Tech Savvy Mummies

Of course pregnant mums are the most active online! They still have two free hands to troll Google or BabyCenter at their own pace. There’s never a hurry because 9 months is a long while to enjoy all the ME time they will ever need. I remember how the iPad was my best friend then

Then seems so precious now. 
Then I spent more time playing games.
Then I watched xinmsn tv.
Then I went for movies with my hubby.
Then we had peaceful meals.
Then I was having so much ME time I complained about being bored.
Basically, ME time has nosedived into NO time. Still, I find myself gravitating towards Facebook and WhatsApp to keep my sanity going. These are my form of active interactions with the social world. I sure am thankful for playgroups, chatgroups and Facebook status updates! Even when I am cradling Ewan to sleep, I have my phone near me just so I can keep abreast with ongoing chats. Ewan has trained me with very nimble fingers and strong biceps. *haha*
They are such useful platforms to answer my doubts whenever I need help with Ewan.    
“He’s having a fever, when should I bring him to a doc?”
“He’s not eating his porridge! How should I cook it?”
“He’s crying and fussing. What’s the problem?”
“Should I bring Ewan’s medication to Vietnam?” (no-brainer I know *woops*)
and just yesterday, Serene and Sylvia saved me from total exhaustion! To cut the story short, Ewan threw up twice in a span of 45 minutes in Ho Chi Minh and totally messed up his pram. Serene Mummy suggested Soda Water to clean his pram and it worked like magic alright! Then, the room in Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake doesn’t have a CD player! It was dead quiet in the room and I was not used to the silence in an eerily dark room. Especially when Ewan and I dance to music every day in Singapore and HCM! So what did Sylvia Mummy suggest? YouTube! Yay! Now we have 1.5 hours of Michael Buble Caught in the Act 2005 playing in the background. 
Well, many a times I have the answers but I needed affirmation. If one mummy agrees, Yay. If two mummies agree, double Yay. If many mummies agree, *hahha* confirm stamp chop CORRECT la.
I think I will be pulling my hair off my scalp should the iPhone fails me for a day. 
Don’t you think it takes courage to be a mum? Only 220 minutes of ME time in 1440 minutes a day. That’s one sixth of a day and I’m quoting the Pregnant Mums entitlement.

keePinG in TouCh
It’s not just friends and family that online mums keep in touch with through the web – 
it’s their own sense of identity. 

Shopping online saves time and money, and is far more relaxing than dragging the kids around stores.

Whatever the time of day, the web is on hand to help mums juggle work, family and life’s everyday demands.
Frankly speaking, I’ve never shopped online so often before. It has become so convenient especially with Daddy’s PayPal account! So that makes free shopping for mummy, in bed! *lol*
Cheers to Tech Savvy Mummies! Always on the go, Always online no matter if we are on GMT + 8:00 or GMT + 1:00 time zone.

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