t hear anything outside the room and it was the same staff at the reception that came knocking on our door and said, “Your daughter is awake”. *lol* These mummies ah *shakes head* So now Ewan’s playmate is back. Even better! They can play amongst themselves while we continue down the song list.

Ewan decided he’d like to take his nap at 1pm. I assimilated him into the music we were singing and had him napped in the room. He clocked one hour sleep time and I that gave me an hour of peace. Jaylene and I had an hour each of me-time while our babies took their turns to rest. I think we did pretty well for a first-timer. Cheers to gungho-ness and of course desperation. *lol* Cheers to all Mothers. Nothing is truly Impossible. Just give it a try and you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Lastly, do not underestimate our babies. They are more adaptable than us. 
Oh and I must thank our husbands, Meyer & Jarod, for telling us that this is achievable!

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